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AGM 2013: OSWatch Committee Report

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OSWatch Report to the AGM May 2013

OSWatch is the OSCA sub-committee that advocates on behalf of residents of Ottawa South on issues of development, urban design and transportation.
Our goal is to give residents more say in what happens to the built environment in Ottawa South. We do this by lobbying municipal officials, advising and supporting groups who are working to change proposed buildings, zoning by-laws, traffic and parking policies.

Since the last AGM we have dealt with many issues including the following:


We have dealt with a number of infill developments. We supported the efforts of residents with advice, meetings with developers and representations to city committees. These devel-opments include 167 Aylmer, 315 Riverdale and 43 Willard.
OSWatch has been working on the Colonel By-Drive Review to find a mechanism to control redevelopment in this historic area.
We continue to work with the Federation of Community Associations to lobby for the ac-ceptance of all recommendations of the proposed infill guidelines, We are also lobbying to have these guidelines incorporated into the zoning bylaws.

Lansdowne Park

In spite of the efforts of every community association in the area city is going ahead with the redevelopment of Lansdowne Park including a shopping centre and condos.
Since the project is going ahead, OSWatch has concentrated on trying to mitigate the traffic problems during the build up in construction starting this spring and on parking and traffic issues that will follow the reopening of the park in 2014. To do this we have a representative on the Lansdowne Traffic Advisory Committee.


OSWatch is working with the city on the Riverdale Traffic Study. In addition, we are organiz-ing an OSCA sponsored traffic survey for use by the Lansdowne Traffic Advisory Committee.


OSWatch has represented our community on committees dealing with the redevelopment Main Street, the McIlraith Bridge Rehabilitation and on the Canal Pedestrian Bridge between Clegg and Fifth Avenue.
OSWatch had a representative on the committee associated with the move of the Farmers’ Market from Lansdowne Park to Brewer Park.
We have also advised the owners of 126 Hopewell on communicating their plans to rebuild
their house after the devastating fire last summer.

The OSWatch meeting agendas and minutes are available on the OSCA website www.oldottawasouth.ca.
OSWatch meets the first Tuesday of the month at 7:15 pm at the Firehall. All members of the Community Association are welcome to join; committee members are expected to help with the work of the committee and regularly attend meetings.

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