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AGM 2013: Special Events Committee Report

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OSCA Special Events Committee Report

While the start of the year had a very sparse Special Events Committee and a definitive need to recruit membership from the community, with the hard work of Brenda Lee, who runs many of our regular annual events (Art in the Park, fall Fest, Holiday Movies at the Mayfair and Shop your Local Talent) OSCA was able to continue to run events, while Christy sought the help of members of the community.

During the fall, OSCA was approached by Rebekka Roy to run the community’s contribution to the annual international cardboard challenge based on www.imagination.is. This was a resounding success and thus began a working relationship with Rebekka and other’s within the community, as well as a new philosophy of finding ways to support community run initiatives with their own set of visionaries and volunteers, without taxing the already overworked committee.

In late October the City Program Coordinator Dinos Dafniotis and Christy Savage, the executive Director of OSCA, set out to run a Breakfast with Santa to raise funds for the Ottawa food bank, to coincide with the Holiday Movies at the Mayfair event. This was another new event that OSCA wanted to offer to the community. For a donation of food for the Ottawa Food Bank, families were welcome to come to the centre for a pancake breakfast, cookie decorating and a special visit from Santa. This was another resounding success, while we hoped for 75-100 people to attend, over 300 actually came and Christy and Dinos had to run to the store to purchase more pancake mix and juice. This event raised over 4 big bins full of food, and $662 in cash donations.

Success has its price however, and the event was so successful that most families stayed at the Firehall for the duration, subsequently, the children’s holiday movie at the Mayfair did not have a very successful turnout. For the next time these events will be run on different dates.

In the New Year we launched OSCA’s 35th anniversary. In mid-February and just in time a group of 6 members of the community met as the new OSCA Special Events Committee. We went over the background of the committee and set about creating a draft Special Events Committee Policy for presentation to the Board. That policy was subsequently ratified by the Board in April. Additionally, with no one from the Board able to step forward to chair the committee, Brenda Lee graciously agreed to submit an application to the Board for approval of her role as Chair, until a suitable replacement could be found.

At the first meeting of the new committee in mid-February, it was agreed that something special to launch OSCA’s 35th anniversary was necessary. We decided to hold a ‘Back to the 80’s’ simple dance party for the community. With little more than 2 ½ months to organize all the fine details, present a budget to the Board for approval and find at least 20 volunteers to assist the day/night of the event, we rolled up our sleeves and set to work.
On April 27th OSCA’s ‘Back to the 80’s’ dance took place and was another resounding success. The event sold out within a few weeks of being posted and advertised, and we obtained a licence and rental contract for an additional space to accommodate more. While the original number of tickets was set at 120, we tipped the scales at 180. Feedback has been nothing but positive, with a great turnout, fantastic outfits, and music and videos from the 80’s to match.

The Special events committee is on a roll, and plans to re-introduce OSCA’s annual June Barbecue at Windsor park on June 27th the hope for a Halloween Party in the fall. Other possibilities include a wine tasting in conjunction with the launch of the OOS cookbook and perhaps a murder mystery dinner evening. Furthermore, there will be a number of small 35th commemorations planned throughout the rest of the year.

Finally, the special events committee has tasked itself with recruiting members from the community to join the committee and/or volunteer for events. This will be a major focus in the coming months.

The budget for the 2012 year of special events is:
OSCA Special Events #5110
4120 OSCA Special Events Revenue 33,008
5410 Wages & Salaries 76
5420 EI Expense 2
5430 CPP Expense 2
5714 Special Events 31,286
5794 Vehicle Mileage Expense 35

Total Expenses 31,402


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