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AGM 2014: Program Committee Report

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The Program Committee advises the OSCA Board on issues related to the programs  offered by OSCA, including the structure, fees, staffing, and operations

COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Amanda DeGrace, Sarah Jane Fraser, Matt Hart, Isla Jordan, Susanne Ledbetter, Dana Levac, Emilie Taman, Lindsay Vevey
supported by: Baalqis Hassan, Darcy Middaugh, Christy Savage, Alex Tallim

Ian Beck-Macneil, chair

 Objectives 2014:

  • Take ownership of all aspects of creating the program guide
  • Take ownership of all aspects of the day to day running of programs
  • Upgrade current registration system
  • Increase usage of the Firehall Fitness Centre


  • 2 program guides have been produced, the 3rd is in production
  • Increased contact with program instructors to develop new ideas
  • Increased role in hiring of staff for summer camps
  • Joint working group between Programs and Communications has been struck
  • Coordinating with other community associations that are looking to upgrade their registration systems
  • A plan to market the FFC is being developed
  • Free wifi in the FFC has been implemented
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