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AGM 2014: Planning and Zoning Committee Report

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The Planning & Zoning Committee advises the OSCA board on issues related to planning and development in Old Ottawa South, and acts as the primary liaison between public bodies and the board

COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Anna Cuylits, Winnie Pietrykowski

Steve Mennill, chair

  • Old Ottawa South has identified Infill Housing as a major concern for our neighbourhood, specifically buildings that change the street character and are too massive in terms of height and setbacks.
  • The City is working with communities like ours to produce Zoning By-laws that regulate these aspects. The current status of these By-laws are:
  • Infill I (ZBL 2012-147) deals with front yard setbacks, front yard projections, grade and now requires a Streetscape Character Analysis that applies to front yards, location of main entrances, parking and driveways
  • Infill II  deals with massing and specifies height, side and rear yard set backs and amenity space. This zoning By-law is ready for a final draft. It will be presented to the Planning Committee after the municipal elections in the fall.
  • Conversions of existing buildings are proposed to be regulated in an amendment to ZBL 2008-250 and have to comply with the existing zoning overlay.
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