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AGM 2014: Communications Committee Report

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The Communications Committee advises the board and its committees on matters relating to communications, including the structures, budget, processes and tools used to by OSCA to implement an effective communications strategy.

COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Ilia Fabbri, Bess Fraser, Isla Jordan, Kathy Krywicki, Allen LeBlanc, Dana Levac, Nicola Maule, Brendan McCoy, Ilona Peltz, Chris Solar
supported by: Baalqis Hassan, Christy Savage

Nick Galletti, chair

 Objectives 2014

  • Develop Communications Strategy
  • Increase Social Media Presence
  • Upgrade website to improve speed and security
  • Upgrade E-registration with Programs
  • Develop Advertising Plan


  • Facebook page
  • New website server
  • LinkedIn page
  • Twitter @OldOttSouth
  • Between the Bridges e-newsletter
  • Communications strategy


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