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AGM 2016: Vision Survey

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2016 Vision Survey Report of Findings

  • > 200 responses from Old Ottawa South residents/households
  • Gain insights from residents on OSCA priorities and highlight new areas of focus
  • Get feedback on programs, special events, traffic & safety, planning & zoning to inform 2016 & beyond work
  • Give added focus to the Board’s mandate

Traffic & Safety, Programs, Planning & Zoning 

  • 67% are satisfied or very satisfied with OSCa’s performance to actively promote and protect the interests of the community with regard to planning and future development
  • Top 3 Issues
    • traffic volumes and pedestrian safety
    • development on bank st and elsewhere
    • adequate recreational facilities 

Traffic safety

Top 3 Issues

  • cars running red lights
  • traffic congestion
  • speeding
  • 64% think improved cycling accommodation (such as dedicated bike lanes) should be the top priority 

Top 3 concerns for pedestrians

  • cars running red lights
  • inconsistent timing and signals of traffic lights on bank st
  • speeding

Planning and zoning

Top 3 issues

  • Bank st development
  • Infill housing and intensification
  • Brewer park redevelopmen
  • 61% of respondents indicated that OSCA should continue its approach of not taking positions on individual planning applications

OSCA Programs

  • 82% of respondents indicated that they are satisfied or very satisfied with OSCA programming
  • Constructive feedback - improved programming for: seniors, new parents, after 4 activities & snacks; costs
  • New programming suggestions: hiking, photography, x-country skiing, board game night (recently introduced by osca!)
  • 94% have heard of the firehall fitness centre
  • 68% are aware that the firehall fitness centre is a fully equipped gym but have not used
  • 30% are aware of the childcare options available for parents taking classes or working out at the firehall

OSCA Special Events

  • 70% of respondents indicated that they are satisfied or very satisfied with Osca’s offering of social events to strengthen community bonds and help neighbours get to know each other

Most popular events

  • Porch sale
  • Windsor park art show
  • Shop your local talent art show

Categories of most interest

  • art shows
  • festivals
  • music events
  • movie screenings
  • food events – picnics, potlucks…
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