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AGM 2016: OSCA’s Priorities and Activities

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AGM 2016: OSCA’s Priorities and Activities

Vision & Mission

  • Vision: OSCA – at the centre of our vibrant and dynamic community in the heart of the city.
  • Mission: OSCA builds a strong sense of community and engages the residents of OOS through its various programs, services and activities.

Purpose (from current By-laws)

The objectives of the Association are to promote the quality of life in the community so that Old Ottawa South is a pleasant, fulfilling and meaningful place in which to live, by:

  1. Promoting and protecting the interests of the community with respect to the planning and future development of Old Ottawa South and its environs;
  2. Ensuring through its representatives that the community’s interests are effectively communicated to public and other agencies whose activities may be of concern to the community;
  3. Keeping the community informed about available activities and opportunities which may be of benefit to the residents of Old Ottawa South and initiating new programs and policies which benefit the community; and
  4. Conducting such social, educational and recreational programs as shall, from time to time, be deemed desirable. 

Key Priority Areas

  • Communication
  • Service Level Agreement with the City of Ottawa
  • Planning and Zoning
  • Community Resource Plan
  • Program
  • Governance
  • Traffic and Safety

OSCA Board Core Committees & working groups

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