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AGM 2016: Planning Committee

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Planning Committee Report

Chair: Steve Mennill

Committee Members: Beth Everson, Barb Williams, Carol Brascoupe, Kristina Leaning, Robert Ramsay, Sophie Beecher, Ahmed Atalla, Anna Cuylits (co-chair for first part of the year) 


  • Encouraging community dialogue on planning and development issues affecting Old Ottawa South
  • Recommending policy positions to the OSCA board on planning issues where appropriate, following community consultation, analysis, and discussions with public bodies, developers and other stakeholders
  • Articulating OSCA’s views and positions through such documents as policy statements, principles, and making representations to the City and other public bodies
  • Promoting the creation and adoption of formal, neighbourhood- specific planning policies e.g. secondary plan
  • Monitoring development proposals for conformity with principles and policies adopted by the Board

Community Design Plan

  • Ottawa`s Official Plan calls for the creation of neighbourhood-specific planning policies to be developed through ``community design plans`` (CDP)
  • A CDP would provide our community with an opportunity to clearly articulate a long term vision:
    • What are the planning and development goals for OOS?
    • Where should new development go?
    • What type of development is needed and appropriate?
  • Multi-year process to be led by City but supported heavily by OSCA
  • OSCA has been advocating for OOS to be advanced on the priority list

Pre-application Consultation Pilot

  • City of Ottawa is piloting a process where community associations attend consultations prior to submission of formal development applications
  • Representatives must sign non-disclosure agreements
  • OSCA is participating in the pilot
  • We have attended five consultations under the pilot – none of the projects have advanced to formal application stage yet


  • Old Ottawa South has identified infill housing as a major concern for our neighbourhood, specifically buildings that change the street character and are too massive in terms of height and setbacks.
  • The City is regulating these aspects through two zoning by-laws:
    • Infill I (ZBL 2012-147): front yards, setbacks, grades and parking
    • Infill II (being appealed at OMB): massing, height, side and rear yard set backs
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