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AGM 2016: Program Committee

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AGM 2016: Program Committee Report

Committee Co-chairs: Emilie Taman and Matt Hart

The program committee advises the OSCA Board on issues related to the programs  offered by OSCA, including the structure, fees, staffing, and operations

Committee Members: Amanda DeGrace, Sarah Jane Fraser, Matt Hart, Ingrid Nielsen, Barbara Porrett, Emilie Taman, Shanon Young,

Staff: Sarah Cybulski, Jessica Johnson, Sarah Rosborough,  Christy Savage. 


  • Encourage the development and implementation of programs that meet the needs of Old Ottawa South
  • Ensure that OSCA is in compliance with the regulations of the Ministry of Labour, CRA, City of Ottawa and any other applicable organizations as they relate to the running of programs
  • Liaise with stakeholders on programming needs and priorities to foster greater cohesion across the organization
  • Develop policies and procedures that ensure programs are run in a financially sound manner
  • Oversee operations, marketing, and client care of the Firehall Fitness Centre
  • Advise the Board of major issues related to its mandate
  • Regularly review its Terms of Reference and make recommendations for changes to the Board

Progress toward 2015-2016 goals

Goal Status
Take ownership of all aspects of creating the program guide As of January 2016 all guides are now being designed by the communications coordinator and program director
Take ownership of all aspects of day to day running of programs OSCA hired a full time program director and two child/youth program coordinators in the Fall of 2015. All current programming is being managed by them and we look forward to expanding and evaluating programming as a result.
Upgrade and launch new registration system OSCA launched a new registration program Legend in December 2015. There was much work and much adjustment, as expected, with the launch. The program is very comprehensive and parts of it are being built specifically for OSCA’s needs. We are also partnering with Dovercourt and GNAG and working with the developers of the program to continue to create the program that works for us and our clients. There is much to continue to do in the coming months and we expect to have a fully operational system within a year. This is very exciting for us and we look forward to having a system that we can continue to grow into, Legend has much capacity and many applications that we expect to benefit from for many years ahead.
Increase usage of Firehall Fitness Centre Treadmills that were not getting much use have been exchanged for a rowing machine. New programs have been created to take advantage of the space. And as of April 2016 a new cable weight machine with much more user ability has been installed

2016 Goals

  • Continue to upgrade current Legend registration system
  • Focus on creating After 4 Committee to meet monthly with staff and brainstorm solutions to programs, assist with staff training and support, and assist with programming and outreach for expertise within the community programming
  • Create Homework club within After 4 program
  • Grow adult fitness programming
  • Review and fill gaps in programming specifically for Adult, youth and seniors.
  • Review current adult programs quarterly in partnership with Contract Workers, expand programming during the day and review membership options.















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