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AGM 2016: Communications Committee Report

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AGM 2016: Communications Committee Report

Communications committee advises the board and its committees on matters relating to communications, including the structures, budget, processes and tools used to by OSCA to implement an effective communications strategy

Committee members: Nick Galletti, Nicola Maule, Kathy Krywicki, Brendan McCoy, Chris Solar

Staff: Mike Schnier, Christy Savage 


  • Ensure timely and effective communication with the community about community issues and OSCA programs, initiatives and events.
  • Provide advice and guidance on strategic communications
  • Implement strategic priorities to improve OSCA’s communications 
  • Foster greater cohesion across the organization on communications
  • Develop processes and tools to implement communications strategy


  • Social Media
    Facebook Monthly Reach: 9.7K accounts
    Twitter Monthly Post Impressions: 36.4K
  • MailChimp Newsletter
    Managed mailing list, over 3000 subscribers
    37% open rate (non-profits average 25%)
  • Website improvements
    Seeking quotes to upgrade website
    to the latest version of Joomla
  • Communications Strategy
    Hired fulltime Communications Coordinator, Targeted Facebook Ads promoting programs
  • Assist with promotion of New Online Registration System
    Direct links to program registration pages,
    Improved CRM features

Objectives 2016

Work with staff, volunteers, and stakeholders in the community to develop material for the website, email, social platforms and print to:

  1. Increase enrolment in OSCA’s programs and events.
  2. Increase awareness and support for OSCA’s mandate.
  3. Increase awareness on issues affecting the neighborhood.
  4. Demonstrate support for Old Ottawa South community’s events, businesses and initiatives.
  5. Increase the library of photos that OSCA can use to promote programs and events.

Objectives 2017

  • Improve the oldottawasouth.ca website’s backend and design, as well as the existing content promoting OSCA’s programs, events, and mandate.
  • Support The OSCAR Community Newspaper.


It was another great year for the OSCAR. Thanks to the great staff and volunteers!

This year we digitized the OSCAR archive of papers published from 1974 to 2005.

Thanks to John Bond, the OPL Ottawa Room and Brechin Imaging Services.

Soon over 40 years of local stories will be available online.

Brendan McCoy, Editor

Contributions: oscar@oldottawasouth.ca

Advertising: oscarads@oldottawasouth.ca

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