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AGM 2012: Minutes

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Tuesday, May 3, 2012



  1. Welcome and Approval of Agenda
  2. Approval of 2011 AGM Minutes
  3. President’s Report
  4. Councillor Chernushenko’s Report
  5. Treasurer’s Report
  6. Committee Reports
  7. Election of 2012/13 OSCA Board of Directors
  8. Other business
  9. Adjournment of AGM
  10. Wine & Cheese Reception


1. Welcome and approval of Agenda 
Michael Jenkin welcomed people to the Annual General Meeting. 

MOTION: proposed by Michaela Tokarski and seconded by Graham Deline that the Agenda be accepted.


2. Approval of 2011 AGM Minutes
MOTION: proposed by Greg Zador and seconded by Mike Lascelles that the 2011 AGM Minutes be accepted.


3. President’s Report 

Michael Jenkin highlighted aspects of his written report.


As has been the case over the past several years, the Board has been coping with two very different sets of issues in 2011: how to respond to the increasing pressures on the physical development of the community and how to effectively manage the services we provide to the residents of Old Ottawa South.


On the former front we have had a number of successes. After many years of lobbying by OSCA and OSWATCH, and after a very significant effort of community consultation, the Sunnyside traffic management plan has been approved by the City. It will, when implemented, make a significant contribution to improving the safety of this critical connector road in our community, linking as it does the increasingly congested north-south arterials of Bronson, Bank, and via Riverdale, Main Street. The additional good news on this front is that according to our Councillor’s office is it likely that over the next couple of years funding will be available to implement the construction of the physical elements of the plan; usually communities have to wait long periods of time before these plans are implemented through a major street rebuild (for example when water and sewer mains are replaced).


Second, the recently developed infill guidelines that we, again, lobbied hard for, are going forward to Council shortly for approval. While not all we would have wanted, and while the development industry is obviously not entirely supportive of them, the guidelines will make a significant contribution to a major problem we are facing which is poorly designed infill housing that intrudes on the privacy and amenity of neighbours, and ruins our streetscapes. 
Of course many challenges remain. The pace and force of property development and traffic growth will continue and we have areas in our community where these pressures will be acutely felt. They include: infill housing developments all through the community, new commercial development on Bank Street, and conflicts among drivers, pedestrians and cyclists in sensitive areas such as the Bank and Sunnyside intersection – one of the busiest pedestrian crossings outside the city centre.


We also have the gift that keeps on giving, the Lansdowne Park redevelopment. For our community the issue will be the impact on traffic both during and after construction. We are participating in a new committee established by the Councillor to monitor and make suggestions on traffic, parking and transit management issues. And we will see where that leads, but it is hard to understand how the site will cope with such inadequate transportation infrastructure. As we have told the City time and again, a site that can barely cope with a “67s” game without gridlock, is not a good candidate for a major retail, sports and events facility with a large housing development to boot.


On our service and community support role, we are doing very well; we sponsored a record number of special events this past year from our traditional events in City parks such as the winter carnival and fall fest, to dances and music concerts. Our programming activities are growing by leaps and bounds and our new fitness room is a welcome addition to the community’s fitness infrastructure. Over the last year and a half that we have been back in the renovated Firehall we have run very health surpluses on our programming activities and significantly increased enrolments in them. As a consequence, the Board at its regular April meeting, approved a policy to devote a significant share of our programming surpluses to a capital reserve to invest in new equipment and facilities at the Firehall. With the addition of a new full time executive director we will have more capacity to professionally manage our growing program operations and build a pool of volunteers to help us with a diverse range of programming and community events.


But challenges remain. As we expand our programming activities, the level of due diligence and supervision needs to increase and the partnership agreement that City wants to sign with us will place additional pressures on us in terms of administrative costs and potentially the need for additional staff resources. None the less the evidence is clear that residents in this community value and appreciate our programming and we will endeavour to meet those expectations as fully as we can.


This has been a year of significant achievements and I think with careful management and the continued dedicated work on the part of Board and committee members we can look forward to many more such achievements in the years ahead.


At this time I would also like thank our Board and Executive Committee members for all their hard work over the past year; their commitment and time have been critical to our being able to meet our objectives this year. I would also like to thank the Board members who are retiring this year, many after a number of years on the Board and its committees. David Law our Vice-President for a number of years, Greg Strahl our Secretary, Lisa Drouillard, Anna Sundin our Programme Committee chair, Brendan McCoy, OSWATCH co-chair and Milica Nauman are stepping down. On your behalf I would like to say a very big thank you to them all. 
I also want to thank Cathie Buchanan and Dinos Dafniotis, the City’s centre director and program coordinator respectively, for all the hard work they put in to help ensure our programs worked smoothly and the right staff and instructors were recruited. Without their help, imagination and energy, we could not offer the high level of programming we do at the Firehall.


Finally, and by no means least, I would like to thank Deirdre McQuillan our Executive Director who, after some 20 years of service, will be leaving OSCA and retiring at the end of June. Deirdre has been a selfless and hardworking supporter of OSCA and our community for over two decades and we are indebted to her for her selfless contribution to the cause. We will miss her very much.

4. Councillor Chernushenko’s Report

  • Lansdowne Park – we can’t stop the development now but we can change some of the aspects. Are there opportunities in the parking and traffic issues. At the very least, it should raise the profile of Old Ottawa South.
  • Development on Bank Street – maybe we are ready for more 4 storey buildings. 
  • BIA – there is a public meeting of the possible new Sunnyside Village/Old Ottawa South BIA on May 9 at the Firehall.
  • Urban infill guidelines – have been passed by Planning committee and will most probably be adopted by Council shortly. This will be one tool in the battle of over development.


5. Treasurer’s Report 
The report was presented by Steve Mennill for OSCA’s 3 accounts, OSCA, Firehall Fund and OSCAR.


The association is solvent and in a strong financial position.

The Ottawa South Community Association operates and reports financial information under three separate entities:


  • OSCA, the main community association account;
  • A charitable organization that raises funds for community capital uses; and,
  • OSCAR, the association’s newspaper.


The financial results for each of these entities, for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2011, are discussed below.


OSCA: Fiscal year 2011 produced a surplus of $123,053. 

  • Total revenues were $635,655, the vast majority of which was generated through program fees. Most of the remainder of the revenue, $28,968 was generated through special events.
  • Expenses were $512,602, most of which related to program instructor remuneration and program supplies and expenses.


Overall OSCA’s financial position and balance sheet are sound.

  • Assets were $439,112 at the end of the fiscal year. 
  • OSCA has designated $6,932 for the use of ECOS and $805 for the use of OSWATCH as special purpose funds.
  • Total reserve funds, consisting of accumulated surpluses from previous years, totaled $321,810.

Firehall Redevelopment Fund


The charitable organization raised a total of $4,649, all from donations through the federal government’s workplace charitable campaign program.


Total equity at the end of December 31, 2011 was $9,031.


Results for OSCAR:

OSCAR, the community newspaper, had revenues of $69,581 and expenses of $64,465 for a net income of $5,115.

MOTION: proposed by Isla Jordan and seconded by Mike Lascelles that the year end Income Statement and Balance Sheet for the year ended December 31, 2011be approved.
Motion Carried


The Treasurer thanked Susanne Ledbetter, OSCA’s book-keeper for doing a wonderful job and also thanked staff and the financial committee.

6. Committee Reports
Program Committee: Chair Anna Sundin gave the report.


The OSCA Program Committee in partnership with the City of Ottawa runs the programming at the Firehall and has done so for 34 years.


2011 was quite our first full year since moving back into the renovated Firehall. The community has “voted with its feet” and our programs have grown by leaps and bounds as a result.


Highlights for this past year include:

  • The fitness room has been fully furnished and opened in October 2011. The use has grown since its opening but there is still room for more members who want to take advantage of a local gym facility at a very reasonable cost. No long term commitment is required.
  • The number of people taking OSCA programs has risen considerably since we moved back.
  • We are offering new programs including children’s programs, adult health and fitness programs and programs in the new fitness room.
  • It is now very popular to have your child’s birthday party at the Firehall – you can chose from Sports, Dance or Pottery parties. Or just rent the space and do your own thing.
  • The numbers for Friday Night Youth Dropins and Youth Dances have grown considerably.
  • The after 4 program is bursting at the seams. We increased the number of spaces in September as a result of a computer glitch at registration time and had to scale back on other children’s afternoon programs as a result. We are considering our space limitations and how to best allocate our space limitations for September 2012.


Anna addressed the registration for the 2012/13 After Four program. She told the meeting that 80 children registered means that we can run a high quality program. However, the new Program Committee is going to meet shortly to examine ways of expanding the program.

Volunteer roles


The OSCA Program Committee is a fun and creative group of community members who have committed to help funnel community feedback and to suggest new program initiatives to Staff.


With the expansion of the Firehall, we can really use more members, either at large or helping out with one particular area- for example we really need someone with a marketing background. The committee is always looking for your input. It can be sent either to osca@oldottawasouth.ca or by phone to the staff or just ask at the office for contact info for a committee member if you want to chat.


It has been a pleasure and a privilege serving the community. I am moving on to other ventures and a new program chair will guide the future direction of the Firehall programs. It has been a pleasure serving on the Board in this position for the last several years.


Feel free to contact us at 613-247-4946 or email OSCA@oldottawasouth.ca.


Special Events Committee

Kendall McQueen gave the report on behalf of both Brenda Lee and Lisa Drouillard.

BY BRENDA LEE: As Lisa Drouillard mentioned in her report the Special Events committee was split into a few different committees this year.


Our team of Julia Danis, Valerie Macintosh, Deirdre McQuillan, Dinos Dafniotis, Cathy Buchanan, Chelsea Pepin, Cas Houde, Anne Marie Corbett and myself worked together on the well loved and traditional events including the Winter Carnival in 2011, Spring Shop Your Local Talent, Fall Fest, Winter Shop Your Local Talent and a new event was also introduced…the Christmas Celebration at the Firehall.


On Feb 6th 2011 we held our annual OSCA Winter Carnival. Anne Marie Corbett and I have been proud to organize many of these Winter Carnivals over the years, but due to our own personal time constraints we decided that this would be our last one (at least for awhile.never say never I have learned) 
We were lucky enough to have a beautiful winter day for our last carnival. Featured were Sleigh Rides (sponsored by Tracy Arnett), music, games for the children, face painting, snowmen building, local vendors the now famous (or infamous) Turkey Toss, soup donated and served by our favourite local chef, John Taylor, raffle prizes and our Chili and Bread competitions. We had three categories for chili ( spicy, vegetarian and meat) and the competition was incredibly strong this year with almost 20 pots of chili and 10 loaves of bread entered. We also served up over 300 hotdogs and drinks to the hungry crowds. 
Thanks to our sponsors …Tracy Arnett, John Taylor, Mayfair Theatre, The Clothes Secret, Kaleidoscope Kids Bookstore, Quinn’s, Life of Pie, Yummy Cookies, Taylor’s Genuine, The Works, Wag, Ottawa Folklore Centre, and Tom Alfodi photography.
Thanks also to our many volunteers who helped to run this well loved event.


On April 10th 2011 we held our first ever Spring Shop Your Local Talent Sale. This event featured over 30 artists in the neighbourhood and their one of a kind creations. It was a great opportunity for artists to display their work and for the neighbourhood to do some spring shopping and to see the amazing array of artists in our area.


On Oct. 23rd 2011 we held the annual OSCA Fall Fest. After having to move the event back a week due to rain, we were very lucky to have a fine Fall day so late in the season. This event featured live music (Spencer Scharf), Best Soup Contest, Best Pie and Jam contests, pumpkin sales, raffle prizes, games, an inflatable slide, jelly bean guessing contests, local vendors and of course GOAT BINGO. 
We may need to expand our soup contest categories next year as we had over 25 pots of soup and the judges found it very hard to decide on just one!
Thanks to our sponsors: Alpenbick Farms, Taylor’s Genuine, Domus, Quinn’s, Life of Pie, Yummy Cookies, Mayfair Theatre, Kaleidoscope Kid’s Bookstore, local musician John Allaire, The Clothes Secret, Tom Alfoldi photography and local artist Christopher Heilmann. 
Thanks also to the many volunteers who helped with this event. A big Thank You to Melanie Farr who has volunteered to assist in the running of this event in 2012.


On November 27th 2011 we held our annual Shop Your Local Talent Christmas Sale. This event is a great opportunity to do some holiday shopping with your local artists and their unique, hand made creations. A well-loved and well-attended event, we look forward to running it every year for both the artists and the neighbourhood as a whole. 

On December 10th 2011we introduced a new event to the Firehall, the OSCA Christmas Celebration. This event featured holiday crafts, a some neighbourhood Christmas caroling, face painting two classic Christmas cartoons that were shown on our new big screen in the main hall….and of course a special appearance by SANTA himself. It was a very nostalgic and fun filled event, and we will be holding it again in the upcoming year. 
Thanks to our many volunteers who helped with this event…especially with all the sweeping up of glitter afterwards!


In 2012 we look forward to hosting :

  • Spring Shop Your Local Talent (April 14th …already past)
  • Our first annual OSCA Windsor Park Art Show (June 17th 10-4) featuring live music, a community BBQ and over 30 artists and their creations.
  • Fall Fest ( TBA)
  • Shop Your Local Talent Christmas Sale (TBA)
  • Osca Christmas Celebration ( TBA)


I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Deirdre McQuillan for all of her help and support in Special Events over the many years that she has worked at the Firehall. I first joined the OSCA board over 13 years ago and have been a part of it over the years on and off and have worked on many special events over this time period. Deirdre took a very uninformed and green girl and taught her the ropes, really taught me the joys of giving back to the community and how to organize these large events. She has been my other half through all of these events and I will miss her greatly and will be forever grateful for her friendship, for her patience and for her hard work and dedication. She truly is a shining example of what a community activist and volunteer is…..Thank You Deirdre!!!


BY LISA DROUILLARD: Committee members: Brenda Lee, Lisa Drouillard and Kendall McQueen


2011 was a very strong year for special events in Old Ottawa South and we have started off this year with a healthy roster of activities at the Firehall. This year’s “committee” was in fact a number of small committees who dedicated their time to organizing a range of events. Brenda Lee has continued to lead on a range of neighbourhood events the community has come to anticipate each season, such as Fall Fest, craft fairs and movie nights. Kendall McQueen has led a dynamic group of volunteers in the organization of signature Firehall parties. This year’s Mad Men Party was very well attended, and guests from the neighbourhood really made a special effort to dress the part for this party. Guests were treated to live music, excellent food and incredible 1960s ambience. 2011 also saw the reunion of a group of stalwart volunteers who, for many years, brought us the Lobster Supper fundraisers used for so long to bring the community together to support the Firehall Redevelopment fund. A new group of active neighbours in Old Ottawa South have coordinated a range of Havana night events to raise funds in support of Friends of Landsdowne. Last, at the end of 2011 we began organizing activities for the first concert series to be held in our beautiful new Main Hall – Sirens of the Firehall was born weeks later, with the generous support of Tracy Arnett, and the spirited engagement of the ensembles engaged for the series: Aradia Ensemble, Renee Yoxon trio, and the Sarah Burnell Band.


The schedule of events listed below is clear evidence of the enthusiasm and commitment of OOS residents to support innovative community events. We mark the seasons with our neighbours, share in arts and music, engage in serious socializing, and support the causes that mean the most to us through these events.


Significant volunteer effort is required to keep these events going. If there is OSCA event that you really enjoy, community programming that would fit nicely in our beautiful new hall, or a fundraising initiative you think OSCA special events should support, please do come forward to help. Every year any one of these events is at risk of being cancelled for lack of support. There is also no better way for teens to accumulate volunteer hours than to help out with fun events in their community.

January 29 Havana Night
February 6 Winter Carnival
April 10 Craft Fair
May 13 Lobster Supper
June 11 Caribbean Night
September 10 Porch Sale
October 23 Fall Fest
November 19 Mad Men Party
November 27 Craft Fair
December Christmas Movies 
2012 Events to date


January 25 Havana Night II
February 6 Winter Carnival
February 25 Aradia Baroque concert 
March 31 Renee Yoxon Jazz concert
April Shop Your Local Talent Sale
April 21 Sarah Burnell Band


OSWATCH Committee: 
Brendan McCoy and Graham Deline were the chairs for the past year.


OSWatch is the OSCA sub-committee that advocates on behalf of residents of Ottawa South on issues of development, urban design and transportation. Since the last AGM we have dealt with the following issues:


  • Infill

We have dealt with a number of infill developments. We supported the efforts of residents with advice, meetings with developers and representations to city committees. These developments included 34 Brighton, 65 Hopewell, 315 Riverdale and 337 Sunnyside.We have worked with other community associations and the City Planning Department on an Infill Study. We have been very actively engaged at each stage of the study and spoke in favor of the study’s conclusions at Planning Committee last month. The changes promised by this study are modest but we hope real improvements. Colonel By residents have been working with OSWatch to find a mechanism to control redevelopment on the edge of the canal. We looked at a Heritage Designation, but may pursue a zoning study instead.


  • Lansdowne Park

Last year OSCA contributed $15, 000 towards the cost of the OMB appeal on the proposed redevelopment of Lansdowne Park and represented Ottawa South in the negotiations. This year members of OSWatch organized Havana Night II in support of the Friends of Lansdowne and contributed $2, 300 to the Friends. We are currently working with other community associations to mitigate the problems of traffic and parking that are inevitable if the City’s plans for Lansdowne are implemented.


  • Traffic

OSWatch has worked with the city on the Old Ottawa South Area Traffic Management Study, and as a result a number of traffic calming measures will be implemented in the coming years. These measures include a redesign of Sunnyside with a wider median and a gateway feature at Bronson and Sunnyside, strategic use of bulb outs and introducing parking on alternating sides of the street. There will be some changes to signage and special school zone with a 40kmph zone around Hopewell Public School.


  • Consultation

OSWatch has represented our community on committees dealing with the Banks Street south CDP and on the Canal Pedestrian Bridge Environmental Assessment. The preferred bridge site, at 5th Ave., has been identified and the study is now focusing on design.


The OSWatch meeting agendas and minutes are available on the OSCA website www.oldottawasouth.ca.


OSWatch meets the first Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm at the Firehall (This Thursday May 3 this week because of the AGM). Everyone is welcome. All members of the Community Association are welcome to join, committee members are expected to help with the work of the committee and regularly attend meetings.


The editor, Mary Anne Thompson was out of town but handed in a written report. Interviews are being held to secure a new editor to replace Mary Anne.


Web/IT Committee
Gwen Gall was unable to attend the meeting but Chris Solar gave the report. The website is averaging 7000 visits a month and is appreciated by the community.


Chair Mike Lascelles gave the report.


ECOS was relatively inactive during the past year. Its stated goals for the year were to recruit new members, undertake several environmental education activities, identify future projects, and support the creation of a community garden in Old Ottawa South.

New Members
ECOS has been fortunate that two of the candidates to join the 2012-13 Board have expressed an interest in joining ECOS. Several other Old Ottawa South residents may also join the environment committee. Hopefully, these new members will provide the critical mass of able activists required to re-energize, refocus, and lead ECOS.

Educational Activities
ECOS organized two expert-led birding outings in Old Ottawa South last May and September enjoyed by several dozen local residents, including a half dozen youngsters. These outings were described in two OSCA articles. ECOS also participated in two assessment exercises: the National Capital Commission’s cumulative impact of roads in the Greenbelt study; and the City’s mid-town (5th Ave. – Clegg) canal footbridge assessment.

Identify Future Projects
Last year, ECOS indicated that it hoped to begin work on three projects: repair the footbridge by the Bronson Bridge, begin outlining a sustainability plan for Old Ottawa South, and start researching topics for a natural history of our community and its environment. Limited work was done on repairs to the footbridge and, unfortunately, there has been no progress to date on the other two projects. ECOS does intend to undertake and complete the footbridge repairs in 2012-13 and to outline the main elements of a local sustainability plan.

Community Garden in Old Ottawa South
A group of forward–thinking and energetic local residents, lead by Lori Waller, spent much of 2011 consulting with local residents and regular park users on possible locations for a community garden. ECOS facilitated several of these consultations and subsequently introduced a successful motion of OSCA support for the garden. Thanks to the community garden group’s work and impressive patience and persistence, the City has agreed to a community garden at Brewer Park just south of the Brewer Pool. ECOS is currently considering how it can further assist the community garden group.

9. Nomination Committee
At its February 2012 meeting, the 2011-12 OSCA Board appointed Gwen Gall, Valerie McIntosh, Lisa Drouillard, and Mike Lascelles (lead) to identify and recommend six to eight new members to stand for election to the 2012-13 Board at the May 1 OSCA AGM. The Nominating Committee invited suggestions from current Board members, the business community, and the Old Ottawa South neighbourhood generally. Several announcements of the Board vacancies and our recruitment efforts were also placed in OSCAR and Between the Bridges.

About twenty local residents expressed an interest in serving on the 2012-13 Board, either as a full member or as an alternate, or in volunteering on one or several OSCA committees. The Nominating Committee interviewed the fourteen individuals who expressed some interest in the Board itself to match their interests and skill sets with our needs. Also, the OSCA President joined the Nominating Committee and ten of the most interested applicants at an information session at the Firehall on April 4, 2012. Following further discussions with the individual applicants, the Nominating Committee recommended that the following eight candidates be placed on the AGM ballot to elect the 2012-13 OSCA Board.

1. Katie Black – Programs & Agreement with City
2. Sarah Fraser – ECOS & Programs
3. Linda Hancock – Programs & Governance 
4. Ian Beck-MacNeil – Programs
5. Guy Souliere – ECOS & OOS businesses
6. Muthanna Subbaiah – Programs
7. Emilie Taman – Programs 
8. Don Westwood – OSWATCH

The outgoing OSCA Board endorsed these eight candidates at its April 2012 meeting.

The OSCA Nominating Committee was quite fortunate to interest three additional individuals with impressive skills who wished to give back to Old Ottawa South. They agreed to act as alternate OSCA Board members by participating in OSCA Committees and, as vacancies occur, becoming full OSCA Board members.

a. Colin Beattie – serving on the Finance Committee
b. Jim Cochrane – liaising with Business Community and OSWATCH
c. Mathew Sanger – Programs


The Nominating Committee wishes to thank all those who stepped forward as candidates as well as those who will be alternate Board members and the numerous individuals who indicated that they would volunteer to help OSCA although not join the Board.

7. Election of 2011/12 OSCA Board of Directors
The following was the slate of nominees for election to the board. (* denotes new member this term)


*Ian Beck-MacNeil
*Katie Black
Graham Deline
*Sarah Fraser
Gwen Gall
*Linda Hancock
Michael Jenkin
Isla Jordan
Mike Lascelles
Valerie MacIntosh 
Kendall McQueen
Steve Mennill


*Guy Souliere
*Muthanna Subbaiah
*Emilie Taman
Michaela Tokarski
*Don Westwood
Greg Zador


MOTION: proposed by Mike Lascelles and seconded by Greg Zador that the nominations be closed and the slate put to a vote. 


The slate of candidates was elected


8. Other Business Adjournment/Reception
MOTION: proposed by Graham Deline and seconded by Mike Lascelles that the OSCA AGM be adjourned.


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