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AGM 2013: DRAFT Minutes

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013 7:30 pm


1. Approval of Agenda

Motion on Agenda: Proposed by Michael Jenkin, seconded by Michaela Tokarski.

Discussion: none

Motion carried.

2. Approval of 2012 AGM Minutes

Motion on Minutes: Proposed by Doug Stickley, seconded by Don Westwood.

Discussion: none

Motion carried.

3. Councillor Chernushenko’s Report

Councillor Chernushenko greeted those present and noted that he is also a member of the community since he resides in Old Ottawa South.

He noted that the key issues within the community are Traffic and Infill.

On Infill- The look of the neighbourhood is something that is not effectively covered in the By Laws, as a result there are steps being taken toward compatible infill. There has subsequently been a one year freeze on infill projects while the City conducts more studies on the height and mass of buildings.

On Traffic- There is to be a meeting with the Lansdowne Transportation Advisory Committee. The contractor is expected to submit a traffic plan to the City.

On Main Street in Old Ottawa East- The City of Ottawa is undertaking the Functional, Preliminary and Detailed Design for the renewal of Main Street and portions of Lees Avenue and Rideau River Drive. There are efforts toward making Main Street Ottawa’s first ‘complete street’. This will mean more space for pedestrians, creating measures to slow traffic and dedicated bike lanes. The City is expected to conduct a full study to determine how these measures can be implemented.

On the Emerald Ash borer - OOS has not been the hardest hit community in Ottawa so there has been a slower response by the City.

On Green Space and Carlyle Avenue - Ottawa Hydro has occupied an area of land as a sub-station.  Now that the sub-station has been de-commissioned the land will be taken over by the City and turned into a small park.

4. President’s Report

See separate document

5. Treasurer’s Report

See separate document

Motion to adopt the treasurer’s report and formally approve the audit: proposed by Michael Jenkin, seconded by Emilie Taman.

Discussion: None

Motion carried. All in favour, no abstentions

6. Strategic Planning Committee

See separate document

7. Committee Reports


ii-OSCA Tree Survey and Contaminated Soil assessment at Lansdowne


iv-Program Committee


Winnie Pietrykowski- asked if she could be provided with statistics on the use of the Firehall for programming as this would assist with the traffic survey she is involved in.

Katie Black asked if there has been any progress with Hopewell School regarding whether or not there will be an After 4 program offered in 2014.

Emilie Taman responded that the program committee has reached out to both Hopewell school and various community organizations (Southside) and will continue to work closely with them. However, there has not been favourable response to date from the Hopewell administration or Parent’s Group. We are in the preliminary stage of this development and relationships will hopefully be fostered.

v-Special Events Committee

See separate document


Isla Jordan asked for a special Thank you to be extended to Brenda Lee for agreeing to take on the role of Chair. Not only does Brenda volunteer her time to single handedly coordinate a number of key events for OSCA (Fall Fest, Shop Your Local Talent, Holiday Movies at the Mayfair, Art in the Park) but with no one on the Board available to Chair the committee, Brenda volunteered to do so until a Chair could be found. Sincere thanks go to Brenda for all she has done for OSCA and Special Events!

vi-Web IT

See separate document


Winnie Pietrykowski-stated that she could not say enough about the website and those who manage it. She noted the amount of information contained in it and how helpful it is to the community at large since it is so comprehensive. Additionally, she noted that she recently needed to work with the website editors and administrator for research for a current project. She said everyone was very helpful and responded regularly to her queries. The website is an invaluable archive and research tool for the community and is one of the greatest gifts a growing community association can have.


See separate document

viii-New Board Role Descriptions.

See separate document

8. Election of 2013/14 Board of Directors

The following was the slate of nominees for election to the board. (* denotes new member this term)

Ian Beck MacNeil

Colin Beattie*

Katie Black

Graham Deline

Gwendolyn Gall

Nick Galletti*

Linda Hancock

Michael Jenkin

Isla Jordan

Michael Lascelles

Neil McCormick*

Steve Mennill

Mona Nandy*

Guy Souliere

Greg Strahl*

Muthanna Subbaiah

Emilie Taman

Don Westwood

MOTION: proposed by Emilie Taman and seconded by Chris Solar that the nominations be closed and the slate put to a vote.


The slate of candidates was elected.

9. Other business

MOTION: proposed by Emilie Taman and seconded by Don Westwood that the OSCA AGM be adjourned at 9:40pm.


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