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AGM 2014: Minutes

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014
7:30 pm

1. Approval of Agenda
Motion on Agenda: Proposed by Steve Mennill, seconded by Matt Hart.
Discussion: none
Motion carried.

2. Approval of 2013 AGM Minutes
Motion on Minutes: Proposed by Doug Stickley, seconded by Tim Leah.
Discussion: none
Motion carried.

3. Councillor Chernushenko's Report
Councillor Chernushenko greeted those present and gave a brief overview of the major issues relevant to Old Ottawa South (OOS) that he has been involved in over the past year.

i. Lansdowne Park
The site is scheduled to open this summer. It is a dense site with a large number of retail and residential spaces. 18 acres of public park will open to the public in mid-August. The neighbouring communities will be invited to a pre-opening visit. The TD Bank branch located in OOS will be moving to Lansdowne. The Farmers Market at Brewer Park may also relocate back to Lansdowne although some residents have expressed their preference for it to remain at Brewer Park.
Traffic may be a major issue once Lansdowne opens to the pubic. Members of various community associations have been involved in plans for traffic monitoring and developing possible measures to address any problems.

ii. Infill
Some significant progress has been made. Community input was instrumental in adjusting rules and guidelines. Infill I has been passed and is now at the OMB. Work on Infill II is ongoing
There has been a freeze on conversions while the existing rules on conversions were re-examined. This process has been recently completed. Amendments to residential conversions went to Council a couple of weeks ago.
So far Old Ottawa South has not seen much pressure from developers for higher rise buildings. In the past year however, the City's Planning Committee has been grappling with additional height applications. New rules will prevent most developers from constructing buildings that are excessively higher than zoning allows. Councillor Chernushenko will be working to prevent buildings in Old Ottawa South that are excessively high.

iii. Clegg Ave. Pedestrian Bridge
Plans for the bridge have been accepted, however funding will not become available until 2020. Councillor Chernushenko is currently working with Yasir Naqvi to see if alternative funding could be available sooner.

iv. Bank St. Bridge
Councillor Chernushenko has been working for some time to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists crossing the bridge. His proposed changes include converting the northbound outside lane to a 20km/h shared lane for bikes and vehicles. Vehicles would be required to follow behind cyclists and would be prevented from passing. The maximum speed on Bank St. has been reduced from 50km/h to 40km/h from Riverside Dr. to the Queens Way.

4. President's Report
See attached report.
Linda Hancock thanked the Board and OSCA staff for their work over the past year.

Motion to adopt the President's report: proposed by Michael Jenkin, seconded by Winnie Pietrykowski.
Discussion: None
Motion carried. All in favour, no abstentions.

5. Treasurer's Report
See attached report.
Linda Hancock thanked Steve Mennill for his long time service as Treasurer. Dana Levac will be taking over as Treasurer. Steve Mennill will continue to serve as a Board member and Chair of the Planning and Zoning Committee.

Motion to adopt the Treasurer's report: proposed by Beth Everson, seconded by Don Cummer.
Discussion: None
Motion carried. All in favour, no abstentions

6. OSCA's Priorities and Activities
Linda Hancock reported that the Board has been working on several key priority areas that were identified during the Board's strategic planning session in November 2013:
- Communication
- Partnership with the City of Ottawa
- Planning and Zoning
- Community Resource Plan
- Programming
- Governance
- Traffic and Safety

New Communications, Planning and Zoning, and Traffic and Safety Committees have been formed to address some of these priorities.

Task Groups
Future Financial Options Group
The Future Financial Options Group (FFOG) has been established to evaluate OSCA's partnership with the City of Ottawa. FFOG will likely meet with the City in the near future to discuss the partnership.

Governance Task Group
New federal and provincial legislation will affect all non-profit organizations. A governance task group will update OSCA's bylaws to ensure compliance.

Committee Reports
i. Communications Committee
See attached report
Nick Galletti thanked Kathy Krywicki (Web Editor) and Chris Solar (Wed Admin) for their work on the website.

Brendan McCoy reported that the OSCAR has had a good year. The May issue involved 40 writers, more than a dozen photographers, five proofreads, and many volunteer distributers. He thanked the volunteers and core OSCAR staff, Bess Fraser, Mike, Larry, Susanne Ledbetter (Book Keeper), and Gayle Weitzman for their hard work.
Community members are encouraged to consider contributing to the OSCAR by writing articles, submitting photographs, and helping with distribution. Ideas and suggestions can be sent to Brendan McCoy at oscar@oldottawasouth.ca

ii. Planning & Zoning Committee
See attached report.
Steve Mennill reported. The Planning and Zoning Committee is a new committee that has replaced OSWatch. OSWatch largely dealt with site specific zoning applications. Old Ottawa South has never had a community design plan. As a result zoning and Committee of Adjustment decisions were made with out the guidance of a community design plan. This is now a major objective that the Planning and Zoning Committee will be working on for the next couple of years.
Steve Mennill thanked Anna Cuylits for her work on Infill I, which is close to completion.

iii. Program Committee
See attached report.
Ian Beck-MacNeil reported and thanked OSCA staff for their work. The Program Committee has experienced significant change over the past year. The reduction in City of Ottawa staff has increased OSCA's responsibility for programming.

iv. Special Events Committee
See attached report.
Brenda Lee thanked Rebekka Roy for her hard work as Co-Chair of the Special Events Committee. She also thanked OSCA staff, Christy Savage, Baalqis Hassan, Darcy Middaugh, and Alex Tallim for their work at special events over the past year.

v. Traffic & Safety Committee
See attached report.
Winnie Pietrykowski reported. Traffic and safety issues have been addressed by OSWatch in the past. The Lansdowne redevelopment has made traffic and safety a larger issue for Old Ottawa South. Traffic and safety will likely have a large profile for the next couple of years as OOS adjusts to Lansdowne. Any recommendations made by the Traffic and Safety Committee are in consultation with the community. The Committee will keep the community informed of its activities via the OSCAR and the Between the Bridges newsletter. The Committee will also attempt to respond to community needs rather than specific interest from committee members.

7. Election of 2014/2015 Board of Directors

The following was the slate of nominees for election to the board. (* denotes new member this term)

Ian Beck-MacNeil
Colin Beattie
Kate Charland*
Nick Galletti
Linda Hancock
Marion Haas*
Matt Hart
Michael Jenkin
Isla Jordan
Tim Leah
Allen LeBlanc
Brenda Lee*
Dana Levac
Neil McCormick
Steve Mennill
Winnie Pietrykowski
Emilie Taman

MOTION: proposed by Beth Everson and seconded by Michael Jenkin that the OSCA Board nominations be closed and the slate put to a vote.

The slate of candidates was elected.
Linda Hancock announced the new members of the Executive: Ian Beck-MacNeil, Linda Hancock, Michael Jenkin, Isla Jordan, Dana Levac, and Emilie Taman. OSCA's bylaws indicate that the Executive will be approved at the May Board meeting.

8. Volunteer Recognition
Linda Hancock thanked those Board members who have retired within the past year, Greg Strahl, Katie Black, Graham Deline, Mike Lascelles, Mona Nandy, Guy Souliere, Muthanna Subbaiah, and Don Westwood.

OSCA presented a Lifetime Achievement Award to Gwen Gall in recognition of her work as a Board member and the OSCA website.

The Main Hall at the Firehall has been renamed Michael Jenkin Hall in honour of OSCA Board Past-President.

9. Other Business
Upcoming Community Events
Councillor Chernushenko announced the creation of a new park at the end of Carlyle Ave. between Woodbine Place and Sunnyside Ave. He will be hosting an event at the Sunnyside Public Library on Saturday, June 7 to hear community member's ideas for the park.

10. Adjournment

MOTION: proposed by Michael Jenkin and seconded by Brenda Lee that the OSCA AGM be adjourned at 9:05 pm.

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