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OSCA AGM 2019 Minutes

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Tuesday, May 7th, 2019
7:00 pm – 9:30 pm

- Wine & cheese served at 7:00 p.m.

- Meet & Greet
7:00 PM-7:30 PM at the entrance to the main hall - Board of Directors

- Wall of Ideas- Joy Morrow

  1. Welcome & Approval of the Agenda – Richard Slowikowski

Motion to approve the agenda. Proposed by Anna Cuylits

All in favour, motion carried.

  1. Approval of 2018 AGM Minutes – Richard Slowikowski

Motion to approve the minutes from the 2018 AGM. Proposed by Kelly Campbell, seconded by Laura Urrechaga.

All in favour, motion carried.

  1. President’s Report – Richard Slowikowski
  • Richard welcomed the membership. There were approximately 65-70 in attendance.
  • The agenda and the ‘Wall of Ideas’ were outlined with focus on OSCA’s Committees, purpose and membership feedback.
  • The AGM agenda and schedule has changed this year to include wine and cheese as well as tables throughout with representatives from each committee there to greet the membership and connect personally with membership regarding their mission and objectives. This is a change in the way OSCA has traditionally held its AGM. Feedback was that it was successful and well received.
  • Richard briefly outlined the objectives of each committee and accomplishments over the past year
  •  Reflecting back on the history of the organization one cannot ignore how far we’ve come from re-building the firehall to negotiating a service level agreement with the City of Ottawa; to the work done with the community paper which is delivered to every household in OOS.
  • Over the past year we’ve begun to develop a communications plan; consider grants and sponsorship; strengthened and reorganized our staffing complement; tackled local developmental issues; addressed traffic issues such as the crossing at Colonel By; we’ve reached almost one million dollars annually in operations at $800K; we have a strong Governance Committee ready to work on upcoming changes to the Ontario Not For Profit Corporations Act (ONCA) and we continue to have strong Green Dreamers and a Garden Club.
  • Finally, we’ve learned an important lesson as an organization with the formation of Senior Watch Old Ottawa South (SWOOS), if members of our community come to us with a strong plan and support for an initiative we can and will work to give them a voice and support their initiatives.
  • Much work has been accomplished and there is more to come!
  • We are now at a point where we can look to the future of our mission and vision and focus more energy and effort on social initiatives, engaging volunteers, and a qualitatively stronger organization.
  • Richard thanked the staff, OSCAR and website staff, Committees, Board, Councillor and our partner the City of Ottawa.
  1. Treasurer’s Report– Travis Lindgren
  • Travis outlined the year end finances for 2018 and the auditor’s report (attached and posted online after the AGM). While a loss has been reported from direct expenses of $14,190K, $14,115 will be allocated to payroll in 2019, thus leaving a total loss for 2018 of $75. This is very tight budgeting from year to year and an accomplishmen.
  • OSCA has 3 main accounts, the OSCA account, the OSCAR newspaper and the Community Fund or charity.
  • The Community Fund has not been active and will be re-launched this year.
  • The OSCAR is healthy.
  • Reserve fund balances were outlined and are healthy (see report).
  • Travis thanked Christy Savage for her strong financial oversite.

Motion to approve the 2019 Auditor’s report. Proposed by Travis Lindgren, seconded by Luc Pellerin.

Motion to approve Edward Swerdfeger as the OSCA auditor for 2019. Proposed by Travis Lindgren, seconded by Luc Pellerin.

All in favour, motion carried.

  1. Change to Nominations By-law– Michael Jenkin & Joy Morrow

OSCA decision item amending the OSCA By-Laws to:

See attached documents- outlining history.

Amendments will be considered by the Board at its meeting on April 16th and then presented to the membership at OSCA’s AGM on Tuesday May 7th, for discussion and approval.

  • eliminate the requirement that nominees for the Board of Directors be members in good standing of the Association for three months prior to the AGM;
  • reduce the number of Board members nominated each year so that no more than 18 members in total sit on the Board;
  • introduce over a three-year period, three-year terms for Board members, such that in year one 6 members agree to serve for a three-year term, the following year 6 different members be elected for a three-year term, and in the final year the remaining members be elected for a three-year term. After this three-year phase-in period, all members would be serving three-year terms, with 6 members retiring annually thereafter (or less than 6 if necessary) to maintain a triennially balanced turnover of Board members.

Be it resolved that:

The Board approves the attached changes to the wording of Section 1 and Section 3 of our Association’s by-laws, and further agrees that these changes be presented to the Association’s membership at the 7 May 2019 Annual General Meeting for approval; and further, the Board agrees that these changes be voted on at the AGM before the election of the members of the Board of Directors takes place so that they are in effect when the elections are held; and the start date for the process of electing directors to three-year terms commence at the May 2020 Annual General Meeting of the Association. 

Moved by:  Sue Neill                      Seconded by:  Winnie Pietrykowski

All in favour, motion carried.

Discussion: Discussion ensued on the rationale for item #1. It was agreed that now with free lifetime memberships in the organization it has become too cumbersome to track lists. Item three should resolve any concerns with leaving the organization vulnerable without members in good standing. Board members must still be members of the organization.

  1. Election of 2019-20 Board of Directors – Kelly Campbell

Kelly Campbell outlined the process and objectives of the Nominations Committee for 2018.

The committee has 12 existing and 5 new nominees to present to the membership.

Returning Board members are: Susan Brousseau, Anna Cuylits, Christine Franklin, Michael Jenkin, Travis Lindgren, Joy Morrow, Sue Neill, Luc Pellerin, Winnie Pietrykowski, Richard Slowikowski, Brian Ure, Laura Urrechaga.

The new nominees are (see attached bios): Virginia Asante, Sian Fitzgerald, Andrew King, Michael McKay, Shehryar Sarwar.

Each of the candidates stood up and introduced themselves to the membership.

Six Board members have been chosen using a random draw to serve three-year terms: Sue Neill, Joy Morrow, Winnie Pietrykowski, Richard Slowikowski, Brian Ure and Laura Urrechaga.

Any nominees from the floor? - no

Motion to approve the new OSCA Board proposed by Christine Franklin, seconded by Joy Morrow.

All in favour, motion carried.

Thank you to those leaving the Board- Kelly Campbell, Janet Jull, Brad Lafortune, Steve Mennill, Evan Pilkington and Michaela Tokarski.

  1. Priorities & Activities – Committee Chairs discussed their main objectives and accomplishments/achievements over the past year (see attached)

Communications – Winnie Pietrykowski

Finance – Travis Lindgren

Planning & Zoning – Laura Urrechaga

Programs – Sarah Cybulski- OSCA Program Director

Senior Watch – Anna Cuylits

Traffic & Safety -- Sue Neill

OSCAR – Brendan McCoy

  1. Recognition Awards – Richard Slowikowski

David Chernushenko received the award for commitment to public service.

Anna Cuylits, Doug Gruner, Kathy Krywicki, Michael Lynch, Sally Midwinter, Lydia Oak, Michael Patenaude, Dorothy Rogers and Adrio Taucer received an award for advocacy in protecting the unique heritage character of the Colonel By Drive streetscape.

  1. Councillor Shawn Menard’s Report

Councillor addressed the membership and noted his focus:

  • To initiate the climate change emergency motion,
  • To re-establish the ward council and their work objectives;
  • To support Traffic and Safety Committee initiatives;
  • To support more biking racks,
  • To allocate resources to speed zones, and
  • To support affordable housing.
  1. Other Business

No other business.

  1. Adjournment
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