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2010 (9)

AGM Minutes 2010-05-04

Draft Minutes of OSCA Annual General Meeting

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Southminster Church, Ladies' Parlour


1. Welcome and Approval of Agenda
2. Approval of 2009 AGM Minutes
3. President's Report
4. Councillor Doucet's Report
5. Treasurer's Report
6. Committee Reports
7. Election of 2010/11 OSCA Board of Directors
8. Other business
9. Adjournment of AGM
10. Wine and Cheese Reception

1. Welcome and Approval of Agenda

Michael Jenkin welcomed people to the Annual General Meeting.

Motion: proposed by Graham Deline and seconded by Marilyn Mulenski that the Agenda be accepted.

Motion carried

2. Approval of 2009 AGM Minutes

Motion: proposed by David Law and seconded by Brenda Lee that the 2009 AGM Minutes be accepted.

Motion carried

3. President's Report

Michael Jenkin highlighted aspects of his written report. He told the meeting it was his 8th annual report as President. It has been a great year for the neighbourhood with both the community centre and the library undergoing extensive renovations and the City has launched the Sunnyside traffic study.

The retail community on Bank Street is making significant progress - a replacement for Fresh Fruit store and a number of new speciality shops and eating places will open shortly.

Despite being out of the Firehall we managed to maintain a high level of community programming and events. Thanks to Southminster Church and its staff for being so accommodating.

As we grow as an organization we need to pay increasing attention to how we manage and govern ourselves as a community organization. The City will want us to enter into a more formal arrangement this coming year in terms of how we manage recreational programming and what the respective roles of the City and OSCA will be in delivering those programs.

Development of Lansdowne Park will impact our community - traffic and impact on merchants will be concerns.

Thanks to retiring board members Mohammad al-Asad, Jenny Haysom, Michael Loewen, Anne Marie Crobett and Nerys Parry for all their hard work.

Thanks to OSCA and City staff, Cathie Buchanan, Dinos Dafniotis and Deirdre McQuillan and to our partners in the City's Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Branch. Thanks too to you, the residents of Old Ottawa South, for your support and participation over this very productive year.

4. Councillor Doucet's Report

  • Sunnyside Traffic Study is underway
  • 71 Hopewell triplex - there was a very productive meeting between residents and the developer

5. Treasurer's Report

The report was presented by Steve Mennill for OSCA's 3 accounts, OSCA, Firehall Fund and OSCAR.

The association is solvent and in a strong financial position with over $600,000 in total assets as the end of December, 2010. Much of this amount has been committed to support the renovation of the Firehall.

The association has now made a contribution of $357,500 to the City of Ottawa in March 2010 for the Firehall renovation, comprised of:

  • All of the Firehall Redevelopment Fund: $242,000
  • $30,000 form OSCAR reserves
  • $85,500 from OSCA's reserves

Motion: proposed by Geoff Murphy and seconded by Anna Cuylits that the year end Income Statement and Balance Sheet for the year ended December 31, 2009 be approved.

Motion carried

Budget for 2010

The Board of Directors adopted a breakeven budget for 2010 with $403,000 in revenues and slightly over $402,000 in expenses. These figures reflect the reduced level of program activity for the first half of 2010 until the renovated Firehall is available for use.

The Treasurer thanked Susanne Ledbetter, OSCA's book-keeper for doing a wonderful job and also thanked staff and the financial committee.

6. Committee Reports

Program Committee:

Chair Anna Sundin gave the report.

Our clients stayed with us through our time at Southminster United Chruch - thanks to the church for being so accommodating.

We were able to use Hopewell Gym for some of our summer camps in 2009.

Our Program Coordinator, Dinos Dafniotis, returned in October after a year at Glebe Community Centre.

We are now planning our return to the renovated and expanded Firehall with a new lineup of exciting program offerings for the members of our community.

Thanks to staff and volunteers - the committee is always looking for your input.

Special Events Committee:

Brenda Lee gave the report.

There were many great events last year including the Farewell to the Firehall, OSCA Porch Sale, Fall Fest, OSCA Christmas Movies at the Mayfair and the Winter Carnival - all of which were a resounding success.

We are planning a Grand Reopening Celebration sometime in the Fall. As always, this committee is very very welcoming of new members, volunteers or ideal for future events. Contact Brenda Lee at: osca@oldottawasouth.ca.

OSWatch Committee:

Mohammad al-Asad and Brendan McCoy were the chairs for the past year.

  • worked on institutionalizing OSWatch with regular meetings and minutes taken to document all activities.
  • 2 meetings have been held to discuss developments along the OOS stretch of Bank Street
  • a Community Design Plan (CDP) has been requested from the City of Ottawa for OOS. We are still in the queue after 2 years.
  • Lansdowne Park - much energy has been concentrated on this proposed project.
  • OSWatch will meet on the first Tuesday of every month at the Firehall.


The editor, Mary Anne Thompson, gave the report.

Thanks to advertisers, writers, photographers, distributors and readers. Also thanks to Chris Solar, OSCA webmaster who places the OSCAR on the OSCA website and archives the previous issues. Thanks to staff members, Advertising Manager, Gayle Weitzman, Distribution Manager, Larry Ostler and Bookkeeper, Susanne Ledbetter.

Web/IT Committee

John Calvert gave the report. He thanked Webmaster Chris Solar and Web Editor Gwen Gall and other committee volunteers including Kathy Krywicki and James Hunter for their work on launching the new website.

Also thanks to outgoing long time webmaster Robert Burr, who served for 10 years.


Co-Chair Nerys Parry gave the report.

OSCA is dedicated to being the 'greenest' community association in Ottawa. In 2009 OSCA focused attention on green additions for the Firehall, including accommodating a potential solar energy demonstration project led by Roger Peters.

Annual Windsor Park cleanups continued.

A new community group initiated several tree plantings along Bronson Place. This group is now working to protect the small area of wetland on this strip of land.

ECOS needs a new chair as both Nerys Parry and Michael Loewen are stepping down as chairs.

Friends of Sunnyside Library Committee

Jenny Haysom gave the report.

On June 5th [2009] the Ottawa Public Library (OPL) announced they had a grant of $1,275,000 to improve the function of the building. The work is now undersay and should be finished by the end of August.

Friends of Sunnyside Library will be donating funds for fixtures and furnishings and have commissioned 2 artworks.

Nomination Committee

Four people have retired from the board. Although there were sufficient people interested in joining the 2010/11 board, only those with OSCA memberships of 3 months or longer are eligible.

7. Presentation of OSCA's Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert Burr was unable to attend the meeting.

8. Election of 2008/09 OSCA Board of Directors

The following was the slate of nominees for election to the board. (* denotes new member)

John Calvert
*Graham Deline
Michael Dobbin
*Gwen Gall
Michael Jenkin
*Isla Jordan
David Law
Brenda Lee
Donna Lordon
Brendan McCoy
*Kendall McQueen
Steve Mennill
Geoff Murphy
Peter Reinecke
Jim Steel
Greg Strahl
Anna Sundin
Michaela Tokarski

Motion: proposed by Jenny Haysom and seconded by Nerys Parry that the nominations be closed and the slate put to a vote.

Motion carried

The slate of candidates was elected.

9. Other Business Adjournment/Reception

Motion: proposed by Nerys Parry and seconded by Geoff Murphy that the OSCA AGM be adjourned.

Motion carried


AGM 2010: Web/IT Committee Report

The past year was a very exciting one for the Web/IT committee. We successfully launched a new website for the Old Ottawa South Community Association at the same address www.oldottawasouth.ca. The new site has many new and improved features that allow for easy contribution by community members and OSCA board and volunteers, including:

  • attractive home page with community news layout
  • online program guide
  • improved community events calendar
  • improved e-newsletter with events and news
  • photo gallery
  • discussion forums
  • OSCA association and board documents
  • The OSCAR current and archived issues
  • dedicated section for Ottawa South History Project
  • sign up for OSCA membership
  • volunteer hall of fame
  • vastly improved administrator tools
  • lots of potential for much more

The OSCA board approved an annual honorarium for the webmaster, thereby providing an incentive to retain a qualified, committed individual to keep the website technology humming along and to ensure backups and security are properly attended to. Local resident Chris Solar accepted the position.

The Web/IT committee appointed Gwen Gall as web editor to manage all the online content. The web editor reviews, edits and approves submissions of articles, events and photos, and provides training to community members and OSCA board and volunteers on contributing.

On behalf of the OSCA board I would like to thank Chris, Gwen and the other Web/IT committee volunteers including Kathy Krywicki and James Hunter, for all their hard work in making the new website a reality. We would also like to thank outgoing long time webmaster Robert Burr, who served for 10 years.


AGM 2010: Treasurer's Report

Treasurer’s Report

for the Annual General Meeting

May 2010

  1. Balance Sheet for 2009

The consolidated balance sheet for the association as at the end of 2009 is shown below. The association is solvent and in a strong financial position, with over $600,000 in total assets as at the end of December 2010. Much of this amount has been committed to supporting the renovation of the Firehall, which is described in section C of this report.

Ottawa South Community Association

Balance Sheet


OSCA Firehall Fund OSCAR Total
Current Assets
Cash 170,482 241,640 44,534 456,657
Investments 149,974 0 9,242 159,216
Receivables 0 0 7,735 7,735
Current Assets (incl. receivables) 320,457 241,640 61,511 623,608
Total Capital Assets (net of depreciation) 4,273 0 2,948 7,221
TOTAL ASSETS 324,730 241,640 64,459 630,829
Prepaid program revenue 47,214 0 0 47,214
GST, payroll taxes owing 3,946 0 427 4,373
Ecos 7,182 0 0 7,182
OSWATCH 7,318 0 0 7,318
Friends of Library 15,000 0 0 15,000
Long Term Liabilities 0 0 0 0
TOTAL LIABILITY 80,660 0 427 81,087
Reserves for Firehall Redevelopment 85,860 241,640 30,000 357,500
General Reserves 158,210 0 34,032 192,242
TOTAL EQUITY 244,070 241,640 64,032 549,742
LIABILITIES AND EQUITY 324,730 241,640 64,460 630,829
  1. Income Statements

Income statements for OSCA, OSCAR and the Firehall Redevelopment Fund are shown below.

Ottawa South Community Association
Income Statement 2009
Programs 368,441
Special Events Revenue 11,287
Interest, grants, misc. revenue 21,861
Total Revenue 401,589
Instructor fees 84,635
Program supplies, transportation, other 57846
Payroll expense 112,208
Rent, office supplies, insurance, reg. fees, other 96,392
Special events 9,150
Total expenses 360,231
Surplus / (Deficit) 41,358.46

Income Statement 2009
Editor 15,400
Advertising Manager 10,253
Distribution Manager 2,750
Printing Charges 21,956
General & Admin. Expense 7,108

Firehall Redevelopment Fund
Income Statement 2009
Fund Raising Revenue 37,254
Interest Revenue 7,368

  1. Contribution to Firehall Renovation

    The association made a contribution of $357,500 to the City of Ottawa in March 2010 for the Firehall renovation, comprised of:

    • All of the Firehall Redevelopment Fund: $242,000
    • $30,000 from OSCAR reserves
    • $85,500 from OSCA’s reserves.
  1. Budget for 2010

    The Board of Directors adopted a break even budget for 2010 with $403,000 in revenues and slightly over $402,000 in expenses. These figures reflect the reduced level of program activity for the first half of 2010 until the renovated Firehall is available for use.

    Steve Mennill

    April 29, 2010


AGM 2010: Special Events Report

This year the Special Events Committee was challenged with running Special Events without a Community Centre as a base camp. We rose to the challenge and were pleased to host five events for the community.

The first event was in May. We held a FAREWELL TO THE FIREHALL event. We had an open party with live music, food, a memory diary and an art project. People were invited to participate in our community art project where we asked participants to add their handprints to a large canvas. This canvas will be displayed in our new community centre. Also on display will be the memory book which holds the Firehall memories of members of the community. We also had a large showing of original plans for the Firehall, historic references and photos of the various programs and events that had been held over the years. It was a wonderful way to pay respect to a building that has offered so much over the years and to remember our pasts while we prepare for our future.

The second event was a joint venture with the Business Association in September OOSBA held a variety of special events, including live music, street sales, demonstrations, face painting, etc. on Bank Street to coincide with the OSCA PORCH SALE. The Special Events Committee was pleased to participate by holding a BBQ and corn roast for the community. We hope this becomes an annual event. The OSCA Porch Sale is already such a great community event and this addition by OOSBA certainly complimented it in a lovely way. It is also a great way to make the event bigger and to encourage people from outside the neighbourhood to participate in the sale…just more ways to bring people in to Old Ottawa South to buy our junk….oops “treasures”.

Our third event was a return of the FALL FEST in October. Windsor Park was once again the site of a fabulous community fall celebration. Horse Drawn wagon rides, BBQ, games, raffles, pumpkin and bulb sales, local vendors and the return of the ever-popular Goat Bingo, brought out a record number of participants. This is an event that is well loved and most definitely a must have in our list of future events.

Our fourth event was a first time event for the Special Events Committee. In brainstorming for an event to take over the Song Cider and Sleigh Rides event, which could not be held due to lack of space, we came up with an idea for a Christmas movie event. The first annual OSCA CHRISTMAS MOVIES AT THE MAYFAIR was a huge success for OSCA. We held two movies for the community. In the afternoon a family favourite, Elf, and in the evening a classic, White Christmas. OOSBA was kind enough to join us in offering horse drawn wagon rides in between the two movies. This event was a gamble and we were lucky to have it so well received by the community. It is an event the Special Events Committee hopes to repeat, perhaps with some additions to make it an all day event for the season.

Our fifth event was the beloved WINTER CARNIVAL in February. Windsor Park was once again the home of this event, which featured wagon rides, live music, games, BBQ, raffles, local vendors and the annual best chili contests and Turkey Toss. This event is a classic…and you just don’t mess with the classics.

We are very excited to start making plans for the new year. There are many ideas in the air, and we will soon be making some of them concrete. We hope to add to the classic events with some new events such as dances in our new community centre, a summer event, and of course a GRAND REOPENING CELEBRATION. So keep your eye on the OSCAR for notice of future events.

As always, the Special Events Committee is very very welcoming of new members, volunteers, or ideas for future events. If you have any questions, ideas or interest in this committee please contact Deirdre McQuillan at osca@magma.ca or Brenda Lee care of osca@magma.ca.


AGM 2010: President's Report

This will be, I believe, my 8th annual report to the membership as President, which may be something of a record. On behalf of the current OSCA Board, I would like to welcome you to our Annual General Meeting and hope that you will find it an interesting event and time well spent.

Many good things have happened in our community this past year. Perhaps the most noticeable is the significant level of public investment in our community services that is taking place. With both the community centre and our public library branch undergoing extensive renovations, representing in total about $5 million in investment, we are seeing an unprecedented improvement in our community institutions. In addition, the City has launched the Sunnyside traffic study to look at ways to improve safety on one of the main connector streets in the community.

All of these developments are welcome and will make a significant contribution to improving the quality of life in Old Ottawa South. And I think it is safe to say that none of these things would have happened if it were not for the level of community activism we have shown in demanding improvements to our community infrastructure and actively fund raising towards that goal.

We are also seeing on Bank Street a retail community that is, despite the recession, making significant progress with the opening of a number of new retail operations, including a replacement for the Fresh Fruit store and a number of new speciality shops and eating places. The Mayfair Theatre also seems to be doing well and expanding beyond simply showing films to hosting literary and cultural events.

We have also managed as a community association to maintain a high level of community programming and community events, even though we have been operating in temporary facilities over the last year while our community centre is being renovated. Indeed, we have managed to keep our operating costs sufficiently under control so that, despite a more expensive operating structure necessitated by renting facilities, we have not suffered any of the financial losses that had been forecast. "We have been very fortunate in being able to access such wonderful facilities at Southminister United Church to run our programmes for the year we have been out of the Firehall. The quality of those facilities have played no small part in our ability to run an effective, and financially sustainable, suite of programs for the community during this year. I do want to thank the Church and its staff for being so accommodating and for being such great partners in this important community enterprise."

So we are starting off a new year in good financial shape and with major new facilities in the community opening up. The challenge we will face will be to capitalize on these opportunities to deliver more and better community programming for our residents. Now this is, for once, a good problem to have as rather than "making do" we can really expand our horizons and look at new kinds of programmes and potentially serve new groups in the community, while offering better quality programming to those we already serve. While the new community centre will offer expanded space, one of the big advantages of the newly renovated space will be the ability to run several programmes simultaneously and with better isolation of the programming rooms from one another, less chance that children's programming in one room will disturb adult programming in another. One of the big decisions we will need to make is whether to use the new basement multipurpose room as a dedicated exercise facility with machines that could offer fitness programmes to members. It will be a difficult decision weighing up alternative uses for the large space and assessing whether demand in the community will be sufficient to support the capital investment involved which will be well over $100,000.

I remain optimistic however about the outcome for programming in general at our new centre. All the experience with the renovation of city centre community facilities such as the Glebe Community Centre or the Plant Bath is that demand and interest goes up dramatically for local programming when these facilities are re-opened. So I think there is a very good chance that we will be faced with more demand than we imagined.

This also raises, however, another issue. As we grow as an organization and as the diversity of the roles we play expand, we will need to pay increasing attention to how we manage and govern ourselves as a community organization. I understand that the City will want us to enter into a more formal arrangement with them this coming year in terms of how we manage recreational programming at the community centre and what the respective roles of the City and OSCA will be in delivering those programmes and running the Centre more broadly. This will obviously prompt us as well to re-assess how we manage our internal affairs to ensure greater transparency and clarity in our operations. We have already done some work in defining more specifically what roles OSCA needs to change, what new roles it needs to take on and what things it needs to cease doing. We also need to rethink how we raise money for our non-recreational activities and indeed how we recruit members and volunteers. Nevertheless I am confident with the focus and commitment we have shown as a community in the past we will be up to these new challenges.

But there are clouds on the horizon. As I have outlined many times since last summer in my OSCAR column, the impacts on this community of the redevelopment of Lansdowne Park are likely to be very negative. The potential for consistent traffic congestion and the impact on our local merchants are major concerns. Council will review the project in June when critical studies on traffic and retail impacts will need to be carefully assessed. Unless there are significant changes to the scale and nature of the project I fear that the outcomes for us and the other surrounding communities near Lansdowne Park: the Glebe, Old Ottawa East and Centretown, will be very negative indeed.

The irony we face is that the very substantial progress we have made over the past few years in improving our community could be negated by an ill considered and inappropriate commercial development on one of the City's largest public spaces.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to serve as your President over the past year, but most importantly I want to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues on the Board for their dedicated service, particularly those who are leaving us this year: Lai-Ling Lee, Mohammad al-Assad, Jenny Heysom, Nerys Parry and Michael Loewen. I also want to thank the OSCA staff, especially our executive director, Deirdre McQuillan, for their dedicated service to the association and the community over the past year. Also a vote of thanks to our partners in the City's Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Branch and in particular our City centre staff, programme director Dinos Dafniotis and centre director Cathie Buchanan, without whom it would not be possible to deliver programming to you. And finally I would like to thank you, the residents of Old Ottawa South, for your support and participation over this very productive year.

Respectfully Submitted

Michael Jenkin

President, 2009-2010


AGM 2010: OSWatch Report

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A main priority we have worked on is institutionalizing OSWatch. We are emphasizing that a certain level of commitment is expected of members, not only through the regular attendance of meetings, but also through assuming one's fair share of the committee's responsibilities. Also, in order to adequately document OSWatch’s activities, we have kept minutes of each OSWatch monthly meeting (which takes place on the first Tuesday of every month). Moreover, for the sake of transparency and in order to provide the community with full access to such documentation, all meeting minutes have been placed on the OSCA web site. Guests of course also are welcome to attend OSWatch meetings and to make presentations to OSWatch or discuss with it matters of concern to them, but those who wish to become voting members will need to regularly attend meetings for a specified period of time. In addition, since the inauguration of the new OSCA web site, we have been announcing our meetings there.

OSWatch members Brian Tansey and Gary Shechtman have organized two meetings discussing developments along the OOS stretch of Bank Street. The meeting aims at achieving a better understanding of the pattern of development there and exploring ways through which the community may encourage a more vibrant retail environment and also increasing the number of upper-floor apartment units along this stretch of Bank Street. All of this would allow the community to become a more pedestrian-friendly one, make more services available within walking distance, and provide new housing options in OOS. One meeting was organized in October 2009 and the second in April 2010. Notes on both meetings are available on the OSWatch page of the OSCA web site.

OSWatch had requested from the City about two years ago to carry out a Community Design Plan (CDP) for OOS. We are still in queue for the CDP. While we are waiting for it, we recently have begun exploring the possibility of commissioning a smaller zoning / infill study. The study would particularly explore strategies and mechanisms for regulating the spread of infills in the neighborhood, particularly those that are eroding its pedestrian-friendly quality by developing housing units where the front façades are primarily overtaken by garage doors.

A good deal of our energies at OSWatch over the past year has concentrated on the proposed project for Lansdowne Park. In addition to our reservations about it as a sole-sourced project that will have negative financial impacts on the residents of the city, we also are concerned about the horribly disruptive effect it will have on traffic in the community. This will particularly be apparent along main thoroughfares such as Bank and Sunnyside, but will spill to affect numerous other streets. We have consulted regularly on the project with the OSCA board and have been active in our opposition to the project as presented. We have articulated our opposition at various meetings organized by the City. We also organized one community-wide meeting on Lansdowne. In addition, we have been coordinating positions on Lansdowne with other community organizations affected by the projects (and all opposed to it) as well as with wider-level organizations such as the Friends of Lansdowne and the Federation of Community Organizations. The upcoming City Council vote on the project is schedule for late June.

OSWatch co-chairs

Mohammad al-Asad and Brendan McCoy


AGM 2010: Friends of the Library Report

Final Year for Friends of the Sunnyside Library

Library users in the community can finally rest assured that their branch is here to stay. Not only will the Sunnyside Library maintain its landmark position in the neighbourhood, it will also offer patrons a new, improved and expanded space.

On June 5th, the Ottawa Public Library (OPL) announced its successful request for funding from the Infrastructure stimulus program. This grant will finance five capital projects in community branches in the Ottawa area, including a significant renovation of the Sunnyside Library. The $1,275,000 allocated for Sunnyside will be used to prolong the life and improve the function of the building, which opened in 1951 and was last renovated in 1985. Since the removal of visiting services and the bookmobile (relocated a few years ago to the new Greenboro Branch) much of the basement has been vacant or underutilized. The redevelopment of this space will allow for a new multipurpose room for both children and adults, a revitalization of the existing children's department, a retrofit of all washrooms, operational improvements to aid the flow of materials and a general refreshment of interior finishes and furnishings.

The work on the facility is well underway. Though asbestos removal has slowed the progress, we can still expect to have the branch up and running by the end of the summer. In the interim, the kiosk at Landsdowne has seen brisk business and will maintain library services until the renovation is complete.

When the branch reopens, both floors will feature customized paintings by local artists. Bhat Boy is currently working on a mural featuring the branch with its tangled garden. It is to be located on the main floor above the information desk. Crystal Beshara is planning a painting for the Children's department. The style of this piece will be similar to work from her recent book, When I Visit the Farm. These paintings have been commissioned by the Friends of the Sunnyside Library to commemorate the community's struggle to keep the branch open. However, the pay is extremely modest and the pieces can also be viewed as donations from the artists themselves. Thank you Bhat Boy and Crystal—we appreciate your gifts to the neighbourhood.

In addition to the new artwork, the Friends of Sunnyside will be donating funds for fixtures and furnishings, items not included in the existing budget. These details are still unfolding as the branch gets closer to its finished state and needs are being identified.

All in all, the past year has been amazingly fruitful. The committee's goals have been fully realized: our community will not only keep its library, but layers of investment in the branch will ensure that it will be here for many years to come.


AGM 2010: ECOS Report

OSCA AGM – May 4, 2010

ECOS focuses on a broad range of environmental issues and assists community residents in acting or undertaking projects to improve the health, natural environment and quality of life in our neighbourhood. ECOS contributes an environmental perspective on matters of general interest, and guides the Association in operating in an environmentally appropriate and responsible manner.

In 2008, the board adopted an environmental policy to clarify OSCA’s sustainable goals:

The Ottawa South Community Association is dedicated to being the "greenest" community association in Ottawa. To achieve this, we will:

  • support community initiatives that improve our natural spaces and/or reduce our impact on the environment,
  • provide environmental education and advocacy to the community, where required,
  • advocate for improvement and/or proper care of our natural spaces, like parks and along the river,
  • promote more sustainable development and transportation,
  • be a strong vocal supporter of environmentally sustainable practices in government, and
  • strive continually to improve our association's environmental performance.

In 2009, OSCA focused attention on green additions for the Firehall. Many thanks to Roger Peters and Michael Jenkins, who negotiated with the city and Green Power Corp to ensure that the new Firehall roof would be fit up to accommodate a potential solar energy demonstration project led by Roger Peters. ECOS also purchased equipment to help community volunteers better maintain the new trees planted along the river near Windsor Park in 2008.

Environmental activities initiated by community members remains strong. The annual Windsor Park cleanups continued in 2009 and 2010. Many thanks to the community members of the “Windsor Pups” and organizations responsible for organizing this activity. A new community group organized by Declan Hill and Noel Lomer also initiated several tree plantings. The first, in 2009, was between Bronson Avenue and Bronson Place, where more than 60 new trees were planted by volunteers. An additional tree planting took place on April 17th, 2010 and another is scheduled for May 2nd of the same year. This group is now working to protect the small area of wetland in this strip of land just near Bronson and Sunnyside. The wetland is one of the last patches of the historic Dow’s Lake marsh and is home to a dozen different birds’ nesting areas. Another community member, Lori Waller, is working to develop a community garden for OOS. Anyone interested members of the community can contact Lori through the OOS website.

The focus of next year’s ECOS committee will be determined by the new chair of Ecos, to be nominated by the new board. Recommendations from the outgoing chairs include continuing support of community led initiatives, completion of the Brewer master plan, and a possible 10-year review of the Millenium "Restore the Rideau" Project.

Chairs: Nerys Parry, Michael Loewen


AGM 2010: Agenda

OSCA Annual General Meeting

Tuesday, May 4, 2010, 7:00 pm

1. Welcome and Approval of Agenda


2. Approval of 2009 AGM Minutes

3. President's Report

4. Councillor Doucet's Report

5. Treasurer's Report

6. Committee Reports

7. Election of 2010/11 Board of Directors

8. Other Business

9. Adjournment

10. Wine and Cheese

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