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AGM Web Report 2009

Web/IT Committee Year End Report 2008/09

The year 2008/09 started quietly for the Web/IT cmt but has reached a
crescendo of activity as we roll in to a new year for the association.

For the first half of the year webmaster Robert Burr keeping core activities
running smoothly and new board member John Calvert helped out with specific
tasks. Routine updates to the
www.oldottawasouth.ca website continued apace
with Firehall Program Guides, link to the external e-registration site, The
OSCAR in PDF, and special features on the Firehall Renovation project.
Agendas, minutes, reports and policies of the board of directors, which had
fallen over 2 years out of date, were updated and published on a monthly
basis in advance of the regular board meetings.

The Events calendar continues to be very popular with 130 events registered
over the 12 months May 2008 to April 2009, with a mix of general interest,
musical and community association events. Nearly 600 people are registered
to receive the once a week events bulletin sent by email.

Some modest technical improvements were instituted including email
distribution aliases for the board and committees to simplify addressing of
group messages, and personal branded emails @oldottawasouth.ca were made
available. A new discussion forum was implemented on a trial basis, but it
was decided not to launch this in a big way pending a full review of the

Part way in to the 2008/09 year the board of directors mandated as one of
OSCA's top 5 priorities for the year a revamped website with improved
capabilities and fresh content. In December 2008 the Web/IT cmt was revived
with new members and a renewed sense of mission. Under John's leadership all
the content on the current website was reviewed and out of date or erroneous
material was removed. Thanks to board member Greg Strahl and community
member Kathy Krywicki for their assistance with this effort.

At the same time community member Chris Solar joined John and Rob on the
committee and work got underway to plan and research options for the
revamped website. Recently in April 2009 we have completed a technical
evaluation of Joomla and Drupal as replacement content management systems,
and given OSCA's tight finances during the Firehall closure for renovation,
we are recommending the lower cost solution, a volunteer driven
implementation of Joomla. We hope to implement this over the summer and
early fall 2009 to launch the revamped website in late fall 2009 or early
winter 2010. Credit to Chris for taking the lead on the technical side of
the website revamp.

A big thank you to our webmaster Robert Burr for his ongoing reliable
stewardship of the
www.oldottawasouth.ca site.

New members for the Web/IT cmt are welcome, especially with the major
project to revamp the website in Joomla, and to launch additional
capabilities which will require new volunteer investment, such as a periodic
electronic newsletter and community discussion forums.

John M. Calvert, Director
Chair, Web/IT Committee


AGM Treasurer's Report 2009

AGM, May 2009

  1. Balance Sheet for 2008

The consolidated balance sheet for the association as at the end of 2008 is shown below. The association is solvent and in a strong financial position, with over $500,000 in total assets. Much of this amount has been committed to supporting the renovation of the Firehall, which is described in section C of this report.

This board and previous boards have planned well and acted prudently, and have accumulated adequate surpluses that should be adequate to meet funding needs through the next twelve to eighteen months when much of the programming and activities will be disrupted by construction.

Ottawa South Community Association

Balance Sheet


OSCA OSCAR Firehall Fund Total
Current Assets
Cash 29,580 38,685 74,435.09 142,700
Investments 198,498 9,242 129,915.11 h337,655
Current Assets (incl. receivables) 2,236 6,451 8,687
Total Capital Assets (net of depreciation) 7,462 4,550 12,011
TOTAL ASSETS 237,776 58,927 204,350 501,053
GST, payroll taxes owing 2,177 604 0 2,780
Ecos 7,182 0 0 7,182
OSWATCH 7,856 0 0 7,856
Friends of Library 14,000 0 0 14,000
Long Term Liabilities 0 0 0 0
TOTAL LIABILITY 31,214 604 0 31,818
Reserves Designated for Firehall Redevelopment 122,650 30,000 204,350 357,000
General Reserves 76,439 27,186 0 103,625
Current Earnings 7,473 1,137 0 8,610
TOTAL EQUITY 206,562 58,323 204,350 469,235
LIABILITIES AND EQUITY 237,776 58,927 204,350 501,053
  1. Income Statements

Income statements for OSCA, OSCAR and the Firehall Redevelopment Fund are shown below. Please note that OSCAR shows September to December only, as its fiscal year was amended at the end of 2008 to match the fiscal year of OSCA.

Ottawa South Community Association
Income Statement January 1 to December 31, 2008
Programs 328,584
Special Events Revenue 5,140
Community Service Fees 82,146
Interest, grants, misc. revenue 17,420
Total Revenue 433,290
Instructor fees 136,645
Supplies, transportation, other 57,304
Payroll expense 105,378
Office supplies, insurance, other 111,647
Special events 14,842
Total expenses 425,816
Surplus / (Deficit) 7,474

Income Statement Sep 1 to Dec 31, 08

Total Sales Revenue 20,445
Editor 5,000
Advertising Manager 3,115
Distribution Manager 750
Printing Charges 6,956
Total General & Admin. Expense 3,487

Firehall Redevelopment Fund
Income Statement 2008

Fund Raising Revenue 2,683
Savour the Flavour 2008 9,901
Expenses re Savour the Flavour 2008 4,437
Other expenses 471
  1. Contribution to Firehall Renovation

    To date the association has committed the following amounts to the City of Ottawa for the Firehall renovation:

    • All of the Firehall Redevelopment Fund: $204,350 as at Dec. 31,
    • An amount from the association’s main reserves to top-up the total contribution to $357,000. As of December 31, this amount was $30,000 from OSCAR and $122,650 from the association’s general reserves. This amount will decrease as more funds are raised through the Firehall Redevelopment Fund

    That leaves a planned balance of just under $95,000 in general reserves at the end of 2008. The board is anticipating that some of this amount will be necessary to fund a future operating deficit for 2010 (as the construction is expected to continue until approximately June 2010).

    Steve Mennill


    April 29, 2009


AGM Special Events Report 2009



 AGM Report 2009


Thanks to all OSCA VOLUNTEERS who helped to make OSCA’s special events so wonderful.

Last year’s events:

- 30th ANNIVERSARY PARTY IN BREWER PARK June, 2008 - a blowout party the likes of which Old Ottawa South has not seen. This all day event at Brewer Park featured various neighbourhood vendors selling a variety of foods, all day music, exhibitions by many firehall programs, giant bouncy castles, hot air balloon rides, cotton candy, the Cow Guys, Tony D, Another round, a beer tent and many ongoing games for the family. A huge event made possible by the many volunteers and sponsors. Thanks to all.

- PORCH SALE September, 2008 - not ideal weather, but brave folks both sold and bought. Thanks to those who gave OSCA 10% of their take.


What a great night that was - food was amazing, music was wonderful - so good we had to make room for dancing - and the auction items were terrific - thanks to all who make this one of the best nights in OOS - the volunteers, the chefs, the businesses who donated auction items. Everyone had a good time and funds were raised for the Firehall Fund.

- SONGS, CIDER & SLEIGH RIDE December, 2008- No snow but its always fun to sing your way on a sleigh ride through the neighbourhood.

- WINTER CARNIVAL February, 2009 -The Winter Carnival at Windsor Park was a great success. Approximately 300 people participated in games, the infamous turkey toss, chilli conests, sleigh rides, raffles, while partaking in the free hotdogs, coffee and hot chocolate. May thanks to our sponsors Tracy Arnett, Starbucks, Kalidoscope Kids Books, Colleen Forer, Life of Pie, Quinn’s Ale House, Grace in the Kitchen, Mountain Equipment Co-op and Domus Café.

Special Events is an exciting group that offers a variety of ways to become involved in your community. We are always looking for new members on the committee, but if that is too time consumig why not volunteer to help run one event, or volunteer a few hours of your time for an event that interests you. We are open to new ideas - have an event that you think OOS needs - give us a call.

TO VOLUNTEER - call Deirdre McQuillan at 613-247-4872 or email OSCA at: OSCA@oldottawasouth.ca


AGM Renovation Report 2009

Renovation Committee Report

This will likely be the last annual report from the Renovation Committee as its work is essentially complete.

The Renovation Committee has been in existence, in one form or another, since 1999, coincident with the establishment by OSCA of the Old Firehall Renovation Fund, a charitable organization registered with the Canada Revenue Agency to raise funds for the renovation and expansion of the Firehall.

At about that time a working committee was established with volunteer architects who first put together preliminary plans for the renovation with the help of a community charette. The plans were used for fund raising events and an architect's model was made with the help of students from the Carleton University Architecture School.

The Committee held a large number of funding raising events over the years, the most successful being the well known Lobster Suppers and Auctions held at Hopewell School. Subsequently last year these were succeeded by the "Savour the Flavour" dinners held at the Firehall organized by the Special Events Committee.

In 2004 the Committee decided to hold a design competition among local architectural firms to produce a comprehensive design plan including proposals for energy efficient, sustainable design features. The winning partnership of Jim Colizza and John Donkin with the help of environmental consultants produced a design with input from the Committee and from two public meetings. The designs were released in the spring of 2006 at which point the province of Ontario announced its support for the design by providing $200,000 to assist with the costs of producing a final, costed design meeting City of Ottawa standards.

The City accepted the provincial funding and a tender competition for architectural services was held in late 2007. The winning company was CSV Architects, a local Ottawa firm that has experience with designing community facilities and with LEED certified environmental projects. The chief architect on the project is Anthony Leaning.

Events over the Last Year

Over the first half of 2008 the Committee, City officials and the architects developed a new set of designs for presentation to the community. A public meeting on three potential design options was held on June 23 at the Firehall and a further public meeting was held on September 8, 2008, also at the Firehall, to get comments on the final design proposal. Based on the comments received, the Committee and City officials further revised the design and started the process of developing detailed costings for the renovation.

A short but intense period of lobbying by the committee and other Board members took place in the late autumn of 2008, including contacts with City officials and Councillors, the preparation of presentations and a video, and speeches and presentations before City Council’s 2008 Budget hearings. Happily, the renovation project was approved as part of the City’s 2009 capital budget in December 2008 with the City providing $2.9 million towards the cost of the $3.4 million renovation and expansion, the remainder coming from the community and the province.

It is expected that the construction tender will be let in mid-May and construction will start at the end of June 2009 and take the best part of a year to complete. Hopefully we will be back in the newly renovated Firehall in June 2010.

In the interim the Committee will remain in existence as a liaison with the City in case design changes are required during the construction phase of the project.

I would like to thank the Committee members and other in the community who contributed to a very successful conclusion to the Committee’s work.

Members of the Renovation Committee during 2008-2009 were:

  • Michael Jenkin (chair)
  • David Law
  • Brendan McCoy
  • Steve Mennill
  • Nerys Parry
  • Patti Ryan
  • Anna Sundin
  • Deirdre McQuillan (ex officio)

Respectfully submitted,
Michael Jenkin
1 May 2009


AGM Program Report 2009

Report of OSCA Program Committee

2009 – Anna Sundin, Chair

We did it……….we actually did it……….we got the $2.9 million from City Council to renovate and expand the Firehall. That was the highlight of 2008. We then had to find alternate accommodation during construction and we did at Southminster Church plus additional space at Hopewell PS. We are moving mid June for 9 to 12 months. We hope to be able to offer almost the same programs we offer here at the Firehall. So please continue to support programming at your local community centre. We are looking forward to opening up in our new space for the summer of 2010 – we know you will love the new spaces there.

Another big change last year was that our Program Coordinator, Dinos Dafniotis exchanged places for one year with Regis Alcorn from Glebe CC. Regis is doing a wonderful job and we will miss her when she goes back to Glebe.

THIS NEEDS UPDATING by Regis who is on a course today

Highlights for this past year include:

    • New Adult Fitness courses have proven to be very popular. Both our Yoga and Pilates classes are very well attended and we look forward to developing Adult Fitness even more in a new building.
    • Summer camps – had our greatest number of children ever which stretched our resources – we really need that new building!
    • We continue to use Hopewell Gym, but would really love to have it for Saturday classe

Volunteer roles

The OSCA Program Committee (OPC) is a fun and creative group of community members who have committed to help funnel community feedback and to suggest new program initiatives to Staff. This year the Committee was expanded and re-shaped to create focused volunteer positions. We can always really use more members, either at large or looking for helping out with one particular area- for example we really need someone with a marketing background. The committee is always looking for your input. It can be sent either to osca@oldottawasouth.ca or by phone to the staff or just ask at the office for contact info for a committee member if you want to chat.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege serving the community. Here’s to a great new year!

So please contact us at 613-247-4946 or email OSCA@oldottawasouth.ca.


AGM OSWatch Report 2009

Ottawa South Community Association AGM – May 5, 2009

We became co-chairs of OSWATCH in early March and therefore are still in the early stages of our tenure and still need some time before we are able to achieve full momentum in carrying out this task.

We take on our positions following the approval of the Shoppers Drugmart, which has been one of the more controversial episodes in the history of development in the Ottawa South neighborhood. The project has caused considerable tension and division among various stakeholders in the community. This episode is behind us, but still very much defines challenges that OSWATCH needs to address in the future. Projects of a similar nature will appear over the coming years, and we accordingly will be working on developing adequate methodologies for addressing such developments that are clear and transparent, and that allow various stakeholders to fully present their positions to the community. We are fully aware that there will always be strong differences in positions regarding such matters, which is expected and is a healthy expression of the diversity of opinions that exist in any community. We however will work on institutionalizing processes through which various stakeholders are able to articulate their positions to the community when the need arises and also will work on creating a forum through which these various positions are presented and exchanged in a manner that is fair to all involved.

A main priority we are working on at this stage is developing OSWATCH's membership. We have been communicating with previous members to inquire as to who of them wish to continue with OSWATCH and also are working on identifying new members. We are emphasizing that a certain level of commitment is expected of members, not only through the regular attendance of meetings, but also through assuming one's fair share of the committee's responsibilities. For those who wish to remain informed of OSWATCH's work but do not have the time to participate as members, we are proposing to place a report following each OSWATCH meeting on the OSCA web site that would be accessible to the public and would provide the needed information to those interested in the latest issues that OSWATCH is addressing. Guests of course also are welcome to attend OSWATCH meetings and also to make presentations to OSWATCH or discuss with it matters of concern to them, but those who wish to become voting members will need to regularly attend meetings for a specified period of time.

A sub committee of OSWATCH has been examining the Community Development Plan process. This is in response to recent developments, and the expressed concern of community members. While the OSCA Board asked for a CDP to be done as early as a year ago, we have been informed by Councillor Doucet that there is an enormous demand for this from communities across the city, and we will likely not get one done soon. Also, the usefulness of a CDP in controlling development has been put into question. How OSWATCH should approach this is a question we shall examine in the coming year.

In addition to following up on the regular tasks that OSWATCH has been taking on, and that are well-defined in its mandate statement of 2001, we would like to build on the accomplishments of previous OSWATCH chairs, Leo Doyle and Kevin Harper, who brought considerable knowledge and expertise to OSWATCH. We also hope to use the committee's monthly meetings as a means of reaching out to the community and also becoming better informed on development issues. We therefore hope to hold some of our regular meetings as roundtable discussions with people whose line of work or expertise may be of direct relevance to development in OOS. These may be City officials, developers, as well as planning experts, among others. If the time allows, we also hope that OSWATCH members would rotate in making regular contributions to The OSCAR on issues relating to OSWATCH's work.

Mohammad al-Asad

Brendan McCoy



AGM Minutes 2009-05-05


Tuesday, May 5, 2009



  • Welcome and Approval of Agenda
  • Approval of 2008 AGM Minutes
  • President's Report
  • Councillor Doucet's Report
  • Treasurer's Report
  • Committee Reports
  • Election of 2008/09 OSCA Board of Directors
  • Other business
  • Adjournment of AGM
  • Wine & Cheese Reception and viewing of Ottawa South History Project's photographs of OOS.

1. Welcome and approval of Agenda

Michael Jenkin welcomed people to the Annual General Meeting and suggested members identify themselves and check they are in good standing and are eligible to vote.

MOTION: proposed by Greg Strahl and seconded by Jenny Haysom that the Agenda be accepted with the addition of Item 2a Volunteer Awards.


2. Approval of 2008 AGM Minutes

MOTION: proposed by Hans Ruprecht and seconded by Valerie MacIntosh the2008 AGM Minutes be accepted.


2a. Volunteer Awards

OSCA has agreed to give two outstanding lifetime volunteer awards to David Bouse and Gary Lum. John Calvert presented David Bouse's award to his family.

3. President's Report

Michael Jenkin highlighted aspects of his written report. Most importantly the Firehall is going to be renovated. The attractive, green community centre will preserve a heritage building and allow the community to provide more programming.

Shoppers Drug Mart was a controversial and difficult debate. Infill can be done well with help from the city. Infill can be a benefit if it is done well.

OSCA will be running programs at Southminster United Church during the renovation which is slated to last from 9 to 12 months. There will be extra costs but these have been budgeted for.

As OSCA becomes more complex and large we need to pay more attention to governance issues.

Development of Lansdowne Park may be a challenge and threat to the community.

Thanks to retiring board members Patti Ryan, Valerie MacIntosh, Kevin Harper and Lisa Drouillard

Thanks to OSCA and City staff, Cathie Buchanan, Regis Alcorn and Deirdre McQuillan.

Stephen Haines, a board member, died this year. He was a distinctive individual who always held firm opinions. He will be sorely missed.

Michael thanked everyone for the privilege of serving on the OSCA Board as President.

  1. Councillor Doucet's Report

Clive had a session with Peter Victor on “Managing Without Growth”. Ottawa needs to operate in a more sustainable way. An example of this is the light rail project.

Clive is still supporting a pedestrian bridge over the canal at 5th Avenue - it has the support of all groups except the NCC and is in the pedestrian plan.

There will be a movement to stop Lansdowne Live and create a people's plan for Lansdowne.

Clive did not insist councillors reveal who supported their campaigns because it would alienate too many people.

5. Treasurer's Report

The report was presented by Jim Steel for OSCA's 3 accounts, OSCA, Firehall Fund and OSCAR.

This is the first full year we have used our new January to December calendar year.

MOTION: proposed by Nerys Parry and seconded by Leo Doyle that the year end Income Statement and Balance Sheet for the year ended December 31, 2008 be approved.


6. Committee Reports

Program Committee:

Chair Anna Sundin gave the report. Programs will move to Southminster United and Hopewell PS gyms during renovation. Adult fitness registration is up.


Special Events Committee:

Michael Jenkin gave the report.

There were many great events last year including the OSCA 30th Anniversary Party in Brewer Park. Other events included Savour the Flavour Spanish Night, Farewell to the Firehall, House Tour and OOS River Run.

OSWATCH Committee:

Mohammad al-Asad and Brendan McCoy are the new chairs and they will be renewing the committee.

Sunnyside Safety Audit - still pending but the City has not allocated staff.

National Capital Commission studying 3 crossing points but unfortunately not the 3 most busy ones. OSCA President, Michael Jenkin, wrote 3 letters to the NCC but has been ignored - a report will be issued by NCC.

David Law thanked all who have and do serve on OSWATCH

Clive Doucet pointed out that the Bronson Safety Audit is done and available.

Renovation Committee

Michael Jenkin gave the report. This committee worked throughout the summer to get possible designs and had an open house to chose one design. They then lobbied Council and got the funding. Details of the design were finalized and construction is scheduled to start in June.


The editor, Mary Anne Thompson gave the report. The OSCAR is going well and Mary Anne thanked all the volunteers who help create and deliver the paper.

Web/IT Committee

John Calvert gave the report. He thanked Robert Burr for core activities and Chris Solar for his work on revamping the website and IT features. The committee has plans to expand options and capabilities of the website.


Co-Chair Michael Loewen gave the report.

In 2008 the OSCA Board adopted an environmental policy

ECOS members worked to green the Firehall design with some success and will now look at putting Photo Voltaic panels on the Firehall roof.

Membership Committee

David Law gave the report. The board saw membership declining and changed rules to a free lifetime membership. There was a membership outreach and membership now at about 400.

Friends of Sunnyside Library Committee

Jenny Haysom gave the report.

There is $500,000 to split between Sunnyside/Cumberland branches but more money is needed so there will be fundraisers. They are planning a Meet the Author fundraiser at the Glebe Community Centre.

Nomination Committee

Four people have retired from the board. Although there were sufficient people interested in joining the 2009/10 board, only those with OSCA memberships of 3 months or longer are eligible.

7. Election of 2008/09 OSCA Board of Directors

The following was the slate of nominees for election to the board. (* denotes new member)

Mohammad al-Asad

John Calvert

Michael Dobbin

Jenny Haysom

Michael Jenkin

David Law

Brenda Lee

Michael Loewen

*Donna Lordon

Brendan McCoy

Steve Mennill

Geoff Murphy

Nerys Parry

Patti Ryan

Jim Steel

Greg Strahl

Anna Sundin

MOTION: proposed by Valerie MacIntosh and seconded by Brenda Lee that the nominations be closed and the slate put to a vote.


The slate of candidates was elected

10. Other Business Adjournment/Reception

MOTION: proposed by Michael Loewen and seconded by Geoff Murphy that the OSCA AGM be adjourned.



AGM ECOS Report 2009

ECOS Report to the Board

May, 5, 2009

ECOS focuses on a broad range of environmental issues and assists community residents in acting or undertaking projects to improve the health, natural environment and quality of life in our neighbourhood. ECOS contributes an environmental perspective on matters of general interest, and guides the Association in operating in an environmentally appropriate and responsible manner.

In 2008, the board adopted an environmental policy to clarify OSCA’s sustainable goals:

The Ottawa South Community Association is dedicated to being the "greenest" community association in Ottawa. To achieve this, we will:

  • support community initiatives that improve our natural spaces and/or reduce our impact on the environment,
  • provide environmental education and advocacy to the community, where required,
  • advocate for improvement and/or proper care of our natural spaces, like parks and along the river,
  • promote more sustainable development and transportation,
  • be a strong vocal supporter of environmentally sustainable practices in government, and
  • strive continually to improve our association's environmental performance.

Most of the focus this year has been on greening the new Firehall redevelopment. Thanks to the help of the redevelopment committee, and Patti Ryan in particular, as well as our city partners and CVS architects, we have a design that not only meets programming needs, but achieves many environmental targets as well, not the least of which is a reduction in water usage and more efficient energy use.

In the coming year, we will be turning our attention to other green additions for the Firehall. Many thanks to Mike Lascell, Cate Soroczan, and CVS architects, who helped us try for a rainwater harvesting system. Even though the project proved unfeasible, we thank everyone for their efforts, including many who have committed their fundraising dollars to further green initiatives. We are now considering the feasibility of installing photovoltaics on the new Firehall roof, in the hope that we may be able to take care of the changes brought about by the province’s new energy bill. This development is being led by Roger Peters, who is also working hard on another project we hope to start next year, the neighbour-to-neighbour energy audit program, where neighbours and residents can request an energy audit of their homes to help them better reduce their energy consumption.

In 2008, we also successfully launched the inaugural (and hopefully annual) Living Lightly Showcase with ‘Be the Change’ advocate David Chernushenko. Many thanks to his excellent and enlightening project, and for the wonderful support from the community. Windsor Park Tree Planting was another great success, and many thanks to Gary Lum, who has weed whacked around our seedlings to ensure that they thrive.

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