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AGM Minutes 2007-11-06

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007



Welcome and Approval of Agenda

Approval of 2006 Minutes

President's Report

Councillor Doucet's Report

Treasurer's Report

Committee Reports


Election of 2007/08 OSCA Board of Directors

Other business

Adjournment of AGM

Wine & Cheese Reception

1. Welcome and approval of Agenda

Michael Jenkin welcomed people to the Annual General Meeting including Grant Peart, the City's project manager for the Firehall renovation, Councillor Clive Doucet and our MP Paul Dewar. .

MOTION: proposed by Stephen Haines and seconded by Lisa Drouillard that the Agenda be accepted.


2. Approval of 2006 Minutes

MOTION: proposed by Lisa Drouillard and seconded by Patti Ryan the Minutes be accepted.


3. President's Report (written report attached)

  • Michael Jenkin said the highlight last year was getting a $200,000 grant to the City of Ottawa to fund the soft costs for the design of the renovation and expansion of the Firehall
  • Our major fundraiser last year was Savour the favour which raised $15,000 for the renovation fund
  • OSCA held a strategic planning exercise for the first time last year. The five key stragegic objectives were:
    • Buinding our volunteer base
    • Building partnerships with groups in the community and city
    • Making green practices a key part of our operations and goals
    • Supporting our local businesses
    • Renovating the firehall


- January, 2008 marks the 30th Anniversary of the Olt Ottawa South Community Centre and our partnership with the City of Ottawa in running community programming at the Firehall.

Thanks to Board members and OSCA volunteers who gave selflessly of their time and worked diligently to help make this community a better place to live. In particular thanks to those board members who are leaving this year: Ken Slemko, Pierre Gravel, Paul Paquet, Doug Mouser and Mike Lascelles.

MOTION: proposed by David Law and seconded by Valerie MacIntosh that the Ottawa South Community Association Annual General Meeting give special recognition and thanks to our friend, neighbour and colleague Mike Lascelles, for his many years of service to our community. MOTION CARRIED

Last, but not least, I would like to thank our Executive Director, Deirdre McQuillan who keeps us on track and is an indispensable source of expertise and hard work in support of our association. Thanks too to City staff, Cathie Buchanan and Dinos Dafniotis. It has been an honour to serve as President this year.

4. Councillor Doucet's Report

  • the long promised kiosks on Bank Street will be installed
  • renovation of the Firehall is proceeding
  • Lansdowne Park redo in the works
  • Front yard parking policy due soon
  • Clive would like to see a bridge over the canal from Clegg street
  • City is investing in quieter buses which should reduce the noise on Bank Street


5. Treasurer's Report (written report attached)

Steve Mennill gave the Report.

OSCA - fiscal year ended in a surplus of $40,985 consisting mostly of program revenues. Total assets were $201,885.

Firehall Redevelopment Fund - raised a total of $27,290 from donations and $6,559 from the fundraising dinner. Total equity in the fund was $181,602.

OSCAR had advertising revenues of $62,578 and expenses of $55,626 for a net income of $6,952. Accumulated surpluses total $48,515.

Thanks to Jim Steel, Mike Lascelles and Ed Keyes for participating on the Finance committee and Michael Jenkin for his support and guidance. Thanks also to Brendan McCoy for reviewing and signing several thousand cheques throughout the year.

MOTION: proposed by Kevin Harper and seconded by Jim Steel that the year end Income Statement and Balance Sheet be approved.


6. Committee Reports

  • Program Committee:

We went ONLINE for registration on September 10, 2006 and its been wonderful - both staff and clients love it.

Highlights of the past year:

  • New Adult Fitness courses have proven to be very popular. Both our Yoga and Pilates are very well attended.
  • Summer camps - had our greatest number of children ever which stretched our resources - we really need that new building
  • We continue to use Hopewell Gym, but would really love to have it for Saturday classes.


Thanks to all those who volunteered on the program committee.


Special Events Committee:

This committee hosted the following events in the last year:

- The Porch Sale - September 9

- Song, Cider and Sleigh Ride - December 13

- Winter Carnival - February 4

  • Concert and BBQ in Brewer Park in June 21


OSWATCH Committee: (written report attached)

Kevin Harper gave the report:

  • no major development application last year. The Campanale condominium has opened to commercial tenants and residents will take possession of their units in the new year
  • the committee continues to provide input to area transportation projects and to advocate for traffic safety improvements that recognize the needs of pedestrians and cyclists as well as drivers. Such projects include the rehabilitation of Bank Street from Billings Bridge south to Walkley Road.
  • Within OOS, OSWATCH will be working with Councillor Doucet's office, City Staff and OSCA Board to ensure that the Area Traffic Management study for the neighbourhood is funded and completed in 2008.
  • Hope to do a Community Design Plan (CDP) for the neighbourhood.


Thanks to committee members, Leo Doyle, Brendan McCoy, Cathryn Bjerkelund, Dianne Caldbick, Brian Tansey, Missy Fraser, John Donkin, Don Cummer, Paul Paquet and Jason Parry.


Redevelopment Committee

We now have to firm up our business case for the Firehall. And OSCA will continue to lobby the city to act. Thanks to all those who worked so hard this year. We need to continue fundraising.

Fundraising Committee for the Redevelopment of the Firehall

  • total assets of the funs are $149.324, net income for the year $23,051
  • the Lobster Supper committee is now defunct, but it hoped that a new fundraising event will be done.



The editor, Mary Anne Thompson, would like to thank the following:

  • the advertisers
  • - the contributors - writers and photographers
  • staff - distributor, the adversiting manager and the book-keeper.
  • The printer
  • The volunteer distributors
  • The readers



  • has been involved with other community associations in developing similar environment-conscious action groups such as Sustainable Living, Ottawa East (SLOE).
  • Helped to restore the Scout Bridge at Brewer Park
  • Plans for next year include participating in tree-plantings in Windsor and Brewer Parks, 'greening' of Sunnyside Avenue west of Bank Street will be addressed and setting of environmentally sustainable conditions in the renovation of the Firehall.

Thanks to Pansy Avenue Festival who made a contribution to ECOS.

Nomination Committee

There were 5 members of the OSCA Board who resigned. The committee focussed on the following issues in identifying prospective candidates:

  • should be eligible for OSCA membership
  • should have demonstrated talent and commitment to the community
  • female candidates would be preferred in order to address a gender imbalance on the current board
  • candidates from east of Bank Street would be preferred to address a current geographic imbalance. Five new candidates were found.


7. Election of 2006/07 OSCA Board of Directors

The following was the slate of nominees for election to the board. (* denotes new member)*Michael Dobbin

Lisa Drouillard

Pierre Gratton

Stephen Haines

Kevin Harper

*Jenny Haysom

Gayatri Jayaraman

Michael Jenkin

David Law

Michael Loewen

Brendan McCoy

Valerie MacIntosh

*Kendall McQueen

Steve Mennill

Jason Parry

*Nerys Parry

Patti Ryan

Jim Steel

Greg Strahl

*Anna SundinThe slate of candidates was elected

  1. Market at Lansdowne Park

MOTION: proposed by Peter Hecht and seconded by Pierre Gratton that the OSCA AGM supports the Ottawa Farmers Market request to stay at Lansdowne Park for three more years.



  1. Renovated/Expanded Firehall - spatial requirements(Report attached)

The proposal is to renovate and expand the existing 6,400 sq. ft Ottawa South Community Centre. The expansion is proposed to provide a two-storey building, taking advantage of the variable elevation of the site.

General Attributes:

  • sufficient electrical and data outlets and circuits
  • adequate storage for every room
  • durable, easily cleaned surfaces
  • natural light
  • recessed and task lighting
  • rough-in wiring for sound system and cable TV
  • closed display cases and cork board on walls for art/craft/pottery made in centre
  • conscious consideration given to making the entire renovation as environmentally friendly as possible, from mechanical design and construction through to building materials and interior decorating choices.


There will be many opportunities for public review of plans.

10. Other Business Adjournment/Reception

Michael Jenkin adjourned the Annual General Meeting

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