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Senior Watch Old Ottawa South Minutes of 16 December 2021 meeting on Zoom

   Present:   Barbara Brown, Anna Cuylits (chair), Patricia Eakins, Maura Giuliani (minutes), Peter Heyck, Terrance Hunsley (co-chair) Guests: Christine Franklin, Fran Mowbray,  Peter Wells

Agenda items:

  1. Agenda: approved with addition of an item from Peter Wells on winter walkability
  2. November minutes: approved
  3. Items for updates:
    • Status of Health and Housing files – The Health Hub Strategy is being redrafted and will be sent out by year-end.  The possibility of an Abbeyfield component in one of the Riverside/Bank St developments is still being explored, with the Kitchener model in mind.  Terry is drafting an article for the February OSCAR, outlining the project and looking for volunteers with an interest in carrying it forward.
    • Developing SWOOS electronic component and presence -- Pat reported that this is still in process, both the use of Google Drive by members and the identification of resources needed from OSCA to enhance our web page
    • Future collaboration with Carleton U – Peter reported on meeting (with Anna) with Chantal Trudel (Professor at Carleton School of Industrial Design and Director of their Centre for Community Engagement).  Her group is also collaborating with NRC’s Aging in Place program and is interested in working with SWOOS on an Abbeyfield model in our community. There was also discussion of a committee or subcommittee at city hall to collaborate with post-secondary institutions
    • Ottawa U/St Paul project  – Anna, Pat, Maura and Pat Goyeche (Coordinator of Community Programs at Abbotsford House) met with Julie Chateauvert (lead teacher on project) and Amelie (administrator) at their physical base in St. Paul’s.  There was discussion of “Caredove” as a model for information management, and agreement that Julie would arrange a project update in the new year.
  4. Future SWOOS articles:  Snow Moles (Anna) in January / Abbeyfield (Terry) in February
  5. Peter Wells suggested that we could achieve walkability reporting by providing observations on specific streets to an individual who would post info on the web.  i.e., one person would type in text that seniors could access with minimal technology. 

Christine caught us up on some of her iGen projects and the delights of working remotely.

Next meeting:  Thursday, 13 January 2022

Senior Watch Old Ottawa South Minutes of 23 November 2021 meeting on Zoom

Present: Barbara Brown, Anna Cuylits (chair), Patricia Eakins, Maura Giuliani (minutes), Peter Heyck, Terrance Hunsley (co-chair), Carolyn Inch

Agenda items:

  1. Agenda: Agenda approved
  2. Minutes: October minutes approved
  3. Items for updates & discussion
    • SWOOS Work Plan revisited – This was discussed at length at our last meeting. Terry reminded us of the history behind the WP and that we are not required to bring it to the Board (although any application for outside funds would have to go through OSCA). It remains an internal document (Barbara was not comfortable with the WP being shared with outside elements without OSCA approval), subject to revision as necessary. Pat suggested that an executive summary might be useful for outside use and Terry will work on that. In the meantime, the projects at Bank & Riverside are going ahead, and the developer expressed interest in an Abbeyfield development.
    • Health file – The Health Hub Strategy is being modified by Anna to be briefer. They will contact potential volunteers to thank the for their interest, explore resources and sign them up for projects. Anna reported that her efforts to contact Home & Community Care Support Services (HCCSS, previously LHIN) have been frustrating. It appears that OOS is not covered by the Southeast Ottawa Community Health Ctr as previously hoped.
    • o Developing SWOOS electronic component and presence

Pat walked us through the structure of the Google Drive she has created, sharing the screen to illustrate it. This will be a valuable archive and editing/communications tool.

    • NRC project – Peter reported that this project is frozen until the new year, but he is exploring a project with Dr. Kao of Carleton for monitoring senior mobility and memory through sensors in the home.
    • Ottawa U/St Paul project – the meeting scheduled for tomorrow has been postponed.
  1. Future SWOOS articles

Snow Moles (Anna) in December

  1. Next meeting: Tuesday, December 14, in person at the Firehall.

Senior Watch Old Ottawa South Minutes of 29 September 2021 meeting on Zoom

Present:   Barbara Brown, Anna Cuylits (co-chair), Sian Fitzgerald, Maura Giuliani (minutes), Peter Heyck, Terence Hunsley (co-chair), Carolyn Inch

Agenda items:

  1. Agenda:   Agenda approved
  2. Minutes:  Minutes approved
  3. Items for updates & discussion
    • Health – Carolyn reported that Restore Med Clinic is looking for a nurse practitioner and that many in OOS and beyond were still looking for doctors.  She will try to meet with the RMC head – it seems possible that they don’t have doctors yet. Terry suggested going back to respondents who had expressed interest in health care strategy and Carolyne will pursue this. Anna and Barbara to coordinate with her.
    • Housing – Terry has been in contact with the developers on Riverside and Bank (who have both expressed interest in providing housing for seniors). He noted that if there is a desire to engage with these developers, we need to decide what we want them to do
    • Community Pillars for Seniors – Anna reported that there was good attendance by the churches, OSCA, the library, Abbotsford and our Councillor’s office but not by retirement homes.  She did not write an article for the September OSCAR but will for November.
    • NRC project – Peter reported that NRC is looking to provide seed funding to promising high tech projects to enable seniors to age in place.  This is a long-term program before there is any selection for funding.
    • Ottawa U – Carolyn, Anna and Terry met with Professor Julie Chateauvert from Ottawa U, who is interested in helping to identify resources for seniors in OOS.  We are expected to provide a letter by Oct 8 outlining objectives for the project.  Anna and Maura will meet on Saturday with Julie to clarify what should be in the letter.
  4. SWOOS work plan

The objective of this document is to get approval from the OSCA Board for work over the next few years.  Terry sees SWOOS as composed of a steering committee and subgroups for specific projects (each project could have a rep on the steering committee).  Discussion followed re possible scope of SWOOS work in the future, touching on constraints and resources.  Members were invited to consider and comment on Terry’s work plan at the next meeting.

  1. Next meeting:  Tuesday, October 26 on Zoom
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