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Board Minutes 2017-02-21

OSCA Board Meeting minutes

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

7:30 pm. The Firehall

In Attendance: Lizane Castonguay, Kate Charland, Pamela Dakers, Ahmed Elsayed, Christine Franklin, Nick Galletti, Linda Hancock, Matt Hart, Michael Jenkin, Janet Jull, Dana Levac, Evan Pilkington, Michaela Tokarski, Brian Ure.

Regrets: Lise Beutel, Kelly Campbell, Jacqueline Littlewood, Steve Mennill, Erik Van der Torre.

Guests: Brendan McCoy (OSCAR editor), Christy Savage (OSCA Executive Director)

  1. Welcome
  2. Approval of Agenda
    Motion to approve the agenda. Proposed by Michaela Tokarski, seconded by  Lisane
    All in favour. Motion passed with the no changes:

  3. Approval of Minutes of January 2017
    Motion to approve the minutes of January 2017                                   
    Proposed by Michael Jenkin, seconded by Christine Franklin
    All in favour. Motion passed with no changes:

  4. Councillor’s report - Ian Grabina
    Public meetings
    “Brewer Park re-imagined” will be held on March 23rd. All are welcome. Please come prepared to give some general ideas.

    The City of Ottawa will be holding a public information session on road renewal in the north west portion of Old Ottawa South where the existing watermain, sanitary sewer and road infrastructure is in need of replacement/upgrading. The information session will be held on Wednesday March 29th.

    Southminster Church will soon begin consultation for its renovation. This will be a long process involving working with the City’s planning team.

    There have been complaints regarding parking on Aylmer. The Councillor’s office did a walk through with the OSCA Traffic and Safety Committee.  Concerns remain so the Counselor’s office will continue to work with Traffic and Safety.

    Bike Rodeo- Safer Roads Ottawa and the OSCA Traffic and Safety Committee are working with the Councillor’s office to hold a Bike Rodeo in Old Ottawa South. This will also include neighbouring communities.

    Discussion - Southminster- No development has yet been approved. Of note, the façade cannot be altere.

    There was discussion on safety and crimes within the community. It was noted that this is a unique time to meet with police services since there is will be a reorganization of police services. It was suggested that the Councillor’s office could facilitate a meeting in with police services reps at the April Board meeting.

  5. Executive Committee report- Linda Hancock- OSCA President.


    Plans for two main areas of focus for OSCA- ‘Branding’ and ‘Volunteer Engagement’ will be brought back to the Board in March.
    An update on the Special Events Lead. The Executive discussed the logistics and decided to contract a special events person to coordinate Art in the Park at Brewer. The goal will be to  double the size of the event and engage sponsors. If this works well we will continue to run OSCA’s signature events in this way.  

    CSR-s Linda Hancock will be meeting with the City on to discuss issues and concerns.

    1. Nominations Committee- There are 7 spots available on the Board. So far we have 5 individuals with great skill sets who are interested in joining the Board. We still don’t have a president and Linda invited Board members to step forward.

      It is also important to note that the current Board tends to be made up of younger individuals with young families. We would like to recruit more retirees.

      Linda will send a note to the Board that outlines the skillsets we need and asked the Board to assist with recruiting. Thus far we have potential Board members with legal background, communications, real estate and more.

      Interested candidates can send an email to nominations@oldottawasouth.ca with a brief outline of their skillset.

    2. Childcare Act Update
      Christy updated the Board.

      With changes to the Child Care Act we cannot offer After 4 programming to children under the age of 6 without becoming licensed.

      Yasir Naqvi and his assistant Mai Habib have facilitated meetings with representatives of the Ministry of Education to assist us with clarifying the Act and its implementation. The meetings have confirmed that the act does apply to Recreational Centres and we are not exempt. Christy has met with Ministry representatives to discuss licensing and she has been reviewing the process and requirements. There are approximately 250 regulations when running a licensed program. Each license/group can apply to a maximum of 26 students. Since we currently have 40 children registered in the JKSK group we will need two separate groups and two licenses. There is also a space requirement to ensure 2.59 square metres of space per child and other requirements that may result in complications and challenges.  For example, the entire Firehall will likely need to be reserved for the JKSK After 4 group. Licensing is not guaranteed and the process is very extensive.

      Of note, Hopewell School will have to provide space for all who apply so members of the community who need After 4 spots in September will be accommodated. Some local families have been told there are no spots available and have expressed concern.

      Christy will continue to review options, reach out to Hopewell and others, review the licensing process further, and will report back to the Board for a decision in March or April.

      We may find that it is more reasonable to focus on our strength- building strong episodic programs (classes running 1-2 times weekly), and marketing our programs to those in grade 1-6. Perhaps there is an opportunity to also work with Hopewell.

      Since many questions remain we need to take more time to review before making a decision.


      There was discussion on the viability of offering an affordable program. At present the OSCA JKSK program is operating at a loss, implementing a licensed program may result in increases in pricing beyond what families can reasonably afford. Timing is also critical, licensing will take 4-6 months and families may need to make plans prior to then. If programs are available for families in the community our original reasoning, which was to ensure programs are available, may not be as valid. We also discussed the potential loss of clients since the Hopewell program requires payments for the full year, this may affect summer programs as well as PD days.

    3. Business Directory decision item.

      Motion (edited) Since the business directory is not owned or managed by OSCA it cannot continue to be hosted on the OSCA Website because of potential liability issues and oversite.

      Proposed by Nick Galletti, seconded by Pam Dakers

       All in favour. Motion carried with the following change- to remove the proposal to provide a link to the Business Directory on the OSCA Website should the owners chose to post the directory on another website
      One abstention.


      The directory is essentially obsolete since other search engines exit that are current and do not require updating. This is not necessarily providing a good service to the businesses in the community. Additionally, the directory was not often accessed on the website.

      It was agreed that OSCA will download the directory for the owners.

  6. Finance report-Dana Levac – Treasurer

    We expect to have a $35-$40 K loss which is better than what was budgeted but also means we are much more appropriately budgeting. Of note, expenditures were also monitored and ensured we came in at budget. We will finalize these numbers for our March meeting and work on a 2017 budget. The Exec wanted to maintain a budget of no less than a $25K loss so we will work on that.

    Breaking even and on target
    Discussion was held on the fluctuations from month to month of projections. It was noted that the fluctuations represent a small variance in overall budget. Programs are seasonal and it is challenging to project exactly, we were also very conservative in projections in the Fall. In the past we’ve had much bigger swings in projections.

  7. Committee reports and decision items:
    1. Communications Committee
      Launching a new website has been a large and involved project of the Communications Committee over the past few years and happily we will be launching in the coming months. The goal of the website is to continue to make programs fresh and available and to ensure it continues to be a source of news and information to the community. The events calendar and regular email updates in Between the Bridges will continue as they are key aspects of the current site. Since the website hosting system needs to be changed, this is an opportunity to have a new look and update the architecture of the site. We will also be able to archive some of the that is housed on the site but is no longer necessary as it is outdated. The Committee have been working on various themes with an eye to ensure news and information are highlights in addition to highlighting programs. There is also much more engagement with social media with Becca’s work as the Communications Coordinator, this feeds well into the website.

      The new Business Beat article in the OSCAR is a great way to support local businesses and something like this can be used on the Website to support businesses instead of the Business directory. This potentially adds more value to local businesses because of the human connection.

      The Communications committee continues to meet and will continue to do so even after Nick steps down. He invited Board members to join or chair.  

      OSCAR- the paper will be out in a few days, the front page will be an article on the Brewer re-imagining. An extensive interview has been conducted with the Councillor and the Business Beat will be about Cedars. We would love to have something about the Southminster re-development.

    2. Planning and Zoning-
      No report

      It was noted that there is importance to have feedback from the Community. A survey may be a better way to represent the community and ensure healthy and responsive interaction in the future.

    3. Program Committee- Michaela Tokarski- Program Committee Chair

      The Spring guide is now out as is the guide for summer camps.  

      Southminster- construction date Summer 2019 so the After 4 programs have some time to consider options for alternative space during construction.

      The Program Committee have been conducting evaluations and comparisons of various programs. The Firehall Fitness Centre group needs a bit of assistance since this is a more complicated subject.


      From a budget perspective, the FFC is stable and not operating at losses.

      One idea would be to survey current members in addition to former members, to ask what they view as the FFC advantages. It was noted by some present who use the FFC that it should not be compared to other fitness centres since it is very different. Michael Jenkin volunteered to join the group reviewing the FFC and follow up.

    4. Traffic and Safety- Brian Ure- Co-Chair.

      In reference to the proposal for the Green Dreamers to become a sub-committee of the Traffic and Safety Committee, Brian has received the required documentation and will follow up with the Executive.

  8. Adjournment
    The Board meeting was adjourned at 9:00pm
    Motion to adjourn proposed by Dana Levac, seconded by Matt Hart
    Motion approved. All in favour.

  9. The next meeting will be on Tuesday, March 21st, 2017.

Board Minutes 2017-01-17

OSCA Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

7:30 pm. The Firehall

In Attendance: Lise Beutel, Kelly Campbell, Lizane Castonguay, Christine Franklin, Linda Hancock, Matt Hart, Michael Jenkin, Janet Jull, Dana Levac, Jacqueline Littlewood, Steve Mennill, Evan Pilkington, Michaela Tokarski, Brian Ure, Erik Van der Torre.

Regrets: Pamela Dakers, Kate Charland, Ahmed Elsayed, Nick Galletti.

Guests: Brendan McCoy (OSCAR editor), Christy Savage (OSCA Executive Director)

  1. Welcome
  2. Approval of Agenda
    Motion to approve the agenda. Proposed by Steve Mennill, seconded by Erik Van der Torre.   
    All in favour. Motion passed with the following changes:
    1. The Executive Committee report will be moved up to #5 on the agenda and the Finance report will be moved to #6
    2. Under Executive Report the Nominations Committee will be moved to #1 and Priorities and Strategic Direction will be moved #2.
  3. Approval of Minutes of November 2016 (the December meeting was cancelled)
    Motion to approve the minutes of November, 2016.                           
    Proposed by Michael Jenkin, seconded by Matt Hart
    All in favour. Motion passed with the following changes:
    The note on the Existing zoning structure should be updated to say it does not provide ‘protection’.
    Names are to be removed from all discussions.

  4. Councillor’s report- Councillor David Chernushenko.
    The Rideau River Western Pathway update: there will be a change in new construction.  The focus will be on building the new sections with all other work during the upcoming construction season. The pathway will be open by the Fall.
    Brewer Park ‘re-imagined’. The Councillor met with City parks planners to discuss the scope for consultation. The process of conducting the study will begin with an open house just after the March break. Of note, 60-70% of the land will likely see no/minimal change. Most changes will take place near the rink, pool and parking. Although there is a question as to the fate of many City rinks, the one at Brewer will likely remain. Statistics on current recreational uses will be used to determine popularity and project demand for certain activities.
    The park is designated City Wide so consultation will also be City wide.
    The time frame is expected to be 5-7 years.
    The future of the Ottawa Public Library. There has been some lobbying to have the library more centrally located. With upcoming changes to the LRT, the proposed area may have a much larger population in 20 years from now. An open house will be held from 6:00-8:00 pm January 18th at City Hall.
    There was a recent article outlining a traffic calming program to reduce bottlenecking. It was asked whether the Traffic and Safety Committee should review it?

    A-This is a temporary traffic calming program that provides 40K to Ward Counsellors for allocation. The Councillor reviews data in advance of allocating the funds. At present, approximately $60K worth of work has been identified out of $80K that is banked. The work in question is temporary which will allow for various measures to be implemented and evaluated prior to permanent changes.

    Speed boards- data from the Bank St speed boards has been reviewed. They produced a 5KM/hr difference. There are a few locations where the speed boards are turned off and data is being compared to areas where the speed boards are turned on. There are significant differences for some. General feedback from residents is that they appreciate them. Of note, while there has been a 5k reduction it is still over the speed limit. However, this is considered normal.

    Snow clearing- other than calling 311 is there anything else we can do?

    The best option is to call 311 unless a street falls below the 4-metre width. The only significant difference this year is the change from snow to rain and back to snow.

    Hopewell and snow clearing- some daytime removal took place along Hopewell at school arrival time. This was not ideal. While it will be challenging to change the schedule since the work is done at the same time by the same group, the Councillor will ask if this can be taken into consideration in the future.

    A note was made by one Board member that that, on his street, snow removal was appreciated and was conducted regularly.

  5. Executive Committee report- Linda Hancock- OSCA President.
    1. Nominations Committee- Presented by/created by Michael Jenkin
      Michael presented the attached documents.
      Members of the Nominations Committee have noted, in previous years, they would have appreciated a little more guidance. The manual is 3 pages and outlines steps in chronological order.
      Motion that the OSCA Board approve the attached Procedure’s Manual and the attached proposed amendments to the OSCA Policy on Nominations to the Board of Directors, with the effect forthwith.
      Proposed by Michael Jenkin, seconded by Michaela Tokarski
      All in favour. Motion passed.
      No discussion.

      Motion that the OSCA Board approve the formation of the Nominations Committee for the 2017-2018 Board. The Committee will comprise Kate Charland, Evan Pilkington and Linda   Hancock. 
      Action item- Linda will ask former board members if they wish to contribute, and Committee Chairs should ask at their next committee meetings. Board members also need to recruit.
      Existing Board members will be asked to confirm whether they will be returning in May.
      Linda noted that we need to replace the President and Treasurer in May.

    2. Priorities and strategic direction update:
      Linda presented the attached summary of points from the Board retreat.
      Two additional main priorities are Branding and Volunteer engagement.

      Linda asked if anyone would be able to develop a strategic plan of action on each area and present at the March Board meeting. She will share the detailed notes from the retreat.

      Branding-Kelly Campbell and Lise Beutel will review Branding and will reach out to Nick Galletti and the Communications Committee.
      Bike safety was raised as a potential branding initiative/event.

      Volunteer engagement- Jacqueline Littlewood volunteered to put together a proposal that will include: a recognition plan, skills needed, special event’s needs, as well as overall recruitment and engagement.  

    3. Special Events update
      The Executive reviewed current events against a grid that could be used to evaluate. Currently, there are too many events and staff and volunteers are spread too thin. The Executive proposed 4 signature events: Porch Sale, Fall Fest, Windsor park art show (moved to Brewer park) and Breakfast with Santa. Other events such as “Shop Your Local Talent” could be run by the vendors.

      The Executive have reviewed an Event Coordinator position as this was discussed as an option at the Board retreat. The Exec have yet to determine compensation.

      The Bike rally was raised as a potential addition to the signature events. 

      At present, without a Special Events Committee or a clear plan for Special Events, the Executive have put a hold on all new events. This will be discussed in the next section.

      For now, it was agreed that the Exec should look at bringing on a person to self-fund.

    4. City update
      There continue to be issues with consistent and appropriate customer service and support. We will be approaching the City to discuss further.

    5. Commemorative naming update. Christy has begun the application process and will report back to the Board when the first steps are in place. The name needs to be approved before the application can be moved forward. This may take a few months.

  6. Finance report-Dana Levac – Treasurer.
    OSCA- We are still projecting a budget loss however it will not be as much as $50K. Budgeted revenues are on par with budget or better. Adult programming in November was ahead of budget. The FFC came in just a little above budget. Children’s programming has been below budget this year and is driving our numbers lower. Some revenue losses are offset by lower programming expenditures. There will be a more comprehensive update next month.

    OSCAR- Brendan McCoy noted that there is not much more to report than last month: Ad revenue is down by a small amount and costs have increased slightly due to increased printing charges.

    Discussion- OSCA- It was asked why children’s programs are have reduced income. This is mainly because of one less week of camp in 2016 compared to 2015. Christy noted lower youth programs- Friday Night Sports, Knights of the Dinner Table, lower Youth Night attendance.

  7. Committee reports and decision items:
    1. Communications Committee
      Nothing to report.

    2. Planning and Zoning- Steve Mennill- Planning and Zoning Committee Chair.
      Please see the attached.
      There are three main updates.  
      The renovation at Southminster Church is estimated to begin in 2019.

      No one knows of a formal zoning application for ‘Barber’s garage’. The property has been sold and the new owner has not acted yet.

      The P&Z Committee has received a proposal from a planner in Old Ottawa South to assist with some of the work that would lay the groundwork for a Community Design Plan (CDP). This would be useful to OSCA, and the City, if we need to do a CDP. It also assists with community input.  The proposal will be reviewed in the next month or two and P & Z will follow up with a proposal to the Board for review and approval. 

      The document can be used in three ways:

      1. Helping lobby the City for a CDP.
      2. Reducing the work the City would have to complete.
      3. It could be used toward a CDP and is positive because it involves community engagement, an integral part of the process.

    3. Program Committee- Michaela Tokarski- Program Committee Chair
      Three updates to the report were presented:
      1. A4 committee may meet less frequently and may be asked to take on issues regarding space in 2018.
      2. Childcare Act changes mean that we cannot offer a JK/SK After 4 program as of September 2017. As well we cannot offer summer camps for this age group as of next year- 2018. Staff are working diligently on this in partnership with Parks and Rec Ontario and other community centres. Michela asked for board members who could assist with this to please contact her.
      3. Terms of Reference- Basic amendments have been made that basically have the PC in an advisory capacity as opposed to responsible. Guidelines were also added under the authority section.
        There were no questions.
        Motion that the OSCA Board approve the changes to the attached Program Committee ‘Terms of Reference’.
        Proposed by Michaela Tokarski, seconded by Michael Jenkin
        All in favour. Motion passed with no changes

    4. Special Events Committee
      No report- There is no committee.

    5. Traffic and Safety- Brian Ure- Co-Chair
      The proposed OUFM plan was briefly outlined as well as OOS progress and involvement to date.
      Motion that the OSCA Board endorse and support the assessment and recommendations offered in the UCCA’s inputs to the Phase 2 OUFM Plan
      Proposed by Brian Ure seconded by Erik Van der Torre
      All in favour. Motion passed with no changes or discussion

  8. Adjournment
    The Board meeting was adjourned at 9:25 pm
    Motion to adjourn proposed by Michaela Tokarski, seconded by Matt Hart.
    Motion approved. All in favour.

    The next meeting will be on Tuesday, February 21st, 2017.
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