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Board Minutes: 2016-10-18

OSCA Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday October 18th, 2016

7:30pm The Firehall

In Attendance: Kelly Campbell, Lizane Castonguay, Kate Charland, Christine Franklin, Nick Galletti, Linda Hancock, Janet Jull, Dana Levac, Jacqueline Littlewood, Michaela Tokarski, Erik Van der Torre.

Regrets: Ahmed Elsayed, Lise Beutel, Pamela Dakers, Matt Hart, Michael Jenkin, Brenda Lee, Evan Pilkington, Steve Mennill, Brian Ure.

Guests: Brendan McCoy (OSCAR editor), Christy Savage (OSCA Executive Director).

  1. Approval of Agenda

    Motion to approve the agenda. Proposed by Jacqueline Littlewood, seconded by Lizane Castonguay.

    All in favour. Motion passed.

  2. Approval of Minutes of September 2016

    Motion to approve the minutes of September 2016. Proposed by Kate Charland, seconded by Christine Franklinl.

    All in favour. Motion passed with no changes

  3. Councillor’s Report

    Absent- nothing to report.

  4. Finance- Dana Levac- Treasurer and Finance Chair

    Dana gave an update on the work of the Finance Committee. Members have stepped down. Currently Dana, Christy and Susanne Ledbetter (OSCA Bookkeeper) meet monthly and work on reports and other items. They report to the Executive at present. This arrangement is very productive and much work is being accomplished during the monthly meetings.

    Dana outlined the attached report.

    Dana and Christy worked on a report to outline OSCA’s administrative expenses to determine an appropriate OSCA% to allocate to budgets. Until now we have been using 20%.

    The Executive have asked the Program Committee to review pricing for programs and determine where increases would make sense. We should consider increasing income overall (over two years) by appx 5%. This will result in balanced budgets.


    The Board discussed the reduction in revenue/registration in programs and whether this was a general trend or particular to Old Ottawa South. For the most part, this is due to changes in demographics and new competition. It is expected that, over the next 8-months changes will stabilize. It was also noted that we projected a deficit. OSCA has been operating with surpluses and a two-fold increase in programming without implementing appropriate staffing to oversee the changes in programming needs. We now have a proper staffing complement. Some of the deficit was planned for. Our objective should be to break even not make surpluses. The ideal should be to have 10-15K annual surpluses. We need to determine programming capacity and then price accordingly.

  5. Report from Executive- Linda Hancock- OSCA President

    Board Retreat

    Linda Hancock noted that the last retreat was 3 years ago. She, Christy and Michael Jenkin recently met to discuss first steps. In order to plan the agenda for the retreat a SWOT analysis will be sent to OSCA, Board, staff and Volunteers.

    The retreat will be shorter than most, only 4 hours, and will focus on broader issues. We hope to pick 4-5 higher level discussion topics from the SWOT responses. Attendees (the Board and staff) will review in more detail. There may be another quick more detailed survey after the retreat.

    The date: November 20th 1:00pm-5:00pm. Christy will send a reminder.

    A draft agenda will be brought to the November Board for discussion.

  6. HR Working Group- Nick Galletti reported for Michael Jenkin

    Decision item- To approve the attached Terms of Reference for the HR Working group.

    The HR working group was formed to assist with formalizing a handbook and various policies for OSCA full time staff. In the past 4 years the organization has grown from one part time Executive Director to 5 full time staff. Formalized handbooks and policies have been necessary as was the formation of an HR working group to address these gaps and make recommendations to the Board.

    Proposed by Nick Galletti, seconded by Michaela Tokarski.

    All in favour. Motion passed.

  7. Committee Reports/Updates
    1. Program Committee (PC)- 20-minute report- Michaela Tokarski, Chair.
      1. Michaela summarized work and focus on the committee in the past month.
      2. Last year there were issues with the After 4 program. The staff have been working very hard, in partnership with the A4 Sub Committee, to improve the program. Much improvement and gains have been made and clients are very pleased.  Based on feedback from the A4 Sub Committee the Program Committee agreed to implement part time spaces within A4. This was implemented in October. A maximum number of part time spots were allocated to each age group. All requests have been accommodated. There was positive feedback given on the parameters we set.
      3. Janet Jull and Christy met to discuss launching a Youth Advisory Committee. The committee will meet regularly to canvas local youth on what is important to them and how the Firehall can meet their needs. OSCA sees a gap in youth programming and wants to meet that need. This is an exciting new initiative and we look forward to the information and partnership that will come from it. Michaela thanked Janet for proposing this initiative.
      4. Youth nights are very well attended. There is a large spread in the ages of attendees. We are reviewing how to offer programming appropriately.

        Discussion was had on how to engage youth and where to reach out. Many good ideas came forward- volunteers, Hopewell and other schools, youth mentoring for example.  The approach will be to see programming ‘by youth for youth’ and cast the widest net.

      5. Programs- Michaela reviewed the results we received from Board members and other volunteers who surveyed their neighbours regarding the types of programs we could offer. There were many ideas submitted and the staff team are on a tight deadline to submit and prepare ideas for the Winter program guide. At this month’s meeting the Committee narrowed down the list of proposals. Christy and Michaela will meet to determine logistics and next steps. Michaela also asked for Board support to evaluate and compare pricing on programs within the City. Overall, we looked at preschool, children, youth and seniors programs and are trying to come up with new programs to launch within each of the areas.


        The Board discussed the need for current community demographics which will help with reviewing programming needs and possible trends. There was also discussion on what formula will work and how to implement it- such as shorter courses, day trips etc. Christy will circulate the ‘Neighbourhood Study’, the latest resource that we use.

      6. Firehall Fitness Centre- Christy is currently searching for qualified trainers. We will also be conducting a gap analysis to determine whether or not there are better ways to leverage the space.
      7. Budget- Michaela discussed the need to increase income and the steps being taken. We will have a strong sustainability plan moving forward. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered. In addition to increasing pricing to cover current costs, annual increases will need to be calculated to address inflation. It was noted that prices, where deemed necessary, will only see incremental increases.
    2. Communications Committee. Nick Galletti, Chair.

      Nothing to report.

      OSCAR-Brendan McCoy, OSCAR Editor,  gave an update on the OSCAR. The revenue was down slightly at the end of August, it has increased in September.

      The paper is always looking for contributors to the paper, perhaps even a ‘beat reporter’ possibly to highlight businesses (new and old).

      Canada’s 150th was discussed.

    3. Planning and Zoning Committee

      Nothing to report.

    4. Special Events Committee. Brenda Lee, Chair.

      See report.


      Kate Charland and Linda Hancock will meet with Brenda to discuss possible options for the committee, and running OSCA events moving forward. It was agreed that the current schedule of events is too heavy. Ideas will be discussed at the strategic planning retreat. The way we operate may need to change significantly and this may also be an appropriate time to review sponsorship once more.

      We will also be reviewing, on a more general basis, whether or not we have the correct structures and staff complement to support all the work that we’re doing.

    5. Traffic and Safety

      Nothing to report.

  8. Information Items/Other Business
  9. Adjournment

    Motion to adjourn the meeting proposed by Dana Levac, seconded by Jacqueline Littlewood. 

    All in favour. Motion passed.

    Meeting adjourned at 8:50pm

Board Minutes 2016-09-20

OSCA Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday September 20th, 2016
7:30pm The Firehall

In Attendance:
Lise Beutel, Lizane Castonguay, Pamela Dakers, Ahmed Elsayed, Christine Franklin, Nick Galletti, Michael Jenkin, Brenda Lee, Jacqueline Littlewood, Steve Mennill, Evan Pilkington, Michaela Tokarski, Erik Van der Torre
Kate Charland, Kelly Campbell, Linda Hancock, Matt Hart, Janet Jull, Dana Levac.
Ian Grabina for Councilor Chernushenko, Brendan McCoy (OSCAR editor), Christy Savage (OSCA Executive Director).

Michel Jenkin ran the Board meeting in Linda’s absence. Michael welcomed the Board back after the Summer hiaitus.

Approval of Agenda

Motion to approve the agenda. Proposed by Jacqueline Littlewood, seconded by Pamela Dakers

All in favour. Motion passed.

Approval of Minutes of June 2016

Motion to approve the minutes of September 2016. Proposed by Steve Mennill, seconded by Lise Beutel

Motion passed with the following changes: Michaela made minor editorial changes which Christy has implemented.

All in favour. Motion passed.

Councilor’s Report- Ian Grabina for Councilor Chernushenko

  1. The Billings Bridge underpass project has received funding. This is a joint effort between the City and the NCC and is expected to be finished in late 2018 or 2019.
  2. A study will be conducted for a new pedestrian bridge from Vincent Massey park to Carleton University. Once LRT stage 2 proceeds along that corridor, funding for the study should be forthcoming.
  3. Complete sewer and road work will be conducted at the intersection of Seneca and Aylmer next year. The City is in public consultation.
  4. There is need for a safe pedestrian and cycling crossing over Colonel By. OSCA’s Traffic and Safety Committee will be working on a proposal (location & needs) with full support of the Councilor’s office. The proposal will also involve community consultation.
    Was there a petition by the Community or would that help.
    Traffic and Safety will determine with community consultation what would be best.
  5. There has been much focus on cycling safety and the Councilor’s position. Segregated bike lanes may be ideal however not practical in Ottawa at this time. The current focus is on a reduction on overall speed as well as educational campaigns. One possibility is to create 40 km/hr neighbourhoods (Speed Reduced Community). This is currently being piloted in Catherine McKenna’s riding. If successful it will be applied across the City.
    Discussion was had on signage, which is not always successful; as well as Educational options for the community. Bike Safety Events (Bike Rodeos, Ward Bike Campaigns) are also key.
  6. An article was published on Inner City Rinks shutting down due to low use. There will be a revitalization process at Brewer beginning in the next few months. The goal is to ensure the rink remains in OOS.

    Discussion: Sunnyside and Woodbine received approval for a 6-unit build in 2014. The property has new owners and the approval has now changed to a 12-unit dwelling.

    Discussion: 177 Hopewell will be heard, once again, by the Committee of Adjustment. The community was initially opposed and the Committee of Adjustment agreed. The developer has appealed stating the Committee of Adjustment’s decision was not in keeping with bylaw.

    The OSCA Planning and Zoning Committee is aware of this and Steve Mennill noted that City planning staff can invoke a site plan approval for this site.

    Discussion: Cameron avenue has a 4-unit approval. The Councilor’s office does not know about this property.

    Discussion: West Coast Video. There is concern with some individuals squatting behind the store.


Christy Savage provided the report in Dana Levac’s absence. Christy reviewed the attached report and added the following from Dana:

  • We have caught up with reporting so the Board can expect regular monthly reporting going forward.
  • Revenues are slightly below expectations partly due to overall lower registration and timing of A4 registrations. Once we analyze Fall registration numbers we will have an idea of what revenues will be for the year.
  • Expenses are slightly higher in some categories than budgeted so these will be closely monitored between now and the end of the year.
  • We will have a deficit this year, as budgeted, however, we have not had enough information to forecast for this report. In October we will be able to prepare a forecast based on Fall registration numbers and will have a clearer sense of what we can expect the deficit to be.

There was discussion on beginning registration for A4 and Fall programs earlier next year.

Report from Executive

Michael Jenkin sitting in for Linda Hancock

  1. Board Retreat

    The Board was asked for input on the proposed agenda.

    It was noted that a facilitator may be preferable in order that all can participate. In addition, goals will need to be clear for a 4-hour strategic planning retreat.

    Discussion was held on the fact that much has changed in the organization since the last retreat. For example: we were half our current size and we had not yet signed an agreement with the City; our operations included a large proportion of City staff; we have increased competition with fitness programming and other programming.

    We are essentially in a new phase and trying to make the organization fit where we are. We would do well to explore a number of more fundamental questions (rather than reviewing our vision and mission). For instance: short and medium term planning; funding; our advocacy role/position; possibilities for expansion with changes happening in the community. A broader review of whether we are on track and goals moving forward should be considered and how committees feed into this process.

    We also need to discuss what we’ve accepted as the status quo. It was noted that we can’t assume Community sentiment is similar to 4 years ago. Conducting a vision session was raised as a possibility.

    With new members to the Board and community we should devote some time to clarifying current status and history.

    Summary: We need more of a strategic discussion at the beginning of the retreat as to what’s changing- programming and Civic engagement. Then measure this against the latest community survey, and what we have as a list of our own objectives at present. We need to finish with a discussion on where we want to go in the next few years and what we want to change and other issues to highlight.

  2. HR Task group update- Michael Jenkin

  3. Michael gave a brief update on progress thus far. A draft HR handbook is in place and is expected to be finalized (after consultation with a labour lawyer and current staff) at the end of the year. It will be presented to the Board for review and final approval. The group is also working on setting up a preliminary policy structure on HR management and developing policies on appraisals, compensation and discipline.

    There will be training and discussion with staff once all is complete.

  4. CSR update

    Christy updated the Board on recent issues and noted that front desk staff are City employees not OSCA employees which is not always clear to the public and clients. It was suggested that City staff be asked to wear name tags as well.

  5. FCA attendance

    We don’t have a rep but we can alternate at FCA meetings. Christy invited board members to let her know if they are interested. She will circulate the schedule once it is finalized by the FCA.

  6. Re-Cap of Board roles and Committee involvement

    Michael outlined Board roles and expectations.

Committee Reports/Updates

  1. Communications Committee – 20-minute report- Nick Galletti

    Nick Galletti updated the Board on the work of the Committee. Becca Wallace has been hired as the Communications and Marketing Coordinator. She has recently worked on creating the Fall Program Guide, promotion of programs and events as well as the work of the committees. Becca will also be working on the Website and a redesign.

    Chris Lawson has been hired as OSCA’s Web Administrator. He has recently been working on some Legend support and is now focusing on necessary website updates and functions. When we update our web server we will have an opportunity to reorganize content on the website and improve functionality.

    Brendan McCoy- OSCAR Editor, spoke to the Digitization of back copies of the newspaper. In total 240 (6500 pages) OSCAR issues from 1974-2005 were brought together and digitized. The searchable pdf versions are in the process of being uploaded to the website. Currently 1974-99 are up.

    Copies have also been given to the Ottawa Room at Public library and Carleton University’s new Resource Collection.

  2. Special Events Committee- 20-minute report. Brenda Lee-Heilmann

    Report attached.

    Decision items

    Motion to approve the attached budgets for: Shop your local talent, Breakfast with Santa and White Christmas at the Mayfair.

    Proposed by Michaela Tokarski, seconded by Nick Galletti.

    All in favour. Motion passed

    Motion to approve the cost of $175 to cover the cost of hiring a face painter for OSCA’s Farmer’s Market Promo. Proposed by Jacqueline Littlewood, seconded by Pamela Dakers.

    OSCA has been given a table at the Farmer’s Market for Sept. 25th to promote OSCA.Brenda Lee-Heilmann would like to hire a face painter for the morning to draw people to the table and to promote OSCA.

    All in favour. Motion passed

    Brenda announced that she will be stepping down from the Special Events Committee as of January. She has been chairing the committee for three years now, but has been on the Board and/or running events for 18 + years in Old Ottawa South. She has noted much change and feels it would be a good time to step away and allow others to become more involved.

    Discussion: There is much burn out on the Special Events Committee and concern as to next steps with Brenda and 3 others stepping down.

    It was noted that the retreat would be a good place to hear insight and proposals for next steps. Special events are very dear to our community and the Board agrees they need to be prioritized. They are a great opportunity to meet neighbours and a way for OSCA to relate to the community on a human level.

    Michaela Tokarski thanked Brenda Lee-Heilmann, on behalf of the Board, for her years of leadership and volunteerism with Events as well as Board work and Committee work.

    Michael Jenkin presented Brenda Lee-Heilmann with a gift from the Board for her recent marriage.

  3. Planning and Zoning Committee

    Nothing to update.

  4. Program Committee

    Report attached.

    Michaela Tokarski noted that the PC is looking for ideas for new programs. She invited Board members to speak to neighbours and friends and submit any ideas to herself or Christy.

  5. Traffic and Safety

    Report handed out.

    The Committee is focusing on proactive programming relative to cycling safety.

    The Green Dreamers received an update from the City on the Sunnyside rain gardens. There are issues relative to design and slope and a need to re-vamp the slope and depth of the sidewalk. This is a bit of disappointing set back to the Green Dreamers. The group has managed to acquire 200 tulip bulbs.

    Christy thanked the Green Dreamers for coming to the Firehall and re-planting the garden beds last week. This is not something the City oversees or manages.

    Do the Green Dreamers put out calls for volunteers?
    Winnie Pietrykowski writes monthly articles for the OSCAR and calls for volunteers then. There is also an email list. If anyone wants to be put on the list they can contact Brian.
  6. Information Items/Other Business

    No new business.

    Adjournment of the meeting.

    Motion to adjourn the meeting proposed by Steve Mennill, seconded by Ahmed Elsayed.

    All in favour. Motion passed.

    Meeting adjourned at 9:22pm

    Please join us at Patty’s Pub after the meeting!

    Next meeting will be on Tuesday November 15th, 2016

Board Minutes 2016-05-17

Tuesday May 17th, 2016

7:30pm The Firehall

In Attendance:,  Lise Beutel, Kelly Campbell, Lizane Castonguay, Kate Charland, Pamela Dakers, Ahmed Elsayed, Christine Franklin, Nick Galletti, Linda Hancock, Matt Hart, Michael Jenkin, Janet Jull, Dana Levac, Jacqueline Littlewood, Evan Pilkington, Michaela Tokarski.

Regrets: Kelly Campbell, Brenda Lee, Steve Mennill, Erik Van der Torre

Guests: Councillor David Chernushenko, Brendan McCoy (OSCAR editor), Christy Savage (OSCA Executive Director).


  1. Welcome
  1. Approval of Agenda

        Motion to approve the agenda. Proposed by Jacqueline Littlewood, seconded by Michael

  1.       Jenkin.

        All in favour. Motion passed.

      With the following changes: Under #6 Motion to appoint Executive Committee will be #1

  1. Approval of Minutes of April 2016

  Motion to approve the minutes of March 2016. Proposed by Kate Charland, seconded by Matt Hart.

All in favour. Motion passed. 

  1. 4.     Councilor’s Report

Councillor Chernushenko welcomed the new board and had a few updates for the community.

i-               Photo radar- a lot of community members are strongly in favour since there remain some individuals driving between 70-100 km hourly in a 40 km zone. It is imperative that the photo radar remains in order to ensure this is tracked. Speed boards are also going to be put in place and were the original tool used to collect the above data.

ii-             The water waste review has not resulted in much feedback from Capital Ward residents. It is a modest change being proposed, some of what residents currently pay would become a fixed rate so that the City could depend on some income being constant. Variability in rates was causing challenges in keeping infrastructure supported.

iii-            In late fall there will be a consultation held on the future of Brewer Park. The pool and arena are old for example. How the space can be better utilized, parking, the pool and park are all items to be discussed.  

  1. 5.     Finance

Nothing to report.

To review for new Board members-Dana Levac, OSCA Treasurer-outlined the three different entities of OSCA. OSCA, OSCAR and the Charity- Firehall Redevelopment Fund. There is not much activity in the charity at present we are currently renewing the articles of the charity and the use of funds in the future.

Action item: Financial statements need to be uploaded online.

Action item- at the next meeting Dana Levac will spend more time walking through the statements and will prepare a brief document to assist with interpreting the financial statements.

  1. Report from Executive

i-               Appointment of the Executive Committee

Motion to appoint the following members to the Executive Committee:

President-Linda Hancock

Past President- Michael Jenkin

Vice President- Lise Beutel

Treasurer- Dana Levac

Secretary- Kate Charland

Program Committee- Michaela Tokarski agreed to join the program committee and will therefore sit on the Executive.

Motion proposed by Nick Galletti seconded by Matt Hart

All in favour. Motion passed.

ii-             Program Delivery Agreement with the City (decision item)

PDA copy sent of original motion with actual motion on the table at present.

Be it resolved that the OSCA Board approve a Program Delivery Agreement (attached) between the City of Ottawa Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department and OSCA which will govern the delivery of community recreational programming at the Old Ottawa South Community Centre.

Moved by:  Michael Jenkin.   Seconded by Dana Levac.


Motion approved. All in favour. No abstentions.



Michael outlined the background and contents of the document- also challenges faced in the process and outcome.

In general we are very pleased with the outcome and the working relationship we have had with Leo Morrisseet- the Branch Manager for Community Recreational Programs.

At present the agreement meets the satisfaction of City Parks and Recreation department and their senior management. It does need to be approved by the legal department but it is similar to other agreements that have been approved by the City’s legal department. Leo and the Executive are confident this will not require any substantial changes.

The intent is to approval sometime in July.

There was further discussion on some of the finer points of the agreement.

The board discussed whether or not some clauses, such as maintenance closures would place undue financial and programming burden on OSCA. Christy explained current operations and gave examples of an upcoming closure for annual maintenance.

It was explained that this is a necessary clause in all agreements with Community Associations and standard.

Some of the financial clauses were discussed- presenting financial statements and audits. We are already operating in this way- for example, our Financial statements are presented at the AGM and can be provided to the City at the same time, and we already conduct audits every three years.

The clause on reserves was also discussed. Since we can accumulate up to 9 months of operations which would be significant (appx $7000,000) and nowhere near our current reserves this is not deemed an issue. As we grow the reserve would also grow.

Use of funds for Civic Engagement was also discussed.

It was noted that this deals with funds from program revenue and also allows for a separate amount to be allocated to Traffic and Safety or Planning & Zoning and we can replenish those reserves if we use them up.

The potential risk if funds are put into a reserve managed by the City for projects and the project should fall through was discussed. This was agreed to be something for the Board to flag and consider however there are processes in place with these kinds of projects that safeguard funds.

Liability was discussed and it was clarified that OSCA will continue to benefit from, not only its own officers and property liability insurance, but a comprehensive liability insurance program run through the City for community associations.  

iii-            Staffing update

Lind noted that the Board’s role is strategic with staffing while the Executive Committee oversee HR with Christy. Since there has been much change in the past few years with the reduction in City support and staffing resources and no confirmed City role until recently the Executive have worked with Christy and the staff to develop an appropriate staffing model.

In the interim we have also been through much change- growth in programs (doubling) and having to take on all aspects of programming from the creation and evaluation of programs, the creation of the guide, entire registration oversite, budgeting and tracking. As s result there has been much change and adjustment at OSCA with staffing. We recently had two staff changes. The Executive reviewed both situations and process and procedure were deemed to be appropriate and adequate. An HR professional who was consulted praised the staff for an appropriate trail and follow up.

The Executive have also met with Christy and the Program Director- Sarah Rosborough, to discuss the operating model and best steps moving forward. Last year’s Org Chart was the first to be presented and was in place on a trial basis to be reviewed around this time this year. So this made sense. The attached is the new proposal that we are confident will meet current needs. There will be some need to review at the end of the year when adjustments with and due to Legend slow down. 

Given the changes that the Association has faced and since we now have 4-5 full time staff and have not in the past the Executive wanted to put forward a proposal for a new task group with HR. The task group would help with staff development, policies and procedures (many of which are in place but would benefit from some final review and updating against best practices and current Employment law), as well as fine tuning and assisting Christy with implementing a new staff model.

Additionally, there are a number of items in the Program Delivery Agreement that will add to staffing expectations.

Michael Jenkin has agreed to chair the HR group with Matt Hart, Kelly Campbell and Christy Savage. If there is anyone with HR background or experience their involvement would be appreciated. The long term plan would be to have the Executive Director managing and overseeing this once all procedures are in place.

There was discussion on the roles of the Admin positon and bookkeeping, legend support and the need to free staff (Christy, Sarah-Program Director and Sarah C- Child/Youth Program Coordinator) to focus on programs as opposed to Legend and increasing administrative tasks.

Motion- for the Board to approve the creation of an HR task group to be chaired by Michael Jenkin to oversee the above.

Proposed by Michael Jenkin seconded by Kate Charland

Discussion:  Nick Galletti would also like to join.

All in favour.  Motion approved.

There was discussion on the After 4 subcommittee. Christy outlined why the committee was formed and what it’s role would be. Matt Hart also sits on the After 4 committee and volunteered to be the After 4 committee rep to the board, but it will report to the Program Committee. The first meeting is scheduled for May 25th, there will be another meeting in June which will focus on dealing with issues and setting up the year ahead.

iv-            New Board responsibilities

Linda outlined the various committees of the board and what they do. She also invited the new and current board members who are not on a committee to join. Board members can get in touch with Linda or Christy for further information.

  1. Committee Reports/Updates

Will we continue with the same schedule as last year whereby committees alternate months. Christy will circulate the schedule prior to September.

a.   Communications Committee – nothing to report

b.   Planning and Zoning Committee- nothing to report

c.   Program Committee- nothing to report

  1. Special Events Committee- nothing to report.
  1. Traffic and Safety – nothing to report
  1. Information Items/Other Business
    1. FCA Update- if a board member is interested in knowing what is happening in all community associations across Ottawa please let Linda know and they can be registered to represent OSCA on the FCA

Community Groups

Discussion was held on various other groups and organizations that OSCA is

involved with or could be involved with.

Christy currently attends the Lansdowne Working Group. If there are other groups

that may be of interest the Board was asked to let Linda or Christy know.


A discussion was held on an OOS BIA. It was agreed that OSCA would take on more of a facilitative role. The history of a BIA in OOS was discussed and reviewed. Any role on OSCA’s part would require resources and would need to be determined as a goal. Also the Businesses need to be involved and have not, as of yet, contacted OSCA for support or involvement. If the community is not asking for help this is not necessarily deemed to be an OSCA role to take on. It was suggested that this could be re-visited as part of a Community Design Plan.

Action item: Michaela Tokarski will follow up with David Chernushenko on process and what the previous BIA vote was.

  1. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn the Board meeting at 9:00pm.

Proposed by Lise Beutel, seconded by Brian Ure

All in favour. Motion passed.

Important dates: Windsor Park Art Show Sunday June 5th

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