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Board Minutes 2011-06-21

Tuesday, June 21 , 2011 In Attendance: Steve Mennill, Deirdre McQuillan, Michael Jenkin, Isla Jordan, David Chernushenko, Kendall McQueen, Michaela Tokarski,  Mike Lascelles, Anna Sundin, Greg Zador, Gwen Gall, Valerie MacIntosh, Milicia Nauman, Brendan McCoy, Lisa Drouillard, Mary Anne Thompson,  Graham Deline,  Marianne Keyes, Absent: David Law,  Greg Strahl, Guests: Mary Martel Cantelon, Winnie Pietrykowski, John Callan, Greg Reilly, Kathy Krywicki   Agenda 1.     Approval of Agenda, Minutes of May 17, 2011 board meeting 2.      President’s Report 3.     Councillor Chernushenko’s Report 4.     OSCA Program Committee presentation on Cardio Room 5.      OSCA/City partnership 6.     OSCA representative on OCDSB committee on space issues 7.     OSCA support for Canal Footbridge 8.     Old Ottawa East Community Development Plan 9.     Firehall Garden renovation 10.  Caribbean Night – financial results 11.  Surplus on Special Events going to committees such as OSWATCH 12.   OSCA Program Committee 13.  Police checks – new rules 14.  OSCA strategic planning session – to do list, Lisa Drouillard 15.  Unveiling of artwork at the Firehall – Tuesday, September 13 at 6:30 pm 16.  Committee Reports 17.  Other Business and Adjournment   Preliminary Items 1. Approval of Agenda and Minutes MOTION: Proposed by Michaela Tokarski  and seconded by Lisa Drouillard that the Agenda be adopted. Motion carried MOTION: Proposed by Greg Zador and seconded by Mike Lascelles that the minutes of May, 2011 meeting be adopted with the changes suggested by Michael Jenkin. Motion carried 2. President’s Report  Recycling in City parks – Michael heard back from Dan Chenier saying that there was no budget for recycling in parks.   3. Councillor Chernushenko’s Report  - Bank Street reconstruction – bus use is down and construction is on schedule - Canal footbridge – David is supportive - Lansdowne – the Friends of Lansdowne court case has begun. - Brewer Park crime issues – youth are being swarmed by known criminals in the park after dark. - Construction on the sewer on Cameron Avenue from Leonard to Bronson. - David planning a visioning exercise in September for development on Bank Street   Decision Items  4. OSCA Program Committee presentation on Cardio Room  Anna Sundin introduced the consultant the program committee hired, Brenda Ross who is the weight room coordinator with the  Greenboro Community Association.  An information package was sent out to the board the week before. MOTION: proposed by Anna Sundin and seconded by Graham Deline  that the OSCA board accepts the Program Committee proposal for a Fitness Cardio Room at the Firehall using the $100,000 the board has set aside for the project. MOTION CARRIED The board asked that 2 other bids on the equipment be sought and reported back to the September Board meeting.   5. OSCA/City Partnership (in camera) MOTION: proposed by Steve Mennill and seconded by Greg Zador that the board adopt the recommendations of the committee. Motion Carried    6. OSCA representative on OCDSB committee on space issues The board agreed Jenny Haysom would represent OSCA on this committee.  If the board needs to take a position on this space issue, it can be done by email motion.   7. OSCA support for Canal Footbridge Mike Lascelles drafted a letter from OSCA to the City outlining some improvements that could be made to the bridge. MOTION: proposed by Mike Lascelles and seconded by Greg Zador that the letter of support outlining some improvements that could be made to the bridge be sent to Colin Simpson at the City. Motion Carried 8.  Firehall Garden Deirdre got an estimate of $1,775 + HST to renovate the original garden at the Firehall ( we have a gift certificate from the building for $400). MOTION: proposed by Mike Lascelles and seconded by Lisa Drouillard that OSCA pay $1,375 + HST from the Firehall Fund to have the Firehall garden renovated. Motion Carried 9. Caribbean Night and Surplus on OSCA Special Events After OSCA’s percentage is taken off the revenue, there was a loss of $727.78 – leaving OSCA $282. MOTION: proposed by Graham Deline and seconded by Gwen Gall that OSCA donate $280 to Friends of Lansdowne. Motion Carried – the president voted in favour of the motion to break a tie vote.  Greg Zador voted against the motion. Decision on special event surplus deferred to September board meeting.   Information Items   10. Old Ottawa East Community Development Plan 11. OSCA Program Committee Most summer camps are full.  Offering many fitness programs this summer.   12. Police checks – new rules 13. OSCA Strategic Planning session – to do list, Lisa Drouillard The most important thing to do now is create a job description for OSCA Executive Director. 14.  Unveiling of artwork at the Firehall - Tuesday, September 13, at 6:30 pm   15. Committee Reports Website: Special Events – Possible events -  A Mad Men party in November, Havana Night in January, Concert series in the winter.  The other events we usually have will continue – Porch Sale,  Fall Fest, Christmas Movies, Fall Craft Fair, Spring Craft Fair, Winter Carnival. Library: OSWatch:  there were no concessions at the OMB on Lansdowne. OSCAR – FCA – Isla and Anna attended the AGM.  One of the speakers was a land use planner who reminded CA’s to let developers know when they think they have done a good job. Finance –  at this stage of the year we have a good surplus ECOS  -   16.  Other business and Adjournment MOTION: proposed by Mike Lascelles and seconded by Graham Deline  that the meeting be adjourned. Motion carried The meeting ended at 10:20 pm

Human Resources Working Group


Terms of Reference

The OSCA Human Resources Working Group has been established by the OSCA Board to:

  1. Develop, for the Board’s approval, a comprehensive package of human resource policies and procedures for OSCA full time and part time staff that will form an appropriate basis for the effective management and development of OSCA’s staff.
  2. Develop, from time-to-time, other such human resource policies and procedures as directed by the Board for the Board’s approval.
  3. Engage, from time to time, such experts as it deems necessary, to assist the Working Group in its work in accordance with its approved budget.


The Human Resources Group shall comprise of a Chair and up to five individuals, all of whom must be members in good standing of the OSCA Board.  The Chair and members of the Group are appointed by the Board on an annual basis.

The Group shall be assisted in its work by the Executive Director who shall also be the Group’s recording secretary.

Date approved by the Board: October 2016. 

AGM 2016: Communications Committee Report

AGM 2016: Communications Committee Report

Communications committee advises the board and its committees on matters relating to communications, including the structures, budget, processes and tools used to by OSCA to implement an effective communications strategy

Committee members: Nick Galletti, Nicola Maule, Kathy Krywicki, Brendan McCoy, Chris Solar

Staff: Mike Schnier, Christy Savage 


  • Ensure timely and effective communication with the community about community issues and OSCA programs, initiatives and events.
  • Provide advice and guidance on strategic communications
  • Implement strategic priorities to improve OSCA’s communications 
  • Foster greater cohesion across the organization on communications
  • Develop processes and tools to implement communications strategy


  • Social Media
    Facebook Monthly Reach: 9.7K accounts
    Twitter Monthly Post Impressions: 36.4K
  • MailChimp Newsletter
    Managed mailing list, over 3000 subscribers
    37% open rate (non-profits average 25%)
  • Website improvements
    Seeking quotes to upgrade website
    to the latest version of Joomla
  • Communications Strategy
    Hired fulltime Communications Coordinator, Targeted Facebook Ads promoting programs
  • Assist with promotion of New Online Registration System
    Direct links to program registration pages,
    Improved CRM features

Objectives 2016

Work with staff, volunteers, and stakeholders in the community to develop material for the website, email, social platforms and print to:

  1. Increase enrolment in OSCA’s programs and events.
  2. Increase awareness and support for OSCA’s mandate.
  3. Increase awareness on issues affecting the neighborhood.
  4. Demonstrate support for Old Ottawa South community’s events, businesses and initiatives.
  5. Increase the library of photos that OSCA can use to promote programs and events.

Objectives 2017

  • Improve the oldottawasouth.ca website’s backend and design, as well as the existing content promoting OSCA’s programs, events, and mandate.
  • Support The OSCAR Community Newspaper.


It was another great year for the OSCAR. Thanks to the great staff and volunteers!

This year we digitized the OSCAR archive of papers published from 1974 to 2005.

Thanks to John Bond, the OPL Ottawa Room and Brechin Imaging Services.

Soon over 40 years of local stories will be available online.

Brendan McCoy, Editor

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