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Old Ottawa South Community Builder Award


The OSCA Community Builder Awards are presented annually to individuals or groups who have made a significant contribution to building a better community in Old Ottawa South.

Selection Process

  1. Call for Nominations by the Nominations and Elections Committee in January each year
  2. Deadline for Nominations – April 5
  3. Review of Nominations by the NEC and proposal submitted to the OSCA Board for approval at its April meeting
  4. Awards will be presented at the May AGM of OSCA

More than one award may be presented in any given year but also there may be some years in which no awards are presented.

Eligible Nominators

  1. Must be a resident of OOS
  2. Must not be a relative of the person being nominated
  3. Must have the support of at least one other resident of OOS who will second the nomination.

Eligible Candidates

  1. Need not be a resident of Old Ottawa South but must have made an exceptional contribution to community building in Old Ottawa South
  2. Board Members, Committee Members and Staff of Old Ottawa South are not eligible during the term of their appointment but would be eligible afterwards.

Nomination Process

Each nomination must include:

  1. An OSCA Nomination Form completed by the Nominator and Seconder
  2. A description of the contribution of the candidate to Old Ottawa South

Other material such as media stories, correspondence etc in support of the nominees nomination will be accepted.

The Award

The Community Builder Award will be a framed certificate presented by the OSCA President at the AGM. The award winner and his/her contribution will be promoted on OSCA media and social media vehicles.

document OSCA Community Builder Award Nominations Form (62 KB)

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