Old Ottawa South Community Association

OSCA Board 2012-2013

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The OSCA 2012-2013 Board of Directors

Michael Jenkin President
Linda Hancock Vice President
Michaela Tokarski Secretary
Steve Mennill Treasurer, Finance (chair)
Emilie Taman
Ian Beck-MacNeil
Program (co-chairs)
Graham Deline OSWatch (co-chair)
Gwendolyn Gall Web/IT (chair)
Isla Jordan FCA (rep)
Michael Lascelles
Sarah Fraser
ECOS (chair)
Valerie MacIntosh Business (rep)
  Special Events (co-chair)
Katie Black  
Guy Souliere  
Muthanna Subbaiah  
Don Westwood  
Other Non-Board 
Christy Savage Executive Director, OSCA
Brendan McCoy OSCAR Editor
Mary Martel-Cantelon OSWatch Co-chair
Christopher Solar Web Administrator/Designer
Gwendolyn Gall
Kathy Krywicki
Web Editors
Marianne Keyes Carleton University (rep)
vacant CCC (rep)
Alexander Golovko CUSA (rep)
vacant HAPS/HAPSC (rep)
Anna Cuylits FCA (rep)
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