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Board Meeting Reports 2014-09-08

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OSCA September 2014 Board Reports



Program Committee Report


September 8, 2014

1.      Program guide update

1.1.    OSCA has now produced a full year of program guide; fall, winter, spring and summer editions. The  Fall edition was a significant undertaking for a number of reasons:

1.1.1. Changes were made to the layout of the guide and full-colour was introduced.

1.1.2. The fall program guide is used to introduce new programs. Many new programs were introduced in the fall guide. This requires finding instructors, and creating new program descriptions.

1.1.3. The Administrator of Programs and Communications, hired to oversee the production of program guides, left OSCA in early August with the program guide behind schedule.

1.1.4. In August, Christy worked 16+ hour days to ensure the program guide would be ready on time.

1.1.5. The graphic artist that creates the proofs sent to the printer returned work to OSCA that had spelling mistakes, and content from previous versions of the program guide that were not present in the work sent. This required Christy and other staff to re-edit their work to ensure it matched what had been sent.

2.      Space and programs

2.1.    Long-time instructor Zina Richards has contemplated leaving OSCA because her Wednesday night class was moved from Michael Jenkin Hall to the dance studio by the previous City of Ottawa program coordinator. The space is not ideal for an adult fitness program.

2.1.1. OSCA has made contact with the Glebe Reggio Centre (276 Sunnyside) to rent the space on Wednesday nights.

2.2.    The Program Committee would like to explore the possibility of working closely with the Glebe Reggio Centre to use their space in the evenings and weekends for programs

3.      Status of Lily Pepper and her replacement Aletha Philips

3.1.    Lily Pepper, hired as the Administrator of Programs and Communications in early June left OSCA in early August. Aletha Philips, who has worked for OSCA in various program related roles and has recently finished her B. Ed has agreed to replace her on a temporary basis.

3.1.1. Aletha has agreed to stay until the end of October, or early November. This will depend on OSCA’s needs and Aletha’s availability

3.2.      In the coming days the role will be posted on a number of job posting boards on the web. The role description will specify the anticipated start date as late October.

3.2.1. Ian, Matt, and Dana will look at the top 10 applicants.

3.2.2. The ideal candidate is someone who is willing to learn, has a strong attention to detail, and a positive, outgoing attitude.

3.2.3. When the role is posted board members are encouraged to share it across social media, and with friends and family that may be interested.

4.      Preliminary assessment from Summer camps

4.1.    Traditionally Campquest Camp has been for Grades One to Five. A new camp was created for 2014 called Sunquest for Grades Three to Five.

4.1.1. This was successful and will be done next year.

4.2.    Tweaks will be made to optimize speciality, youth and Sunquest camps for next year to ensure they are run at the high level clients have come to expect.

4.3.    Focus on Youth is a program run by the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) and the Ottawa-Carleton Catholic School Board (OCCSB) for “at-risk” youth to help get them work experience, co-op credits and volunteer credits. The students are placed with camps across the city, receive training and a wage from the school boards. Ultimately the students report to their supervisors with the school boards. OSCA receives free use of Hopewell School and Immaculata High School in exchange for taking the students.

4.3.1. The Focus on Youth students are placed under the same rules as volunteers when with OSCA due to their experience and levels of training. However, the school boards have told the students they are full “counsellors” with the responsibilities to go with it.

4.3.2. This past summer there were problems with two Focus on Youth students from OCDSB. OSCA was placed in a difficult position as it didn’t have ultimate authority over the students and had to defer to the school board.

4.3.3. The program committee would like the students to complete OSCA’s staff training in the future and look for ways to help the students integrate with OSCA’s staff and volunteers. These opportunities will be explored with Focus on Youth Coordinators.

5.      Survey results After 4, Winter, and Summer

5.1.    After 4

5.1.1. Exceptional coordinators (especially communication), would like a homework club option, some communication issues with junior staff, difficulty identifying who is a staff Will create nametags for all staff to wear

5.2.    Winter/Summer programs

5.2.1. Some rooms will have dirty floors, noise in the halls during Hopewell programs, accurate write-ups in the program guide, request to bring back Saturday yoga  Saturday yoga has been re-introduced

6.      Cost estimators

6.1.    These estimators are used to determine how much money to charge and the number of registrants required to break even. Direct program costs and overhead are used. Overhead allocation is 20 percent of total costs.

6.2.    With the introduction of two new full-time salaried employees overhead allocation will likely fall somewhere between 20 to 25 percent.


The next meeting will be October 6th, 2014 @ 6pm.



Special Events Report for Sept. 16th OSCA Board Meeting

A quick recap of our planning strategy meeting in June.

We broke into groups and planned out events for the upcoming year. Each event will have one committee member or more as a lead, thereby lessening the load on all members.

Our events will be
OSCA Porch Sale  ( Sept)
OSCA Old Ottawa South Studio Tour ( New) ( Sept)
OSCA Cardboard Challenge (Oct. )
OSCA Fall Fest (Oct)
OSCA Hallowe’en Party ( New)  (Nov)
OSCA Shop Your Local Talent Christmas Sale (Nov)
OSCA Breakfast with Santa  ( Dec)
OSCA White Christmas at the Mayfair (Dec)
OSCA Valentine Skating  Party (New)  ( Feb)
OSCA Spring Dance ( April)
OSCA Lobster Fest ( new) ( May)  ( this one is not confirmed as we are looking into it still)
OSCA Windsor Park Art Show (June)
OSCA Tea Party in the Park ( New) (July)

There was also some interest in Staff looking into a January event at Landsdowne and perhaps a March Food event organized as well.

Highlights from our Sept meeting.

We had hoped to have a complete budget for each event for the board in Sept. However Lily Pepper (OSCA Executive Assistant) stepped down from her position this summer and Christy was charged with much more responsibility as a result, including developing the Program Guide. We plan to address budgets in Oct or Nov of this year.

We have discovered that the loss recorded in the previous OSCA budget under Special Events has some  organizational issues we would like to bring to the attention of the Board. Our records did not show the loss recorded and after some research we have discovered that some items added into Special Events are not ones that have been run by our committee. We ask the board to consider ways to separate the two so that a more accurate representation of our committee’s finances can be recorded.

The Windsor Park Art Show (in its third year) was a moderate success. We had a profit of 91 dollars, but did not have as many tables as we had hoped for. We had hoped for 30 and we had 21. We feel that the event is still growing and has potential, the artists are happy with the organization of the event and even a small profit is a profit, so we will run it again.

Porch Sale BBQ
Finals are not in, but despite the rain there were many people who showed up for the event and we ran out of hot dogs and sausages. All in all, a success.

OSCA OLD Ottawa South Studio Tour.
This is our first year and we had hoped for 10 artists. We have twelve. We will break even with this event and we hope it will become a tradition.

OSCA Cardboard Challenge.
Once again we offer up a wonderful chance for children and adults alike to imagine, build and have fun with cardboard!
Budget attached.

OSCA Fall Fest
We are in the midst of planning our Fall Fest. Budget attached.
We project a loss, but feel this well loved event is important to the community and as many of our other events run at surplus we feel this will cover the loss on this event.

OSCA Hallowe’en Party
Our first ever Hallowe’en party for those 19+.  Budget attached.

Our next meeting is Oct. 2nd at 7:00 p.m. at the Firehall.

Proposed by Brenda Lee ( OSCA Special Events co-chair) that the OSCA board accept the budget to the Cardboard Challenge.

Proposed by Brenda Lee  (OSCA Special Events co-chair) that the OSCA Board accept the budget for the Fall Fest.

Proposed by Brenda Lee ( OSCA Special Events co-chair) that the OSCA Board accept the budget for the Hallowe’en Party.



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