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Board Meeting Reports 2014-12-16

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Communications Committee Minutes (Presented as the Report on Dec. 16, 2014)

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014- 6:30 pm

  1. Social Media Update
    • Facebook/Twitter engagement
    • We had some successful posts, Shop Your Local Talent post reached 520 people (Appendix A). The Winter Program Guide post reached 451 people (Appendix B)
    • Board has approved $200 budget to boost posts.
      • One post (normal), one boosted, one demographic + boosted, one final boost day of registration.
      • We will evaluate how much engagement we get on the different posts and compare reach.
      • We will create a bit.ly link to add to an email reminder, this will help monitor how many people go to the website. 
      • $200: $75 and $75 and $50 ($50for an ‘urgent’ post, sometime during registration).
      • Amanda and Aletha will look into bit.ly and tiny.url
  2. Social Media: December plan for posts
    • Work on consistency of language
    • Add OSCAR deadlines as well as notifications about Between the Bridges on Thursdays
    • Promote subscriptions to the e-newsletter.
  3. Registration Platforms- re-cap from E-register meeting
    • ASAP wasn’t as good as expected, there are concerns about customer service
    • Reg Packs: we would need to enhance our website in order to use their system.
    • Drupal- Chris will look into extensions such as shopping carts etc.
    • Joomla- Nick raised the possibility of a “course manager”.
    • Allen LeBlanc has agreed to research further options for the task group
  4. Content Audit of Website- update
    • There has been significant clean-up of the website, currently working on upgrading to Joomla 3.
    • We should wait until the next Joomla level is installed/upgraded before running another content audit.
    • The possibility of a Think-Tank to assist with improving the website was discussed.
  5. Communications Strategy update
    • Conduct a think tank to explore current procedures and get new ideas on usability and intuitive interfaces.
    • Offer a tool to various groups to audit content from different web pages. Give options for content: Toss, Keep, Store. 
    • Look in to giving Amanda and Aletha full permissions to post directly to the website. Amanda will e-mail Chris login info used by admin.
  6. Support for other committees
    • Program Committee: Major project is new registration system. Target new and existing audiences. Specifically younger and older audiences.
    • Planning and Zoning: May eventually want to engage with the community.
    • Membership: we need to reach out to the community to grow OSCA membership. An OSCAR insert could be helpful. Or a membership drive.
    • Generally; Committees need to be informed of the resources available to them.
  7. Appendix A : “Shop Your Local Talent” Post , November 26th, 2014
  8. Appendix B: Winter Program Guide Post, November 22nd, 2014

OSCA Program Committee December Board Report

  1. After 4
    1. There has been much staff training and onsite mentorship. Former Senior staff have returned to the Firehall to assist with training and overall mentorship. An intensive workshop was held in late November and changes in programming are expected.
    2. Senior staff will be mentored more closely with short term intensive goals to ensure they take more overall leadership with regard to staff training, and programming.
    3. Programming at Southminster was discussed. The goal will be a different program introduced there in the Fall involving workshops from local partners (dance etc) as well as Firehall instructors. Some of the workshops and programming will be slowly introduced in January with a comprehensive program hopefully launched in the Fall of 2015.
    4. Space for storage will also be negotiated with Southminster.
  2. After 4 payment policy
    1. We continue to have many clients in arrears. A notice was sent home in backpacks in late November. To date 33 people have not paid. Many think their payments are automatically withdrawn or that the original payment of first and last month was the entire payment needed.
    2. The Firehall team will come up with possible payment options and present these to the Program Committee in January for approval. The goal will be to ease the process for Firehall staff having to collect unpaid accounts, as well as motivate clients to pay regularly and/or in advance.
  3. Surveys
    1. The surveys for After 4 and Programs were launched at the beginning of December.
    2. A review will be presented in January. The idea of survey fatigue was raised. Essentially surveys are sent out twice annually. In the Summer Spring and Winter programs are assessed, and in December the previous Fall’s programs are assessed. This was not deemed to be too much.
  4. Firehall Fitness Centre (FFC)
    1. Christy, Ian and Alex met with Advantage Fitness to assess the FFC
    2. A treadmill will be removed and rower introduced. Also some of the heavier weights will also be removed. Finally, a number of posters outlining different free weight exercises will be mounted throughout the FFC to assist members. All told this will result in a $400 credit with Advantage Fitness.
    3. Advantage fitness also proposed a more detailed trade up with additional machines including a stack. This was not deemed appropriate, after consulting with the Fitness Centre Attendants and Personal trainers who noted the lack of demand for such, and the need for more floor space. The committee supported the input of the Attendants and will not be purchasing this new equipment.
    4. However, there is the possibility of looking into a wave machine, dip station and chin up bar.
    5. Christy will ensure the proposed posters are approved by the attendants and personal trainers first.
  5. Registration system update
    1. The E-Reg task force had second demos with Regpacks and ASAP and did not feel that the programs would be adequate. Allen Leblanc researched 4 more companies. The Firehall staff will research those companies. Additionally Legend, a company from the UK who Dovercourt are hoping to bring to Canada, have initiated the steps to be available by applying with the Competition bureau. If the local community centres purchased as a group discounted fees could be a possibility. Legend also will need to ensure that the future of the Community Centre’s is somewhat guaranteed before making these steps.
  6. The Firehall team will investigate all options.

Special Events Report for OSCA Board

Dec. 2014

  • The Shop Your Local Talent Christmas Show and White Christmas at the Mayfair were successful and well attended.
  • We had more people at the Shop Local event than last year. There were a few less people at White Christmas at the Mayfair, but we still project to break even.
  • Facebook was very helpful with the Shop Local event in that for the first time artists could post photos of their work ahead of time.
  • Breakfast with Santa will be on Dec. 14th , we will update verbally at the board meeting on the 16th.
  • Next up we have a Valentine’s Day Skating Party at Windsor Park.
  • There has been discussion about a Women’s Day event and we will be meeting in the new year to confirm .
  • Still some discussion on OOS Amazing Race, it is felt by a majority of the group at this time that there is not enough time to plan this event for 2015, but that spring 2016 might work.
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