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OSCA Traffic and Safety Committee Report

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Update for April 18, 2017 to the OSCA Board for its May 2017 Meeting

OSCA Traffic and Safety Committee Update for April 18, 2017

Green Dreamers’ Adopt Agreement

The current Green Dreamers Adopt Agreement with the City (which expires June 17, 2017) and a draft new agreement were provided to the Executive Committee for review and comment, relative to the outstanding motion that the GD’s volunteer group be included as part of the Traffic & Safety Committee. The main changes are the inclusion of the Library site, and a section of Sunnyside Ave (to include the

Rain Gardens, the raised bed adjacent to Hopewell School and the Firehall). As well, Winnie Pietrykowski and Brian Ure would replace Dianne Caldbeck and Eric Bays as contacts. Signing the “agreement” also confirms agreement with the Terms and Conditions contained in the City’s Adopt Guidebook, which was also provided to the Executive Committee. Since the Guidebook pertains mainly to clean-up activity for Adopt-a Park / Roadway programs, changes to the City’s volunteer waiver form in the Guidebook were suggested, to be more applicable for use by the GD volunteers.

A small annual budget for the Green Dreamers’ of $800.00 was approved by the Executive Committee. This funding would be used primarily for the purchase of planting materials, compost and organic fertilizer.

OOS Bike Rodeo & Rally Update Date: Sunday, June 11, 2017

Time: 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Bike Rodeo (City component): 10:00 a.m. – 12 noon, plus one hour before and after for setup and removal of rodeo/activity stations and clean-up at Windsor Park. Bike Rally (community component): commences at 9:00 a.m. in each participating community, all cycle routes leading to Windsor Park, duration one hour. Anticipated Participation: 75 – 150 people

What’s a bike rodeo?

Bike Rodeos are “fun, family events” that promote safe cycling routes and practices on our city streets. Sponsored and organized by Ottawa’s Safer Roads program, the rodeos include interactive safety and information booths and are often accompanied by a community organized bicycle rally. Routes are determined in advance and maps/signs identify for cyclists which route to take.

All identified routes from each of the participating communities will lead to Windsor Park. Once at Windsor Park, participants of all ages: children, teens and adults (all bike broncos) manoeuvre their bicycles from one interactive activity/rodeo station to another learning and practicing basic safety tasks such as simple bike maintenance, checking helmets for correct fit, how and when to signal, and navigating turns and roundabouts.

The rodeo/activity stations are mobile. They can be arranged in a cluster at one location or separated and placed in different locations. The June 11th Bike Rodeo will be located in one location, Windsor Park.

Parents are encouraged to participate. The purpose of the rodeo is to encourage children and parents to explore safe cycle routes in OOS and neighbouring communities, and to provide cyclists with the tools and know-how to travel safely.

Our goal is to make this Bike Rodeo/Rally an annual event with each community taking turns to host rodeo/activity stations in neighbourhood parks to promote safe cycling routes and practices in Capital Ward and our City streets.

Sunday, June 11th, Windsor Park

On Sunday June 11, 2017 the Old Ottawa South Community Association (OSCA) is partnering with the City’s Safer Roads Program to host a Bike Rodeo event in Windsor Park. OSCA has invited neighbouring communities to help make this event a success.

The invited communities include Old Ottawa East (OOE), the Glebe (GCA), and Heron Park. Each of these communities has proposed their own route to Windsor Park, making use of existing and proposed bicycle pathways, including the closure of Colonel By on Sunday mornings.

Commencement by bike from each community is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. and all routes will lead to Windsor Park where activity stations organized by the City’s Safer Roads Program will be located. Expected duration of each route is one hour. The activity stations include the following:

  • Getting kitted
  • Safe Cycling (Kensi Dickinson)
  • Cycling 1M Device (Ottawa Police Service) Medical Info (Ottawa Paramedic Service) Truck Display (Fire)
  • Pathway Patrol (Alexandra Ashton).

Progress to Date

  • Windsor Park has been reserved for June 11, 2017; booking confirmed
  • OSCA’s Traffic & Safety Committee continues to work with the City’s Safer Roads Program, Councillor David Chernushenko’s office, and community partners to identify number of activity stations, insurance coverage, volunteer requirements and promotional tasks.
  • The Safer Roads program will provide/coordinate six stations/booths, personnel and equipment for each station, as well as training for volunteers via CanBike
  • Stations include: Getting kitted, Safe Cycling, Cycling 1M Device, Medical Info, Truck Display and Pathway Patrol
  • Community partners from OOE, GCA and Heron Park have been contacted and are enthusiastic about participating in the June 11th Bicycle Rodeo & Rally. They have submitted proposed bicycle routes from their communities to Windsor Park and will help promote this event in their communities.

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