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Approval of OSCA Human Resources Policies For OSCA Employees

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OSCA Board decision document

Approval of OSCA Human Resources Policies For OSCA Employees

Decision Required:

The Board is asked to approve the attached document entitled, Human Resources Policies for OSCA Employees and its associated Annexes, in order to establish a core set of policies for managing its indeterminate staff.


During the latter stages of our negotiations with the City of Ottawa to establish a Service Delivery Agreement it became evident that to properly manage our Agreement with the City we needed a core set of Board approved human resources policies for our staff. The Board established a Human Resources Working Group to develop such a core set of policies about two and a half years ago to recommend a set of core policies to the Board. The attached document is the culmination of that work.

The task proved to be more complicated than originally anticipated as the Working Group sought to strike a balance between a comprehensive set of policies, and at the same time, a document that was understandable to staff and sufficiently compact to be read by staff members.

The Group reviewed similar documents produced by related organizations (e.g. Glebe Neighbourhood Activities Group, Dovercourt Recreational Association, etc.), but found many of these too long and complex. In the end, we settled on a model human resources policy document developed by the Canadian HR Council for the Nonprofit Sector, an organization supported by the Government of Canada to help provide HR resources for the not-for-profit sector. While we used this document as a core, it was substantially modified and added to, to reflect OSCA’s unique circumstances and needs.

The Proposal:

  • The document is designed to cover the major issues associated with managing full and part time employees whose employment period is without a term limit.
  • The information covered in the document is designed to provide staff with the main substance of the policies in place in OSCA and a brief outline, where appropriate, of the reasons for specific policies. It is expected that in some cases specific procedural documents will need to be approved by management, or the Board, where appropriate. One example of this is the policy on performance appraisals where the general outline of the approach is provided in the main policy document, but the details of how the process works is reserved for a more detailed document which in this instance, given its importance to staff, has been annexed to the document.
  • The main issues covered in the document include:
    • Workplace Values
    • Recruitment and Selection of Staff
    • Terms and Conditions of Employment (e.g. hours of work, pay, leave, holidays, overtime etc.)
    • Professionalism (including conflicts of interest)
    • Discipline
    • Professional Development
    • Confidential Information (including privacy)
    • Health and Safety
    • Workplace Violence and Harassment
    • Workplace Dispute Resolution
    • Termination
  • Employees are expected to read the document and sign an attestation that they have done so and that if they did not understand any of the text that they sought guidance from their supervisors. This attestation also includes undertakings about obeying OSCA’s privacy policies and protecting and maintain the confidentiality of information in their care, or with which they come into contact.


  • This document is designed for OSCA’s permanent employees only. A separate handbook currently exists that covers OSCA’s term employees (those hired for set time periods such as After 4, summer camps, etc.). It is the intention that once the document you are currently considering is approved, we will review the handbook for term staff to see what policies we have developed for indeterminate staff should also be applied to term staff and be included in a revised handbook for term staff.
  • The draft which you have has been reviewed by two external lawyers who have expertise in the human resources field and the current draft reflects their comments and advice. The Executive Director also reviewed the document with OSCA staff who discussed it and provided comments and suggestions, most of which are also reflected in this document.
  • In addition to the text of the policy document you are also being asked to approve three Annexes that will also become OSCA Policies. The first is a slight revision of OSCA’s existing Privacy Policy to expand it to cover issues dealt with in the HR policy document and a new Privacy Policy for OSCA Staff which directs staff to implement OSCA’s Privacy Policy in their day-to-day work and activities. The second document is a policy for staff use of portable IT equipment that is lent to them by OSCA, and the third is a detailed procedural policy on the performance appraisal process for OSCA staff. While not technically part of the HR policy document, we felt it appropriate to add these annexes to the document so that they were easily accessible to staff.
  • When approved by the Board, the whole document will be printed and distributed to staff, who will be briefed on its contents by the Executive Director.


“That the OSCA Board approve Human Resources Policies for OSCA Employees and its Annexes and that this document become the core set of Human Resources Policies for the Association.”

Moved: Michael Jenkin, Chair, HR Working Group


3 April 2017

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