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Report for the May 2017 OSCA Board Meeting

Team: Kelly Campbell, Lise Beutel, Lizane Castonguay
Date: March 2017


 Notes from the December 2016 Planning Meeting

  • Are we branding OSCA or the neighbourhood (ie. "between the bridges"?)
  • Physical designations - gateway signs, neighbourhood signs, Outreach to other outlets for communication OSCA - better signage/branding at the Old Firehall (some way to distinguish between us and The City) Outreach to community might be a good idea - the idea of "block captains" came up Does the look of the new Website reflect our "branding"?
  • CSR problems affect our brand
  • Are we doing enough on social media - twitter/facebook/instagram?
  • Are we all about kids' programs? Or do we/should we do more re: youth and seniors? How do we reflect this in our brand?
  • Our role in advocacy - not as well known as programs - ie. Planning & Zoning, Traffic & Safety 

OSCA’s Mission is to build a strong sense of community and engage the residents of OOS through its various programs, services and activities.

A Brand is a unique design, sign, symbol, words, or a combination of these, employed in creating an image that identifies a product/service/… and differentiates it from its competitors.

Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.


OSCA’s Branding is currently done through:

  • Program Guide
  • Facebook
  • Website
  •  Outdoor advertising (posters, …)
  • Events


As an initial next step, I would recommend that the board, branding team, answers/clarifies the following:

1.  OSCA’s Brand Components:

  • History: OSCA’s DNA
  • Competency: what are OSCA’s core strength
  • Mission: why does OSCA exist, where does OSCA want to go
  • Market orientation: what are the needs/wants of OSCA’s customers/community
  • Scale: does OSCA only want presence in the community or locally, be the leading community centre in Ottawa, …
  • Organisation: mapping out decision makers
  • Reputation: what do OSCA’s current or new customers think about OSCA
  • Stability: Financial goals – NFP, profit to charity x, …


2.  Brand Audit

Where has OSCA been and where does it want to go?

3.  Vision Statement

What is the vision of the brand?

What are the core values (brand attributes) of the brand?

4.  What is the brand’s personality?

  • Personality type – the core values will give a good idea on OSCA’s personality


  • Sincerity: down to earth / old fashion Excitement: Trending, young, imaginative, Competence: established, loyal, hard working
  • Distinction: pure class, charming, clamour, smarts Ruggedness: tough, high impact, long lasting

More questions or clarifications might come out of the above.

Once everyone is comfortable with the brand alignment, then a brief needs to be drafted that will provide guidance to agency/students. The board will need to make sure everyone agrees on the mandate/project to be given. Are we looking at reviewing the logo, how and where should OSCA be branded, … .  What is the budget available for phase 1, phase 2?


  1. 1.  OSCA’s brand alignment to be completed and signed off by June 2017
  2.  Brief to be presented to board September 2017
  3.  Brief agency/student October 2017
  4.  Pitch to be presented December 2017

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