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Board Minutes 2011-09-20

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OSCA Board Meeting Minutes

September 20, 2011

In Attendance: Steve Mennill, Anna Sundin, Michael Jenkin, Isla Jordan, David Chernushenko, Graham Deline, Greg Strahl, Donna Lordon, Brendan McCoy, Michaela Tokarski, Lisa Drouillard, Kendall McQueen, Gwen Gall, Valerie MacIntosh, Michael Jenkin

Absent: David Law, Greg Strahl, Mary Anne Thompson


1. Approval of Agenda, Minutes of June 21 OSCA Board meeting.

2. President’s Report - Kiln Room, Leo Morissette meeting, Ward Council meeting

3. Councillor Chernushenko’s Report

4. Hopewell Public School Accommodation

5. Infill Study

6. Terms of Reference for search for Executive Director

7. Fitness Room Policy

8. OSCA position on budget consultation

9. Sponsorship of all candidates meeting sponsored by OOE.

10. Publicity – Isla Jordan

11. OSCA Strategic Planning session – to do list

12. Committee Reports

13. Other Business and Adjournment

1. Approval of Agenda and Minutes

MOTION to Adopt Agenda:

Proposed by Brendan McCoy and seconded by Lisa Drouillard that the agenda be adopted with three changes – Items 4, 5 and 6 Michael Jenkin; Item 7 added by Isla Jordan.

Motion carried

MOTION to adopt minutes:

Minutes adopted with changes to be sent to Deirdre from Brendan McCoy; note by Greg Zador to indicate that he was opposed to item 9 on June minutes. Michael Jenkin notes a couple of items in business arising from the last minutes: letter on canal foot bridge was sent and follow-up to the request to the city to make improvements to the garden have not happened.

Motion proposed by Lisa Drouillard and seconded by Isla Jordan

Motion carried

2. President’s Report

Follow up to the Kiln room – Michael Jenkin notes that they have not determined the cause of the problem that caused the overheating that occurred, but the sprinkler system tripped due to high heat. The City has agreed to replace or repair the kiln and a new

computer control system to be installed. City will make adjustments to the room to adjust ventilation system. OSCA will ensure that we will not run kilns while no one is in the building. Kiln built up to modern standards, but unfortunately, systems partially failed, including the systems for sensing and alarms. No significant damage resulted from the incident and all smoke seen was steam.

MJ met with Leo Morissette on partnership agreement after a meeting with the working group. An agreement was reached that will make it much simpler and incorporate points made in June 2010 meeting with the City. The City will adjust their requests to OSCA to take on new responsibilities, however they may eventually charge us fees for some of the services they provide. The City may also draw back on their demand that we not use any OSCA funds for advocacy/representation purposes. It was agreed that OSCA needs a better financial track record before we adjust our way of operating. As the organization is moving to a full time Executive Director plus a part time assistant will be a challenge without further commitments to run programming and pay programming staff. OSCA will continue to need city’s skills and resources to do our job well.

MJ reports on Ward Council which our councilor chaired: there was a discussion from Community Association presidents on consultation on 2012 city budget, and there will be a decision item later. The collective position is no to work to ensure that there are no cuts to library service, community, transit services. Community Association representatives also asked for an appropriation for feasibility study for Heron Park Community Centre. Councilor Chernushenko had mentioned in June about priorities for agenda items coming up: Brewer Park water play area done this autumn – will use more than our share of parks money for this year. MJ pointed out that our key issues this year are traffic and impact of Landsdowne, infill, future development of Bank St. It was also agreed that we would sponsor an all candidates meeting held on Sept 29, 7:30, St.Paul University.

3. Councilor David Chernushenko’s report

The Councilor reported on the second Ward Council meeting which had helped establish items to be raised with the mayor the following week, which were to focus on a short list of essential items: no more capital projects in the Glebe; No major projects upcoming.

Infill study – DC felt that the study was the best compromise possible, as it addresses. many of the issues about residential infill (not commercial) that are of concern to residents. It strikes a fine balance between what residents would like to see without completely changing the rules on developers. Issues remaining are the massing and height of buildings. Study on this is required and is still worth doing.

Traffic Management study – coming to a conclusion. Rules will be changing completely on how we take traffic calming measures and fund the changes suggested by the study. Rather than having a city wide priority list, each councilor would get 30K per year per ward for traffic calming. This is seen as unfair given that some councilors don’t need traffic calming. DC does not agree with how the money is allocated, but agrees that dramatic changes for traffic calming generally do not work – tweaking generally works better.

West Coast Video – his office is looking into this but do not have tools to address the issue of the derelict building. He noted that a meeting will be called in next few weeks. Valerie MacIntosh noted that a policeman noted presence of squatters at this site. Police have attempted to secure the site and DC keeping a close eye on it, but it is difficult.

DC will be hosting a meeting on revitalization of Bank St. in OOS, and notes that we will want to explore other issues re retail trends and real estate trends. Key issues – pressure to build higher on Bank Street – DC believes this could be a good thing, but suggests that we want to have a public debate on this, which will be helpful as new changes are proposed.

Brings report to a close with a note on Brighton Beach Oak safely and with material for sculptures: Carleton sculpture will be done out in the open. Dendrochronologists around the world working on aging the tree. Will be interesting to find out more about the history of this tree.

Capital ward walk down new and improved Bank St. will start at Sylvia Holden Park on October 25th. It was to be held on a Saturday morning


Brendan McCoy asks about the traffic study: Is DC expecting the final report to speak of signage? DC notes that there may be big changes on Sunnyside, and they are expecting new signage by Hopewell and Parks. Good chance this could be funded by the Ward’s 30K for traffic calming in Ward

Brendan also asks about the Infill recommendations – will these pass committee? Councilor is expecting that they would be. DC will be lobbying other councilors. DC notes that the current mood is not favorable to developers. Industry representatives were not happy with our recommendations, he noted.

Decision Items

4. Hopewell Public School Accomodation – Jenny Haysom Boyd could not attend due to accommodation meeting. BM suggested a Board resolution on the issue. Board doesn’t need to deal with this right away but needs to form a position on this soon. Accommodation review really about the Glebe, where the schools are oversubscribed for French immersion school, and has an English school with space at it. Muchmore does not want to change, so they are looking outside of the Glebe. Whole range of scenarios being considered. Brendan suggested a resolution (circulated earlier) that makes clear our feeling that Hopewell should remain a community school. Interested in seeing this remain this way with the programs it has now. Should mention that bussing should be a last resort. Bussing already a program for Hopewell now. Glebe will have the same problems

Motion read out by Brendan McCoy. Steve Menill seconded.

    Hopewell Public School is the only Public School in Old Ottawa South, and a vital community facility. OSCA wants Hopewell to remain a community school, with its three program streams. Bussing children should be a solution of last resort.

MJ notes that we could say that Hopewell should remain “Predominantly a community school”.

Motion carried.

5. Infill study

Motion proposed by Brendan McCoy seconded by Graham Deline.

    OSCA supports the proposals by City staff to prevent changes in grade and stop garage fronted infill. OSCA also recommends that the first phase of the Infill Study Report incorporates the concepts of 'massing' as well as 'setbacks' and 'height', rather than considering these subjects separately in a later phase.

Brendan noted that a meeting was held the previous week on the infill study where staff brought forward proposals that dealt with grade (which is measured after house is built, and would build up ground around) new policy would measure grade before development. Second issue is parking, which is currently based on width of the lot – discussion on details regarding parking for smallest lot. Thrust of it is to stop having garage-fronted housing and have developers to look at other issues. It has not been possible to build a house without parking. Will ask that OSCA supports this.

Brendan notes that staff do not deal with massing, setbacks and height in the study, but suggest that this be done at a later time. MJ asks significance of massing: the current application of the rules allows for filling every square inch of land when a new house is built. New houses all at 100% of space allowable. The group was not sure of solutions should be, but want it studied. It was noted that some places create an envelope regulating the building envelope which can help control the shape of the building: for example a peaked roof not as intrusive as flat roof. Graham went to a meeting with small developers and community people where it was noted that part of issue is cost of the land: If a plot is 300K you’ll build a million dollar house. One way around it is to build smaller houses.

Motion – carried

6. Terms of Reference for search for Executive Director

MOTION: Proposed and circulated by Michael Jenkin

Lisa Drouillard seconded the motion.


Given the upcoming retirement of the incumbent Executive Director in the early summer of 2012, it is proposed that the OSCA Board establish a Search Committee to recruit a new full time Executive Director for the Association.

It is proposed that the Committee be composed of: the President, the Vice-President, Treasurer and Chair of the Program Committee, plus one additional Board member, with the incumbent Executive Director serving as secretary and adviser to the Committee.

The Committee would undertake the following tasks:

    1. Review the existing job description and revise it as necessary in light of changes in the nature of the expected duties and the fact that it would be a full-time position.
    1. Develop a set of selection criteria for the position and determine how candidates would be assessed.
    1. Develop a salary scale and the terms and conditions of employment.
    1. Design a search process to identify potential candidates.
    1. Seek the Board’s concurrence to items 1 through 4 at its November 2011 meeting.
    1. Assess the candidates identified through the search process and recommend to the Board a candidate for the position.

It is proposed that the Search Committee start work immediately and come forward to the Board with a final recommendation with respect to a suitable candidate for its March 2012 meeting.

Document circulated on Terms of Reference given that our executive director will be retiring next year. She had read proposal and agrees with us proceeding. MJ suggested that we set up a search committee as we did with OSCAR editor and suggests members of the search committee, listed on proposal. Several steps in the process – review job description; revise based on changes in job; dev set of selection criteria and assessment criteria; salary scale and terms and conditions of employment; design search process. Then come back to the board for approval. MJ hopes to do this by November. The executive director wants someone by March so that she can train them. After Board approves, the assessment process would begin and recommend a candidate for position. Presentation of a successful candidate would be March meeting, giving 3 months overlap. Michaela volunteered to be on the search committee.

Motion Carried

7. Fitness Room Policy

MOTION: Policy on Fitness Room – document proposed and circulated by Michael Jenkin. Valerie MacIntosh seconded the motion.


The following Policy is approved by the OSCA Board for the use of the soon-to-be-opened Fitness Room at the Old Ottawa South Community Centre.

  1. Only those individuals who have paid a program fee for the use of the Fitness Room are entitled to use it.
  1. Only those individuals over the age of sixteen years may use the Fitness Room facilities. Those between sixteen and eighteen years of age must have their parent’s consent; parents must also sign the waiver mentioned in item 3.
  1. All those using the facility must have signed a waiver of liability, which will be retained by OSCA, the text of which has been approved by the City of Ottawa legal department before they can use the facility.
  1. All those using the Fitness Room must, before using the facility, undergo a briefing by supervisory staff on the safe use of the equipment. If individuals have a pre-existing health condition which would expose them to risk in using the facility should obtain the advice of their physician before using the facility.
  1. All supervisory staff and instructors will be trained to administer First Aid, CPR and the Automated External Defibrillator equipment on site and will be fully briefed on how to obtain emergency medical services.
  1. The fitness room will only be open when: a) a fitness instructor is present; and/or a Customer Service Representative employed either by the City of Ottawa or OSCA (i.e. a supervisory staff member) is present in the building.
  1. CSRs will monitor the room via the video link from the CSR station on the main floor on a regular basis and conductregular in person inspections of the room and occupants which shall be logged.

Motion Carried with small changes to be submitted by Michael.

A back up recording of the video monitoring of fitness room shall be made and retained within 24 hours of any incident reported in the room where there has been a complaint logged or an accident or health incident has taken place.

MJ notes that a policy on fitness room was recommended by insurers and that we need a board approved policy and that it was sent to members Anna Sundin and Greg Strahl.

OSCA was told that we need a policy to meet city’s liability coverage requirements. City has policy items outlined. Deirdre McQuillan and Greg Strahl came up with additional items as well as city staff. The document includes items to satisfy the city regarding appropriate levels of supervision. The board was directed by the City to do different things to ensure safety of facility and release OSCA from liability. There is a formal requirement that the Board corporately approves such a policy. MJ read through the document.

Discussion –Kendal McQueen asks who will hire fitness instructor. OSCA will do so in general, but it could be city staff.

Steve Menill asked if there has been an invoice for this equipment? MJ was not sure. Will check with Firehall staff. Anna and Michael and Steve will go over financial issues related to the . Not sure if there have been bids etc. or who applied etc. MJ suggests that we ca not open fitness room without a complete review of procedures.

  1. Budget Consultation
  2. MOTION: proposed by Michael Jenkin and seconded by Michaela Tokarski that:
  3. The following five Budget 2012 suggestions are proposed to be presented to the Mayor by Councillor Chernushenko, and by the four Capital Ward community associations during the online pre-budget consultation period. The community associations would also encourage their members to indicate their support for these suggestions via the online consultation.

1. No cuts to library services and staffing levels (city-wide).

2. No cuts to community centre services and staffing levels (city-wide).

3. No cuts to transit services and staffing levels (city-wide).

4. Funding for development of a design plan for the reconstruction of Main Street between a and z, which was originally included in the draft City budget for 2009 (Ottawa East).

5. Funding to conduct a feasibility study on the renovation and expansion of the Heron Park Community Centre.

Motion carried

Mayor has asked for an early opening of consultations on the City Budget. Capital Ward will give input to a document to be submitted as a joint submission of all 4 community associations.

Discussion: The consultation will begin next week. Councilor Chernushenko will be involved in discussions and content with what is entailed. Steve Menill asks if there has been any talk of rink or pool which have been favourite items for cuts. MJ indicates that no, as there have been recent improvements to these facilities recently, this is not a threat to us, however, there is still work to be done on pool that could be jeapardized.

9. Sponsorship of All Candidates Meeting proposed by Michael Jenkin:

Steve Menill seconded the motion.

MJ circulated proposal to sponsor this event. He noted that there would likely be no costs at all as the room was donated by university.

Motion carried.

Information Items

Brighton Oak.

Lori pope approached us looking to OSCA to take leadership in terms of what will happen next and coordinate next steps. Lori and other residents will do most of work on what to do with bits of tree. It was raised that OSCA may need a volunteer from the board and Graham Deline volunteered to help as a point of contact.

Committee Reports

Special Events – Fall fest October 16.

Remind Marianne about piece on Fall Fest.

MadMen Party will take place November 19 – poster designed and will go into October paper. Lisa Drouillard noted plans for concert series in Winter.

Finance Committee: July Financial Statement circulated. Revenues were up significantly from last year when we were in Southminster. Camps were successful and adult programming registration is up. SM notes that we need to address our surplus so that we are not carrying too much. LD suggests a call for proposal for small expenditures to draw down surplus.

OSWATCH – Graham Deline had just attended a meeting on traffic management and noted that the city intends to manage traffic by getting people to take the bus. They’ve been doing this for 67s games etc. Incentive for on street parking would be less. It was suggested at the meeting that the city expand the types of events that give you a bus ticket. There was a lot of participation from Holmwood Ave. residents but nothing on traffic and street parking on Landsdowne was addressed. There was an openness to new parking policy. Committee for monitoring actual situation. Takeaway was that risk mitigation issues are traffic, parking and noise. OSCA needs a consensus with other neighborhoods on best solution for parking. We should work with other community groups on what we do want.

860 Colonel By has been purchased

South Bank CDP completed – looks good, bridge in particular

Traffic study completed and looks good for Sunnyside. Will only be rebuilt when it is time to redo the sewers.

Program committee – Anna notes that we are making more money – Revenue up significantly.


MOTION: proposed by Lisa Drouillard and seconded by Isla Jordan that the meeting be adjourned.

Motion carried

The meeting ended at 10:15 pm

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