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Board Minutes 2016-11-15

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OSCA Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

7:30 pm The Firehall

In Attendance: Lise Beutel, Lizane Castonguay, Kate Charland, Pamela Dakers, Ahmed Elsayed, Christine Franklin, Linda Hancock, Matt Hart, Michael Jenkin, Janet Jull, Dana Levac, Jacqueline Littlewood, Evan Pilkington, Michaela Tokarski, Brian Ure, Erik Van der Torre.

Regrets: Kelly Campbell, Nick Galletti, Brenda Lee, Steve Mennill.

Guests: Brendan McCoy (OSCAR editor), Christy Savage (OSCA Executive Director).

  1. Approval of Agenda

    Motion to approve the agenda. Proposed by Michaela Tokarski, seconded by Erik Van der Torre               

    All in favour. Motion passed.

  2. Approval of Minutes of October 2016

    Motion to approve the minutes of September 2016. Proposed by Michaela Tokarski, seconded by Lise Beutel

    All in favour. Motion passed with no changes

  3. Councillor’s Report- Councillor David Chernushenko.

    The following is a list of the Councillor’s key strategic priorities for the next few years.

    Transportation- There are many opportunities to continue improving cycling and networks within the Community and City.

    Key physical pieces of infrastructure- The focus will be the canal crossing.

    The Rideau River Pathway- Will continue to be an area of focus. From Billings to Old Ottawa East and the Oblate lands. This also includes work on Lees and the LRT station which will contribute to a continuous pathway.

    Trillium Line- The East-West line of the O-Train will be upgraded with new stations at a greater frequency in the next few years.

    Traffic and Safety- The Councillor’s office has been having talks with the OSCA Traffic and Safety (T&S) regarding things like streetscaping, the greening of neighbourhoods, improvements to make streets more inviting and safer. There have been major successes because of the work of the Old Ottawa South (OOS) Green Dreamers and their work on the garden beds and greening in OOS

    Parks- Brewer Park Reimagined- Early in the New Year the Councillor will meet with City and Parks planners to discuss options that can work. This will then go into public consultation. Rather than public consultation first where ideas risk being rejected the Councillor’s office will meet with planners first.

    Community Demographics- More information regarding updated demographic information will be sought. This will be important to gain a deeper understanding of how intensification has affected the Community thus far. Demographics affect everything from parks planning to transportation and beyond.

    Affordable housing- Old Ottawa South is a very desirable community and the costs to live here are rising. The Councillor’s office is asking what efforts we can make to have a more diverse demographic in the neighbourhood. On that note, the province is now considering inclusionary zoning, where the City can mandate several floors in a building to be set at a certain income level.

    Planning- A Community Design Plan (CDP) is created and used when a community is expecting growth and wants to guide growth. His office doesn’t currently see a need for an OOS CDP.

    BIA- There have been three failed attempts to form a BIA in OOS over the past few years. These initiatives cannot be driven by the Councillor’s office but must come from the business owners. There is currently no request for the Councillor’s office to assist in this but they will if asked.

    Urban Forest Management Plan- This project was released a few weeks ago and is actively working with public community associations and individual residents who have been active in the area. The long-term plan is to encourage and protect our urban forest canopy. This is the first-time Ottawa has had a long-term plan.


    Brewer visioning- What is the timing- February or March likely. The Councillor’s office still needs to determine a consultant for the above.  

    Preliminary sketches or drawings could be put in the OSCAR.

    Demographics- are there any preliminary numbers? Geographical location and others need to be discussed

    Urban Forestry- there was an article in the Glebe Report about 150 trees being planted. Is this community driven or part of City Urban Forestry initiative? Part of both. A formal proposal was put forth for 150 maple trees to be planted in every ward of the City. This is challenging as there is not enough space to do so within every Community. Many of the trees have been planted in Heron Park and Billings Bridge due to the lack of space. There is that formal initiative of the City. There may be a community one in the Glebe as well.

    CDP- The OSCA Planning and Zoning Committee have been discussing the need for a CDP. The Councillor indicated that this is not seen as a priority, however, with growth on Main street in Old Ottawa East, future changes at Brewer and Lansdowne, Old Ottawa South is surrounded by many areas of development. Why is this not seen as a priority?

    Answer: There is a long list of Communities within the City in need of a CDP which is meant to guide whole scale change. Sometimes this sparks more changes to take place than intended.

    The Glebe conducted a visioning exercise of Bank St as an internal rather than an official status within the CDP.

    Zoning Structure- the existing zoning structure does not provide the level of protection people thought it would. Perhaps some work can be done to tighten this up.

    Answer: Quite a bit of work has been done in that area. We will, however, have to wait to see that effect.

    Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) reform- David Chernushenko noted that the Province is going through a review exercise. They held an open house last week and may recommend reduced powers for the OMB. This may result in the City and citizens having a greater say and status with the OMB process

  4. Finance

    OSCA Financial Report

    Dana outlined the report and forecast. She is confident OSCA’s year-end finals will be close to what we budgeted.

    Dana was not able to do a detailed analysis, as promised, for this month but she will complete the report for next month.

    Expenses are slightly higher than revenue increases are. We’re doing an analysis on this to determine where expenses are increasing. Everything that is under our control is being reviewed.

    Because we don’t do accruals we cannot completely forecast to the end of the year.

    OSCAR- Financial Report

    With the exception of printing charges due to more colour ads, all other expenses seem fairly consistent.

    Brendan McCoy- Editor of the OSCAR noted that printing charges have increased because OSCAR is printing more colour pages. He is also printing the paper with a small amount of a higher quality colour printing ink.  Additionally, the printer raised his overall prices this past year and hadn’t done so in a few years. Some of that will be factored into next year’s budget. The paper is still breaking even however ,and not in any financial distress. Additionally, the last couple of months of the year are very strong for advertising sales.

    Of note: The digitizing costs came out of reserve but have to be reported on the statements.

  5. Report from Executive- Linda Hancock- OSCA President.

    Board Retreat- Elizabeth Fell-Walker will facilitate the retreat.

    The intent of the retreat is not to change OSCA’s vision, mission and purpose but to help us focus on some priority activities (at higher levels) next year.

    There are a couple of things that feed back into the retreat: the vision survey results (shared already) and the results of the SWOT.

    The retreat will consist of background, vision, mission and priorities to date and then break into small group discussions based around the SWOT analysis and community vision survey.

    We will finish with a review of what makes us successful, what’s in our way, and what can we do to move these priorities forward.

  6. Committee Reports/Updates

    1. Planning and Zoning (20-minute report)

      Steve Mennill is absent this will be tabled.

    2. Traffic and Safety (20-minute report) Brian Ure and Sue Neill Co-Chairs
    3. The attached report was outlined.

      Discussion on the research into a pedestrian crossing on Colonel By Avenue.

      Why would it be opposed?

      Mostly because this is NCC property and deemed as a scenic driveway. Since then they are commuter routes now and no longer serving the original purpose.

      It was suggested that hard statistics, including studies on road safety and pedestrian crossings are needed. It was suggested that the City will be monitoring statistics at the current temporary stop on Aylmer so this data could be accessed. This also aligns well with age-friendly initiatives as the crossing is near a school and retirement home.

      Motion: That the OSCA Board support the initiative of the Traffic and Safety Committee to secure a safe crossing of Colonel By Avenue between Avenue Road and Bronson Avenue, for pedestrians and cyclists to gain safe access to the Canal pathway.

      Motion proposed by Brian Ure, seconded by Christine Franklin

      Motion approved. All in favour.

      Motion: The Traffic & Safety Committee recommends the administrative inclusion of the  

       “Green Dreamers”, within the T&S Committee, under the umbrella of traffic calming initiatives.

      Discussion- Can the T&S Committee outline the benefit of this action?

      a-The committee does work for the community yet is deemed and works separately from the community. Furthermore, before the group existed the Traffic and Safety Committee had the Greening of Old Ottawa South as a major priority and goal, we believe that greening creates more of a community and people will slow down when there is more greening in a community. Additionally, the City is doing assessments on the Rain Gardens and the affect it has on traffic calming. The Green Dreamers can be guided by the T&S committee, who is working with the Councillor’s office, as to where they can make the biggest impact.

      The mandate for the Green Dreamers is only to work within OOS. There are initiatives on Bank street and Catherine. They have nothing to do with the Green Dreamers.

      There was discussion on the Contracts that the Green Dreamers currently have with the City and what that impact may be on the OSCA Board, who has authority over the contracts and who would be negotiating them. The terms of the contract also need to be reviewed by the OSCA Board.

      Additionally, the wording of the motion was discussed. Clear roles and responsibilities would need to be defined, e.g. ‘admin’ should not involve OSCA Staff. Terms would need to be reviewed.

      The Green Dreamers do not need to be a sub-committee of the T&S Committee but could be called an initiative of the Committee.

      Decision: The motion will be tabled until the Executive review: the contract between the City and The Green Dreamers; financial impact; expectations of OSCA and staff. As well, the relationship between T&S and the Green Dreamers will need to be outlined with clear lines of authority.

      The motion is tabled until December.

  7. Communications Committee

    (Nothing to add)- Brendan noted that the Committee is currently making progress on a new Website to replace the old one.

  8. Program Committee

    Michaela Tokarski gave a special Thank you to the Staff who, in a very short time, came up with many new programs. This involved determining pricing, finding insurance and other factors, as well as finding properly experience instructors and companies with a proven track record to run the programs.  

  9. Special Events Committee

    Decision items:

    Motion: That the OSCA Board approve the adjustment to the 2016 budget and allow the complete rebates previously approved to be reflected solely in the 2016 budget. Also, that the board approve that if a lead does not come forth for 2017 and the event does not run, that the rebates be given to artists and not be held for a discount for a future event.

    Motion proposed by Michaela Tokarski, seconded Matt Hart.

    Motion approved. All in favour.

    Motion: That the OSCA Board approve the attached budgets for the Women’s Day Event and the Karaoke Event.

    Motion proposed by Michaela Tokarski, seconded by Kate Charland.

    Motion approved. All in favour.

  • Information Items/Other Business

    Honouring Deirdre McQuillan-

    Motion: To apply to the City to name the Lounge after former Executive Director Deirdre McQuillan.

    Motion proposed by Michael Jenkin, seconded by Kate Charland.

    Motion approved. All in favour.

    Discussion: Linda Hancock noted that sadly, OSCA’s former Executive Director, Deirdre McQuillan passed away on October 29th.

    The Community and Board would like to find a way to honour her work and many years of contribution to the Community and OSCA.

  • Adjournment

    The Board meeting was adjourned at 9:05 pm

    Motion to adjourn proposed by Michael Jenkin, seconded by Evan Pritchard.

    Motion approved. All in favour.

  • The next meeting will be on Tuesday, December 20th, 2016- This will be a short meeting with a Christmas party at Patty’s Pub after.

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