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Program Committee Report - June 2017

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PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Highlights of last meeting held June 13th, 2017 @ 6pm @ The Firehall

1. 2017-2018 Program Committee

At the September 12th meeting:

  • Confirm the Program Committee members and their objectives from participating.
  • Discuss and confirm 3-4 primary objectives that will keep the committee focused and aligned.
  • Discuss and confirm a lead to generate Alternative Revenue Streams.
  • Discuss and confirm a lead to manage a Youth Advisory Team. Potential lead for Senior Team could be Elizabeth Walker, also could see with the Gardening Club.

2. Summer Camp Update

  • We are currently at 70% (we have ~620 registrations) of the total registrations of last year (had ~840K in total).
  • EBTKS is still the problem. It made about ~40-50K last year and now we’re only at 15.5K currently, which is only around 30% of last year’s total. The good news is that numbers in EBTKS have been slowly increasing over the past couple of weeks. We’re hoping people are simply waiting until the last minute.
  • We’ve been continuously promoting camps on social media and through my After-Four communications with parents.

3. Fall Programs

  • Instructor meetings held with Christy to gain insight on new courses for up-coming session and equipment requests.
  • Episodic Programming to be offered.
  • Youth and Senior committee will be needed to ensure appropriate events and programs are offered to them for upcoming sessions.

4. Firehall Fitness Center Survey Results

  • 60% of the users or previous users are women.
  • 68% of total users are aged 40-69.
  • 75% of the total users are either FT employed or retired.

Overall, they look for a competitive price (77%), good location (85%), good equipment (63%), good hours (64%) and feel comfortable being at the gym (70%).

Within the community (not members or previous members) – 45% of the respondents (approx. 40 people) said they would be interested in joining. Need to create a promotion to get them to sign up.

Action: Christy to look at special offer – If you refer a friend that signs up for 3 months, you will receive one month free.

Action: Christy to look at special offer for 16-20yrs old. Offering a discounted price for summer months.

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