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Health and Safety Policy Statement

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Health and Safety Policy Statement

OSCA considers the health and safety of all employees, contractors, clients and the public at large, engaged in OSCA programs and activities to be of primary importance. Our objective is to conduct our operations in the safest possible manner consistent with the Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act, applicable Regulations and best practices.

We further recognize that all employees and contractors have the right to work in a safe and healthy environment. OSCA is committed to taking every reasonable effort to eliminate hazards that could cause accidents and injuries and that affect the overall health of users and delivers of OSCA programming and activities..

All managers, supervisors and workers are required to make every effort to ensure that we meet all legislative requirements and maintain the highest safety standards. OSCA will ensure that all managers, staff and contractors have the information and training necessary to carry out their responsibilities to ensure a safe and healthy workplace and that policies and procedures are updated on a regular basis to ensure they are effective and relevant.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in the promotion of a healthy work environment and accident prevention as this will assist us in achieving our goal to ensure OSCA continues to be a safe environment for all.

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