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OSCA Board Decision Document: Nominating Committee

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To create guidelines for the operation of the OSCA Nominating Committee and to update the existing OSCA Policy on Nominations to the Board of Directors which was passed by the Board in 2000.


In recent years the nominations committee has had issues with the process to be followed for the seeking of candidates to serve on the Board. Further, the existing Board Policy document on Nominations to the Board of Directors is now out of date given that decision points mentioned in it refer to the previous situation where AGMs were held in November, not in May, as is currently the case.


The attached procedures manual has been drafted to outline more fully the steps the committee should follow and provides more guidance on the process than is feasible, or appropriate, in a policy document. The Board is asked to approve this document so that it is clear that it expresses the intent of the organization on how nominations to the Board are to be conducted. The manual outlines the steps to be followed in chronological order in seeking nominations and on how the final slate should be presented to the Board and at the AGM.

The Board is also asked to amend the OSCA Policy statement on Nominations to the Board of Directors which is annexed to the procedures manual. The proposed changes are highlighted in yellow and cover the following issues:

  1. Changes to the dates when the Nominating Committee is appointed and makes its reports, so they reflect the current timelines leading up to a May AGM;
  2. Proposes providing the Board with scope to increase the number of members on the committee from three to five, with a minimum of three members being current members of the Board and that the chair be a Board member appointed by the Board; and
  3. That two-thirds of the members of the committee approve the committee’s final report which contains the slate of nominees to the Board.


That the OSCA Board approve the attached Procedures Manual and the attached proposed amendments to the OSCA Policy on Nominations to the Board of Directors, with effect forthwith.

Proposed:                 Michael Jenkin


Last modified on Thursday, 22 February 2018 13:28

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