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OSCA Policy on Use of the Fitness Room

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OSCA Policy on Use of the Fitness Room

The following Policy is approved by the OSCA Board for the use of the Fitness Room at the Ottawa South Community Centre.

  1. Only those individuals who have paid a program fee for the use of the Fitness Room are entitled to use it.
  2. Only those individuals over the age of sixteen years may use the Fitness Room facilities. Those between sixteen and eighteen years of age must have their parent’s consent; parents must also sign the waiver mentioned in item 3.
  3. All those using the facility must have signed a waiver of liability, which will be retained by OSCA, the text of which has been approved by the City of Ottawa legal department, before they can use the facility.
  4. All those using the Fitness Room must, before using the facility, undergo a briefing by supervisory staff on the safe use of the equipment. If individuals have a pre-existing health condition which would expose them to risk in using the facility, they should obtain the advice of their physician before using the facility.
  5. All supervisory staff and instructors will be trained to administer First Aid, CPR and the Automated External Defibrillator equipment on site and will be fully briefed on how to obtain emergency medical services.
  6. The fitness room will only be open when: a) a fitness instructor is present; and/or a Customer Service Representative (CSR) employed either by the City of Ottawa or OSCA (i.e., a supervisory staff member) is present in the building.
  7. CSRs will monitor the room via the video link from the CSR station on the main floor on a regular basis and conduct regular in-person inspections of the room and occupants which shall be logged.
  8. A backup recording of the video monitoring of fitness room shall be made and retained within 24 hours of any incident reported in the room where there has been a complaint logged or an accident or health incident has taken place.

Approved by OSCA Board Sept. 20, 2011.

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