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OSCA Special Events Committee & Events Policy

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Ottawa South Community Association (OSCA) Special Events Committee & Events Policy

Purpose: The purpose of the OSCA Special Events Committee is to foster community and culture between the bridges.

Mandate: The Special Events Committee will, consistent with the purpose outlined above, undertake the following:

  • Identify and organize events to foster community and culture in the Old Ottawa South Community which maximize the involvement of all members of that community;
  • Assist community groups in Old Ottawa South with the organization and implementation of events in keeping with the purpose of the Events Committee if a member of the community group is also an OSCA Board Member;
  • Foster liaisons, linkages and networks to assist community activities and clubs;
  • Foster public awareness, recognition and support for local talent.

Membership: The Committee is made up of to ten (10) volunteer members. The Chair of the Committee is generally an OSCA Board member, unless an exception is made and approved by the Board.

Terms: Members may serve for as long as they choose.

Meetings: The Committee will meet [bi-monthly] or as required to organize special events within the community. Quorum for decisions made by the committee is [50% +1].

OSCA Special Events Definition: OSCA events must be either initiated and organized by the OSCA Special Events Committee or, the organizing committee for the event must include an OSCA board member. All other events held at the Firehall are organized through the City of Ottawa [Contact Centre Director at 613-247-4946].

Budgetary Approval: Any events organized by or with the assistance of the OSCA Special Events Committee will require budgetary approval by the OSCA Board in advance of any promotions.

Fees & Registration: OSCA will collect 20% of all event revenues to cover costs such as HST, E-Registration, insurance and staff time.

Insurance & Liability: (Refer to specific insurance policy and any special requirements therein).

Health & Safety: (Refer to existing policy on Health & Safety and/or emergency plans).

Liquor Licences: Applications for liquor licences must be made by either the OSCA Executive Director or a member of the OSCA Board and must be displayed at the event.

Surplus Revenue: Any surplus revenue from events organized by the OSCA Special Events Committee will revert to the OSCA central budget.

Info Document: Attached is an information document created to simplify the process of using the Firehall for community events.

Policy on Insuring Community Events

Approved: Oct 17, 2007
Updated: January 2014

OSCA is sometimes approached by local groups (Brighton Beach Clambake, Hopewell Avenue Fire Fundraiser) to support their community endeavour. These activities are not officially OSCA events run under the Special Events Committee.

The OSCA board agrees to consider including a community-wide event organized by Old Ottawa South residents under its liability insurance policy but permission has to be requested by the group annually in writing with a full description of the activities that will take place during the event. Each new proposed community-wide event run by residents of Old Ottawa South will be considered separately and a decision will be made by the OSCA Board. Additionally OSCA's liability insurance requires that a member of the OSCA Board attend all events supported by OSCA, therefore any event must also have a Board member in attendance.


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