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Communications Committee - Terms of Reference

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To advise the Board and its committees on matters related to communications, including the organizational processes, structure, and tools used by OSCA to implement an effective communications strategy.


  • Provide OSCA with advice and guidance on strategic communications to address challenges and opportunities
  • Implement key strategic priorities as approved by the Board to improve OSCA communications
  • Liaise with stakeholders on communications needs and priorities to foster greater cohesion across the organization
  • Develop processes and tools to facilitate the implementation of OSCA's communications strategy
  • Ensure timely and effective communication with the community about community issues and OSCA programs, initiatives and events.


The Communications Committee is accountable to the Board and will record and post its approved minutes, reports and other related supporting documents.


The Committee has the authority to:

  • Review materials related to communications and other relevant documents
  • Draft a work plan in support of the OSCA strategic plan for approval by the Board of Directors
  • Meet regularly to implement the work plan, determine best practices relative to its work and report regularly to the Board
  • Make recommendations to the board in relation to Articles, By-laws, member consultation and communication issues
  • Regularly assess its progress and adjust the work plan
  • Advise the Board of major issues related to its mandate
  • Document its work and progress and share this information with the Board
  • Regularly review its Terms of Reference and make recommendations for changes to the Board of Directors
  • Make recommendations to the Board on structure, process and budget required to implement its mandate.

Membership and Voting

Membership in the committee is open to interested Board members, staff, and OOS residents. The committee should include at minimum one person from OSCA staff, one person on the website team, and one person on the OSCAR staff. Membership is recorded through the email list.

All decisions are taken by consensus.


The Chair of the committee is a member of the Board. The Chair is determined in accordance with OSCA by-laws. The Chair is responsible for organizing the meetings of the committee and reporting on the committee's work to the Board.

Frequency of Meetings and Manner of Call

Meetings will be held on a monthly basis. The committee will review the meeting schedule on a monthly basis. An email reminder will be sent to the committee with the agenda. Meetings will be announced on the website as well.


Quorum is 50% plus one. At least one member of the Board, in the absence of the Chair, should be present at all meetings to ensure reporting back to the Board.


The Chair of the committee, who is a member of the Board, will report to the Board every month. The Committee will also report on its work to the community through the website and other media channels.

Date of last review: January 2019


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