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OSCA's Virtual Winter Craft Show

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The holidays might be over, but the spirit of local shopping is not! We're thrilled to continue highlighting these local artists through January. 

You can safely browse our artists below, and find unique items for yourself or your loved ones. Make your purchase directly from the artist by clicking on their website/Facebook page/Instagram link below.

ATTENTION LOCAL ARTISTS: If you would like to participate please send a description of your work, up to five photos, and your website/social media links to luke@oldottawasouth.ca. The fee is $20 and we'll be promoting artisans both here and on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram through to the end of January 2021.

Here are a few of the featured artists:

David Chernushenko

David is a local author, educator, filmmaker, and two-time Ottawa City Councillor. He will be selling two products:


  • His book Burning Souls (2019), an eco-fictional thriller that tells a story of friendship and courage in a time of policitical and social collapse. $30+HST.
  • His documentary film Bike City, Great City (2019) in which David explores how cities designed to be better for cycling can be better for everyone. $20+HST.

David will be hand-delivering dedicated copies and can take payment by e-transfer, Square, or cash. You can contact David by e-mail at david@davidc.ca, through his website at http://davidc.ca/creations/ or on his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AuthorChernushenko.

Beth Bouffard / Handmade Holidays

Beth Bouffard at Handmade Holidays creates custom hand-scripted holiday ornaments made to order. Choose from 4-inch live-edge wood slices or 3-inch clear, white, gold or black acrylic and they'll be customized with whatever text you'd like! You can contact Beth through her Facebook page at https://facebook.com/Handmade.Holidays.Ottawa/


Elisabeth Baechlin

Elisabeth is a local freelance artist who specializes in fine art such as acrylic painting and one-of-a-kind jewelry making. She also spends time in her studio with her sewing machine following various projects such as creating practical wrist warmers for cooler summer evenings and cold winter days. Within the next few weeks, she will be adding her unique fabric toys to her web shop. Her latest addition is non-surgical face masks.

You can find all of Elisabeth's products on her website at https://elisabethfineart.com (or https://elisabethfineart.com/shop/ to go directly to the shop page). She also posts her work regularly on her Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/elisabethbaechlinfineart.


Elizabeth MacMillan / Beckysbagsfull

Beckysbagsfull is a local home crafting business. Elizabeth's yoga mat bags, fabric container baskets, pillow cases and reusable drawstring bags are hand made of cotton, cozy flannel, linen or upcycled material carefully chosen from local sources. Find them and order through her Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/beckysbagsfull/ or from Beckysbagsfull's Etsy store at https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/Beckysbagsfull

Anne Raina Books

Anne Raina is a local author. Her touching, funny and uplifting non-fiction book, Clara’s Rib, has sold 4,500 copies and tells the story of her sister, Clara, who entered a tuberculosis (TB) hospital at age twelve and was discharged at age twenty-six. Anne is the youngest of ten children. Her father and seven of her siblings spent many years at the TB hospital in Ottawa.

Anne has also published four highly-successful children’s books: The Kangaroo With The Wooden Shoe; Things That Go SPLAT!; The Kangaroo With The Wooden Shoe – Book Two, and Things That Go Where They Shouldn’t.

Clara’s Rib is available from all major e-book vendors and in print at Barnes and Noble and Chapters. The children’s books are available through Anne's website at http://anneraina.ca/ and from select local booksellers. You can also contact Anne at anneraina@rogers.com or at 613-733-5891.

Dave & Ruth Lyons / Harvest Honey

Harvest Honey produces raw, unpasteurized, local honey and a line of delicious honey products in a variety of sizes.  This includes wildflower honey, buckwheat honey, creamed honey, mild honey soap, beeswax candles, and our best-selling cinnamon-honey-butter spread!  Our honey is produced from healthy bees located about 50 km outside Ottawa, in a remote area with no pesticides.  Our honey is not blended with inferior products and contains no additives.  It is the best and purest you will find!  Take a look at our 4 pages of products at www.harvesthoney.com.  We usually deliver same day, or next day, with free delivery over $35.  Now that the holidays are coming up thoughtful eco-friendly gifts are always money well spent.  All forms of payment accepted.


Cathy Haley / UWF Textiles

Cathy at UWF Textiles dyes, sews and embroiders a variety of textiles, from embroidered reusable gift bags to unique hair bows, headbands and Christmas ornaments.  She makes usable, wearable art! You can browse her work and purchase directly from her web store at https://ottawaartisans.com/collections/vendors?q=UWF%20Textiles, or check her out on Instagram at https://www.Instagram.com/uwftextiles/

Barbara Szatanski / BDaszled Deszigns

BDaszled Deszigns is a jewellery designer who produces unique and one-of-a-kind jewellery using silver, copper, gemstones and crystals. Many pieces are hammered and take on organic forms often inspired by nature. No two pieces are alike. Gemstones of many colours and shapes are incorporated in many of the designs. You can view her work on https://www.artintheneighbourhood.gallery/bdaszled-deszigns, on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/BDaszledDeszignsJewellery/ or on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/bdaszled/. You can also contact Barbara by e-mail at bdaszled@rogers.com to arrange a purchase. She accepts e-transfers and credit card payments and porch pick-up is available in the Alta Vista area.


Gaia Chernushenko / Little Somethings Etc.

Gaia creates a variety of handcrafted items, including miniature book earrings, acrylic botanical art prints and lovely hand-knit wool bow ties. She strives to run her shop in an environmentally responsible way, using reclaimed and locally-sourced materials whenever possible and using recycled or recyclable packaging. You can purchase her products on the Little Somethings Etc. Etsy store at https://www.etsy.com/shop/LittleSomethingsEtc, or follow her on Instagram/Facebook  @littlesomethingsetc for more product photos and updates.


Madeline Kallio

Madeline creates nature games and cards that educate players about animals, birds and the environment all while having fun, as well as murder mysteries that can be played with organizations, groups or family. You can contact Madeline to inquire abuot purchasing at mkallio@bell.net.


Andrea Gauthier / Enchanting Bubble

Andrea at Enchanting Bubble creates a variety of fun interactive toys for kids, including interactive secret alien missions, glow in the dark slime, play-doh sets feauturing Disney and Paw Patrol characters, and one of a kind sets, all under $8.00. Her most popular product is toys inside soap which are a great stocking stuffer and are all $5.00! 

Her new product for this season is palentologist sets that children get to explore, smash with a hammer and uncover dinosaur skeletons or unicorns with gems, and gold as well. 8.00$.

She offers free porch pick up in the Riverside South area, or delivery for $5. Orders over 30$ are free delivery within the city of Ottawa.  You can find more of her products on her Facebook page at https://m.facebook.com/enchantingbubble/. Everything available this season is in the Christmas album that is pinned to the top of the page. 

Call Her Moonchild

Call Her Moonchild is a small, independent virtual shop founded in Ottawa. They specialize in unique, small batch and one-of-a-kind items for the free-spirit who marches to the beat of their own drum. You'll find everything from clothing to jewellery to pottery on their website at callhermoonchild.com, on their Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/call_her_moonchild/ or on their Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/callhermoonchildapparel.



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