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OSCAR Editorial Policy

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  1. The OSCAR serves as a forum to inform and entertain the residents of Old Ottawa South.
  2. Articles and letters are solicited primarily from residents and community-oriented organizations about items and information of interest to residents. Features such as the Community calendar will carry events or items that may be of interest to residents.
  3. The views and opinions in published material are those of the writers and not necessarily those of OSCA or The OSCAR. Material will be published provided that it is of interest to residents, is balanced and does not contain factually incorrect information. Not every article submitted may be published.
  4. Editing will be done to correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. Other editing (for length or veracity) will be done only as needed or if the writer requests. If time permits, an attempt to contact the writer will be made for articles deemed to be of sufficient interest for publication, but which require modification.
  5. The content of each issue depends on submissions and will vary from month to month. The President of OSCA and the OSCA Executive Director’s monthly columns will be included. Every attempt is made to carry regular submissions from correspondents at schools, churches, Brownies, Guides, Cubs, Beavers, Scouts and other community groups and non-profit organizations.
  6. As far as possible, articles will be attributed with a byline.
  7. The deadline for submissions is normally the second Friday of each month. No exceptions are made without the agreement of the Editor.
  8. Generally, the distribution date for the paper will be the 1st day of the month.
  9. Advertising is carried to pay for production. The Advertising Manager will consult with the Editor on any questions about the appropriateness of advertising content.  The decision of the Editor on advertising content is final. Legal questions will be submitted to the honorary legal advisor.
  10. An effort will be made to balance the space devoted to advertising to that devoted to articles. The target figure is 30% of the paper’s space each issue devoted to advertising.
  11. Paid advertorials will be identified; however, reports of activities and other items loosely related to local businesses may be published as a service to the community at the Editor’s discretion. This type of content is not to exceed 30% of the paper’s space each issue.
  12. Classy Ads are free for Old Ottawa South residents, except for businesses or for business activity.
  13. Unpaid ads from charitable organizations, government agencies or others will be carried if space is available.
  14. The OSCAR does not pay for articles or photos submitted.
  15. Finally, the Editor has the final say about the style and format of articles and whether an article’s content merits publication.

Passed March 19, 2013 by the OSCA Board.

Last modified on Thursday, 13 July 2017 16:08

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