Old Ottawa South Community Association

Environment and Climate Action

Role of Environment and Climate Action Committee (ECAC)

ECAC carries out projects and initiatives to support a greener and healthier Old Ottawa South community. It acts as the primary liaison between the OSCA Board and relevant environmental organizations and bodies across Ottawa and beyond, to promote environmental awareness and a sustainable community. 

ECAC’s focus is on issues related to climate change, pollution, waste reduction, enhancing the local natural environment, and promoting sustainable living. ECAC also advocates to ensure that OSCA and all its programs, facilities and policies are viewed through an environmental lens and that the organization take necessary steps to demonstrate leadership on climate action.

ECAC’s structure 

ECAC is led by two co-chairs, one is always a member of the OSCA Board of Directors. ECAC currently has four subcommittees: trees, plastic and waste reduction, climate action, and natural areas. Each subcommittee has one chair or two co-chairs. ECAC also has two subgroups: the Youth Wing and the Events group. 

ECAC meetings

ECAC meets monthly on the first Sunday of each month at 7:30 pm to approximately 9:00 pm. All committee members are encouraged to attend and other members of the community are welcome. Meetings are currently held virtually on Zoom but may resume in-person over time. 

ECAC subcommittees meet monthly as well, and are always looking for new members to join.

Please reach out to envirocrewOOS@gmail.com for more details and zoom links.

Objectives for 2022

  • Develop and implement a tree planting program for OOS, in collaboration with the Glebe and Old Ottawa East communities

  • Continue the OOS Neighbourwoods tree inventory to quantify current tree canopy

  • Continue to support Ottawa's Future Homes program and related local initiatives to promote home energy retrofits and carbon reductions

  • Continue to be a member of the Windsor Park Fieldhouse project to ensure net-zero and green considerations

  • Organize a Cleaning the Capital event in the spring

  • Host collection and recycling events to reduce waste going to landfill

  • Collaborate with local partners and groups, such as Southminster United Church, on 2022 community environment events.

  • Continue to restore and rejuvenate the natural area around Brewer Pond, and organize a Brewer Pond study with the OFNC.

  • Advocate for climate action and carbon reduction at Ottawa City Hall, including campaign to get Ottawa to sign onto the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

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