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Finance Committee 2019-20 Goals and Objectives - Board Update October 2019

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OSCA Finance Committee

2019-2020 Goals and Objectives- Board Update October 2019

1. Board educational pieces

  • Scheduled for November
  • Additionally, a series of short videos will be shared with the Board between presentations and Board meetings to contribute to ongoing educational messaging.

2. Dashboard Quarterly Reporting

  • October- In late August the Finance Committee reviewed a draft presented by Christy. Final draft reviewed and approved for Board presentation in October.
  • Next Dashboard report scheduled for December/January.

3. Alternative sources of funds

    The Finance Committee will review initial options in three areas:

Fall 2019

  1. -Sponsorship- The Finance Committee has been communicating with the Communications Committee who have requested we wait for the “Comms Plan” to be finalized before launching a Sponsorship Package. This will affect corporate sponsorship and feeds into the Community Fund soft re-launch.
    - The Finance Committee will review options to create a shortened version (one page) of a basic event/gifts in kind sponsorship plan for a soft launch in the Fall. If there is anything to propose it will be brought to the Board for approval in the Winter.
  2. -Charity- to launch charity and determine a process to incorporate it into operations and ensure ongoing maintenance.
    -Due to the lack of a Communications Coordinator and the Board hiatus during July and August the Executive approved hiring a comms professional to conduct a strategic launch with content creation over the Fall. Phase 1 of the soft re-launch of the Charity was implemented in August-September connected to the GCWCC Campaign. A report was presented to the Board in September. Phase 2 will be presented in October with a longer-term plan for the following November and December.

    Winter to Fall 2020
    a. Grants- to conduct an initial review of grant sources that OSCA could benefit from.
    On schedule. The contract for the Community Fund soft re-launch includes a review of grant opportunities. Christy is also building a list of grant opportunities.
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