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OSCA Finance Committee Goals & Objectives 2020-2021

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OSCA Finance Committee
2020-2021 Goals and Objectives
As presented to the Board July 2020

August 2020 and into the Fall of 2020.

Grant sources

- Research into grant options, the changing landscape of grant availability in Canada as a result of Covid-19, how this may impact OSCA and what grants may be available as a result of Covid-19’s impact on OSCA operations, will be explored.

- In 2021 and after Covid-19 the focus will be on creating a list of annual grant sources and the creation of the boilerplate text to be used for applications.

Charity/Community Fund

- Since March 2020 OSCA has been utilizing operating reserves to cover operating expenses, create new virtual online programming and carefully review and create a protocol for operations within a post-pandemic environment.

- The Finance Committee will be prioritizing the creation of a community-wide fundraising campaign to support OSCA operations into 2021 in order to ensure we are able to operate and provide much-needed services and programming for the community.

- The committee will seek to engage not only the Board but the Operations Committee and Communications Committee in this campaign.

Board educational pieces- continue with 4 per year

- As we continue to introduce new Board members annually and the fiduciary responsibilities of Board members remains an important educational responsibility of the Finance Committee the committee will begin to curate and introduce two main types of educational pieces:

i.        General fiduciary responsibilities. For the annual onboarding process of new Board members and accessible to all.

ii.       Educational pieces created on an ‘as-needs’ basis. Depending on the needs of the Board at any given time, and/or in response to external circumstances (such as the Fraud assessment conducted in 2018; or the new environment of diversifying fund sources to support operations), the Committee will create additional educational pieces on subjects/areas relevant to the current Board’s needs.

Dashboard Quarterly Reporting

- The Committee will continue to create quarterly dashboard reporting for the Board’s review. This will not be implemented until toward the end of 2020 depending on our operations during and as a result of Covid-19.

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