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OSCAR Governing Principles

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Approved April 16, 2013


This policy sets out The OSCAR’s governing principles, organization, responsibilities and relationship to the Board of Directors of the Old Ottawa South Community Association (OSCA)


  • The OSCAR is published for OSCA;
  • The OSCAR aims to be a vital, community-based newspaper providing a forum for community expression;
  • The OSCAR is self-supporting, relying on advertising revenue for operating costs and operating on a financially-sound basis;
  • The OSCAR operates at arms-length from the Board of OSCA; and
  • The OSCAR Editor is responsible for setting editorial policy and for production and distribution.


As recommended in the City of Ottawa Handbook for Community Newspapers, responsibility for producing and distributing The OSCAR lies with the Core Staff, consisting of the following:

  • Editor and sub-editors as appointed;
  • Advertising Manager;
  • Business Manager; and
  • Distribution Manager

A General Manager may be appointed; however, the responsibilities of this position will normally be assumed by the Editor. The present size of the operation does not warrant further core staff. Contributors may be recruited from the community as the opportunity presents.


  • Responsibility for producing The OSCAR lies with the Editor. Workload is sporadic rather than continuous and is heavily skewed to a short time period each month. Since it largely depends on personal workstyle, experience shows the Editor must determine how production should take place based on needs and abilities.
  • Production depends largely on advertising and thus The OSCAR requires a regular publishing schedule to maintain trust and goodwill among advertisers. As recommended in the Handbook and as demonstrated by experience, some form of compensation beyond repaying out-of-pocket expenses is necessary to attract and retain responsible staff. A major voluntary effort must be part of each core position and it is recognized that compensation will not cover all the time and effort required.
  • Amounts given in compensation will be consistent with Handbook guidelines and as identified in the Annual Plan. Others such as distributors and contributors, will be volunteers. Expenses and recognition to volunteers may be given at the discretion of the Core Staff.


  • To maintain and develop a successful operation, production and distribution of The OSCAR is the overall responsibility of The OSCAR Core Staff, led by the Editor.
  • Operations as outlined in this document will be in keeping with recommendations of the Handbook. Each area of production and distribution will be the individual responsibility of the appropriate Core Staff member. New staff members will be sought and appointed as required by The OSCAR by Editor in consultation with the OSCA President.
  • The OSCAR will follow the FINANCIAL POLICY FOR THE OTTAWA SOUTH COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION REVIEW (OSCAR), which was approved at the OSCA Board September 20, 2005.
  • The Editor of The OSCAR will create an editorial policy and bring it to the OSCAR Board for approval.  When passed a copy of the policy will be published on the OSCA web site.
  • The editor will review the editorial policy every 2 years and if changes are required will bring it to the OSCA board for approval

Relationship to OSCA:

  • The OSCA Board has the responsibility for approving the Annual Plan of The OSCAR. This will occur as part of the regular OSCA budget process.  The Plan will include a slate of officers for The OSCAR for the period, their remuneration, a budget and a statement of assets and liabilities;
  • When required, the selection and appointment of a new Editor will be done by the OSCA Board of Directors on the recommendation of a hiring committee composed of Board members in co-operation with The OSCAR Core Staff;
  • The Editor will attend an OSCA Board meeting to present the Annual Plan and to report on the results of the previous year’s operations.  The Editor or representative is welcome to attend other OSCA Board meetings as well;
  • The President of OSCA or designate will write a monthly column for the OSCAR; any substantive changes to the President's column should be run by the President first.
  • The Executive Director of OSCA will provide dates of upcoming events on a monthly basis to the Editor and write a monthly column;
  • In keeping with the principle of The OSCAR being financially self-supporting, the OSCA, when it purchases advertising from The OSCAR, will do so at going market rates and conditions.
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