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Back to the Gardens!

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The beds are looking very much like early September gardens: full, a little weathered, with traces of late blooms from our newly transplanted hosta, weigela, black-eyed susans, echinacea and asters; fern leaves have turned, sunflower heads are beginning to droop, seed pods bulge on brittle stems, milkweeds lean up against each other and over the curbs, bladder campion continues to multiply, creeping thistle hides in the tall grasses, plantain survives, ground ivy is plentiful, and ever so much more abounds.

We're back on: Wednesday & Saturday mornings

We'll confirm in advance each Green Dreamer date. Rain is looming in the horizon and the nights are getting colder. We're thinking that our next big push might be preparing the beds for winter: deadheading, cutting back, raking leaves, etc. That seems like weeks away so until then we will likely put in a few hours here and there managing weeds and keeping our beds free of waste. 

Thank you to the Green Dreamers who showed up on Wednesday, August 30th. We managed to spruce up the Firehall, and three beds along Sunnyside (SE & SW gardens on Bank, as well as bed outside Hopewell School). A delightful morning!

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