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Green Dreamers: Welcome to our Fifth Season!

Green Dreamers: Welcome to our Fifth Season!

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Yes, we’re back! So, if you see us in the neighbourhood wave, stop for a chat, share some of your gardening insights and suggestions. We are always delighted to see and hear from you. It’s why we garden in Old Ottawa South's public spaces; aside, that is, from the intrinsic rewards of gardening itself.

Spring 2018 begins our fifth season tending public beds along Bank Street and Sunnyside Avenue. And with the passing of winter we are preparing to rethink and “rejig” how we work as volunteer gardeners. So, if you have an opinion or some ideas about how we might do things differently, we’d like to hear from you.

In early May the Green Dreamers will meet at the Firehall to discuss this seasons gardening strategies. (Be sure to check www.oldottawasouth.ca for the confirmed date.) We’re open to all suggestions, so please think about how you might want to contribute to keeping OOS green. No contribution is too little or too great. You may have time on a weekly basis or maybe it’s once a month; or then again maybe you would like to help Green Dreamers with their annual Spring trip to the City’s Composting site near Moodie Drive. Every little bit helps.

This year we’re hoping to free up some of our hard-core gardeners so that they can be more creative. We’re also hoping to emphasize corner garden lot adoptions. Some lots have already been assigned. And for those of you who signed up for Sunnyside rain garden beds, it looks as if they are finally ready for your oversight and attention.

Stay tuned for an update on our garden bed adoption lists. Some other suggestions that have come up for discussion include: repetitive floral planting (for example, a peony garden), moving from two working days a week to one, keeping two days a week in early spring and then moving to one, seeking captains or overseers of garden plots by neighbourhood blocks, organizing “working bees” in response to an overseers request, creating gardens that focus on native plants, creating vegetable gardens on private/commercial lots, etc. We invite you to share what will work for you. We want volunteer gardening to be fun and creative and we need to generate more volunteers. Otherwise, the public beds will drift back into looking like abandoned lots. We would like to hear from you.

Green Dreamers are a dedicated group of volunteer gardeners. We rarely have meetings (except for our informal gatherings alongside OOS’s public garden lots) so stay tuned for our meeting date in early May 2018. Go to oldottawasouth.ca and check out Green Dreamers in the left hand column. We look forward to seeing you.

Green Dreamer Achievements in 2017

  • Green Dreamers (GD) celebrated their 4th gardening season in OOS
  • Volunteers met on a weekly basis, twice a week, from May - October
  • GDs maintain 12, sometimes more, public garden beds each season
  • Activities include a spring clean-up, pruning, turning bed soil, composting, transplanting, mulching, watering, weeding
  • Two noticeable achievements in 2017: the Hydrangea bushes at the corners of Grove/Bank & Glen/Bank and the Japanese Lilac trees on the SE side of Sunnyside & Bank—the blooms were magnificent, due in large part to several loads of spring composting after a decade of neglect
  • GDs also submit monthly articles/updates in OSCAR and News Between the Bridges
  • Despite 2017 records for continuous rainfall and a 2016 drought, GDs adapted by focusing on transplanting perennials from private residential donations to public garden beds
  • Pleas for more perennials via OSCAR & News Between the Bridges were very successful in 2017, resulting in a variety of perennial donations plus one major donor who allowed access to her large mature perennial garden for 2017 & 2018!

Keep up-to-date on Green Dreamer activities and gardening schedules: go to oldottawasouth.ca and click on Green Dreamers in the left hand column or email adoptgarden@oldottawasouth.ca

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