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Brenda's garden by the river.
Brenda's garden by the river.

Green Dreamers Update for May 2018

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Since May 4th proved to be too wet to work outside, the Green Dreamers (GDs) decided to meet inside to discuss this year's gardening activities and strategies. Listed below are some of the topics discussed, followed by progress on some of the same topics since then. 

Topics Discussed on May 4, 2018

  • Launch Date: Saturday, May 26, 2018 at the Firehall 8:30 - 10:30 a.m.
  • Green Dreamers will continue to officially meet, twice a week: Wednesdays & Saturdays.
  • Now that a framework has been established with the City, OSCA, and OOS volunteers, Green Dreamers will promote garden bed adoption by block/location.  Winnie will follow up with the latest list of current adoptees and update the list during the course of this 2018 season.
  • We are always looking for more volunteers so hopefully this season (with continued promotion of GD activities within OOS) we will be able to drum up more gardeners and perhaps new ways of doing things better/differently.
  • Nora and Christine volunteered to explore student support from local schools where community involvement is part of the secondary school diploma requirements.
  • Christine also volunteered to organize a lunch this May at the Siam Kitchen. We are finally taking advantage of Philip Lai's generous $75 certificate from a 2017 Spring cleanup on Bank & Aylmer!
  • There was also discussion on how we might benefit from the expertise of Friends of the Farm and organizations like the Ottawa Horticultural Society; Martha and Barbara offered to explore some of their contacts with both organizations to explore partnering possibilities.
  • Brian Ure and Winnie committed to following up with Krysia Pazdzior, our generous garden benefactress who would like to continue donating garden perennials to Green Dreamers and exploring how to convert more of her own garden to growing vegetables.

Progress made since May 4th

  • Although our launch date is Saturday May 26th, you may have already noticed some dedicated Green Dreamers at work in OOS public beds, in particular the Library. GDs are free to garden when they have time and if the official days (Wednesdays & Saturdays)  don't always coincide with your personal schedule, random gardening is encouraged! Get to know your fellow gardeners, they too might be looking for alternative days during the week.
  • In mid to late July we can expect some assistance from the Children's International Summer Villages (CISV). One of OSCA's Board Members contacted the Green Dreamers to explore the possibility of CISV volunteers working in OOS's public garden beds. We look forward to learning more about CISV in the weeks to come and we are thrilled at the prospect of working with a team of young Canadians between the ages of 14-16. More about this exciting project as the weeks roll out.
  • Martha has been in contact with the Master Gardeners Association and we are in the process of organizing a walkabout in OOS to get some additional advice on our public beds. We will be advising Green Dreamers of the intent and scope of the walk when a date is selected. Stay tuned.
  • Christine has organized a Green Dreamer lunch date at the Siam Kitchen for Wednesday, May 30th at 11:30 a.m.  If your schedule allows, Green Dreamers are invited to show up early to start a Spring cleanup outside the Siam Kitchen. However, it's not a prerequisite :-)
  • Winnie & Brian have met with Krysia Pazdzior and will begin this season's perennial transplanting after May 26th.
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