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Green Dreamers Update on Rain Gardens Plus

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As a follow-up to May's meeting, here's a list of volunteers who adopted: (1) specific garden beds between the bridges along Bank Street and (2) the rain gardens on Sunnyside Avenue.

We are in the process of updating this list, so your attention to its accuracy will be very helpful.

Old Ottawa South Green Dreamers: List of gardeners who have adopted public garden beds June 2018

Garden beds between the Bridges on Bank Street

Christine & Mike Bradley
Library, Aylmer & Bank

Winnie Pietrykowski & Brian Ure
Sunnyside Avenue & Bank Street

Rosanne MacKay
Bank & Glen

Barbara Dempsey & Kristina Leaning
Ossington Avenue & Bank

Nora McKnight & Jo Hauser
Cameron & Bank

Garden beds & Rain Gardens on Sunnyside Avenue

Colette Stoeber & Catherine Read
Sunnyside & Grosvenor

Carolyn Leckie, Roger Williams, Martha Wiebe
Sunnyside & Leonard

Martha Wiebe
Sunnyside & Roslyn

Jill Anderson
Hopewell raised bed outside children’s playground on Sunnyside

There are many advantages to adopting a garden close to your home or within several blocks of your usual neighbourhood route:

  1. Oversight is more efficient; whether that means simply observing the condition of the garden or more flexible hours around general maintenance
  2. It's sometimes easier to determine the needs of one garden bed as opposed to several and
  3. Organizing volunteers on your street might be easier because it's closer and pride/pleasure in a well-maintained garden is more immediate/personal.

The Green Dreamers as a group is looking for more flexible and better ways to organize ourselves. Adopting a local garden bed is one of the ways we're hoping to encourage this flexibility. With more helping hands gardening is a pleasant social adventure. It can also be a rather interesting learning experience. There is gardening expertise on every block!

With respect to the Rain Gardens along Sunnyside, Brian Ure has been in touch with the City. In an email received June 4th we were advised that the replacement of plants is still under warranty. The City is expecting replacements before July and will get back to us in late summer/early fall to discuss once again our longer term involvement in the maintenance of the rain gardens.

What we understand from the City's email is that the contractor is responsible for replenishing the rain gardens this summer. Although the delay in realizing these gardens seems unreasonably long, the replenishment of plants that did not make it through the winter is very much welcomed.

Until the fall season it looks as if all we can do is keep the garden beds clean and free from garbage. Also, if possible, we would appreciate your reporting back to us when you see progress or if you find out any incidental feedback from work crews in the gardens. Thank you.

If you need to catch-up on the activities of Green Dreamers, please see www.oldottawasouth.ca/green-dreamers.

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