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Green Dreamers: Wed. Jun. 20 2018 at the Library

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Green Dreamers: The City will not be delivering mulch this week. Instead, we will be planting.

We have received a significant donation of native plants from the Fletcher Wildlife Garden at the Central Experimental Farm! The list includes over 40 different plants including 6 varieties of aster, beebalm, Joe-Pye weed, hyssop, nodding onion, prairie smoke, turtlehead, yarrow, and more. All these are available now and they are in need of planting.

Sandra Garland from the Fletcher Wildlife Garden met with Barbara Dempsey and me today to tour our garden beds and agreed that the best place to begin is the Sunnyside Library. Sandra will be making a selection of plants that work well together and that might thrive at the library. What we don't finish Wednesday, we will plant on Saturday or the following Wednesday.

Many of the suggestions made by Sandra today either confirm or complement those made by Julianne Labreche who visited our gardens last week. This evening I consulted with Brian Ure and he agreed that this is an offer we must respond to as quick as possible. In other words, we should plant instead of mulch. 

Unfortunately, our captains for the Library garden are away on holiday. However, I did speak to Christine before she left and the patch we will clear is the one that worried her the most. Sandra confirmed that it is filled with an invasive weed called sow thistle.

Today has been a bit of a scramble. We apologize for any inconvenience. We hope that you are as excited about the change in agenda as we are.

See you Wednesday at the Library.

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