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Green Dreamers: Sat. Jun. 23, 2018 at the Library

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Green Dreamers met at the Library Saturday morning June 23rd, 2018 8:30-10:30 a.m.

On Wednesday a patch of the long garden near Bank was cleared of sow thistle and a variety of native plants planted (Arrow-leaved Asters, Beebalm, Joe-Pye Weeds, Nodding Onions, Upland White Goldenrods, and Pearly Everlasting). 

We would like to clear another patch next to this one Saturday morning in anticipation of more native plants arriving Wednesday.


There is an expectation of rain this weekend so hopefully we will not have to worry too much about plants from Wednesday but this remains a concern. 

If there are any Green Dreamers who are free, the new plantings at the Library need lots of water to get established. Friday is when Mike & Christine typically water but they are on holiday and I am housebound with a puppy who is recovering from minor surgery. So please let me know if watering is something any one of you can manage today. (Brian Ure is also out of town, so some of our key players are not around.)


Thank you to Brian Tansey for watering our young native plants at the Library. And thank you to Sandra Garland for not only providing the plants but for watering them since Wednesday morning.

It's so hard to nurture the growth of new transplants in public beds. Water is "key" and it's water that we do not have easy access to. I think this should be one of our top priorities this summer/fall.

If there are any Green Dreamers out there who are unable to garden as much as they would like, or know of anyone who would like to support the Green Dreamers but not necessarily dig/play in the garden, please let me know. Securing water means talking to the different businesses and public organizations near our garden beds. We have met with a lot of generosity in the past but we need to list the players, what tools are available (hose, nozzles, watering cans) and where they are located. 

We need to make watering easy!

Again, many thanks Sandra and Brian.

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