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Green Dreamer Update July 2018

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With my last "call-up" I promised an update of what's been happening behind the scenes during this hot & very humid weather. Green Dreamers rarely garden when the temperature is 30 or above but we do try to catch-up on a variety of tasks and activities that support our gardening between the bridges. These include:

Securing Water

Typically, we water at the Library twice a week. With the arrival of new native plants, the frequency has increased. Until the weather changes the Library has made more days available. The Green Dreamers have invested in two 100 feet and one 50 foot expandable, lightweight hoses. These are easy to carry and fun to use; no more industrial strength hoses that take two to carry. We would like to extend a special thank you to Southminster Church for providing water for the native plants when water wasn't available at the Library.

The Firehall has provided water to Green Dreamers since the beginning of time and for this we are grateful. It is certainly an easier site to work when new plants arrive.

Hopewell Public School with the cooperation of Anne Marie, school maintenance person/gardener, is once again providing water for the garden beds near Hopewell.

The Vietnamese Kitchen has also offered water as a back-up. There is no outside tap and we will be exploring their water source in the days/weeks to come. 

When Green Dreamers inquired about water at Oat Couture (Glen/Bank) the new owner, Brian Montgomery wrote back describing the source of the problem: a leaky bib in the basement, not his but his neighbour's. To resolve this issue, Brian said he would hire a plumber (at his expense) to make sure that we got water as soon as possible. How's that for cooperation! 

Quickie has provided water to Green Dreamers in the past. We have not had to avail ourselves of their generosity this season but we trust the offer still stands. There are no new plants at this site and so our focus has been elsewhere.

Patty's Pub provides water to Green Dreamer, Barbara Dempsey who in turn keeps the beds at Ossington Avenue healthy, green and pleasing to the eye.

Nora McKnight is in the process of negotiating water access at Atlantica Fine Jewellery and Malak Pastry. The discussions look promising. 

OSCA and the Green Dreamers

As of May 2018 the Ottawa South Community Association has a new board of directors with a new President, Richard Slowikowski. The board has already met twice and will continue to meet in July & August to prepare itself for a new year come September. As you may have read in the last issue of OSCAR, Richard is looking to get more of the OSCA story out; he wants to get to know the people who volunteer long hours to keep our "vibrant community ticking".

The Green Dreamers have benefitted already from this refreshing approach. Our budget was approved in June and each year (unless we disband) this budget will be renewed in a more timely fashion (the beginning of the planning/growing season).  So stay tuned!


This year the City of Ottawa (thank you Malcolm Tunnoch) delivered mulch in 1m containers: three at the Library, three at the Firehall. When the barrels are empty, the city will pick them up. Two of the barrels at the Firehall are already empty, one more to go. There is still mulch at the Library since the focus has been watering new native plants and weeding. There's no rush in spreading mulch, however. It's there when we need it.

Check out the Green Dreamers on the OSCA website at www.oldottawasouth.ca/green-dreamers for pics.

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