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September is Here!

September is Here!

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Thank you to Green Dreamers who showed up Saturday & Sunday on this Labour Day Weekend. There were five of us who were able to squeeze in some time Saturday morning to spruce-up the Firehall, the two beds on Sunnyside at Bank, and the bed outside Hopewell School near the children's playground. Well done!

A special thank you too goes out to the Green Dreamers who did a lot of "spot" gardening during the month of August: watering, weeding, pick-ups here and there. It hasn't been easy during this dry weather to keep our own personal gardens going, so a special "shout-out" to all of you for doing that little bit extra to keep public gardens alive. When you have time, check out our native plant section at the library. It's thriving.

By special request, this last Sunday Green Dreamers met at Hopewell School, on Hopewell Avenue at Bank Street. With the help of eight pairs of hands we filled more than 16 brown bags (and two green bags) in preparation for back-to-school activities this Tuesday.  

Green Dreamers gardening at Hopewell Public School
It would seem no job is too big or too small for this crew of Green Dreamers: Brian Ure, Michael and Christine Bradley.
Green Dreamers gardening at Hopewell Public School
In tandem, unrehearsed: gardeners Brian Tansey and Brian Ure tackle the gardens at Hopewell Public School.
Green Dreamers gardening at Hopewell Public School
Undaunted, steadfast, tenacious: how does one describe gardeners who seeing a task much larger than themselves dive in anyway? The light blue among the overgrown junipers belongs to a Green Dreamer bent over, determined to remove one of the many Manitoba maples invading this Hopewell School garden.
Photos by Winnie Pietrykowski.

Thank you to all who participated. We did more than we had planned but that sometimes happens when you have a gathering of gardeners trying to beat the rain!

Green Dreamers will meet again at the Library this Wednesday, September 5, 2018 8:30 - 10:30 a.m.

early bird GD gardeners at Hopewell School  early bird green dreamer

Craig and Jill arrived an hour early Sunday morning for fear the rain might interfere with their shared goal: a green & groomed welcome to teachers, staff, students, and parents.

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